Ayra’s first unwrapping video

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This is super overdue. Better late than never, and since I’ve got a few more videos already done, I thought it’s time to get this weekly (I hope) video project going. Her most favorite type of videos on YouTube is of people unwrapping toys, be it unwrapping of surprise eggs, blind bags and even toys. […]

April 10, 2014

Inspirations from the 60s to the Little One


The first person Ayra knows who were related to the 60s is her Grandmother, that is she was born in the early 60s. Ayra calls her “Ah Ma” or sometimes “Ma!“. She is one of the significant role model in Ayra’s life. Grandma is the one who looks after Ayra while Mummy and Ayah are […]

June 4, 2013

Ayra’s Vlog #1

The Baby

I’ve learned that this baby girl of ours is quite narcissistic. She enjoys camwhoring (looking at herself in the camera) and she rather watch her own video (her running around and dancing at Toys R Us) than Barney on YouTube. I find these videos of her talking to herself rather amusing and thought you my […]

January 25, 2013

Baby just dance and ignores everything else

The Baby

Last week we brought Baby to Ion Sky, it was her second time up there. This time for a Klipsch media launch and boy did she enjoy herself! First she got to enjoy the beautiful view from high above. She sat herself comfortably by the glass window and just looked out. Spotting different colors and […]

December 10, 2012

Baby loves disco

Let's Go Out!, The Baby

Last weekend we brought Ayra for her first party night out at Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa. It was a Family Night Out event by NTUC U Family, which I mentioned in my previous post. That night, we witnessed the dancing queen inside our 14 month baby girl. With light sticks around her neck […]

November 26, 2012

Dancing Baby

The Baby

When Baby Ayra hears music, she will get into a grooving mode. She shakes, she waves her hands in the air, twist her body side to side and even does the horse riding (Gangnam style) move. Here is a montage of some of her moves. We will be bringing Baby Ayra for her first clubbing […]

October 25, 2012

YouTube Videos for Babies

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Our 4 months young little lady loves watching videos on YouTube. She gets all excited and pumped up when we play her favorite songs. She watches it on TV (via Xbox; soon a blue ray player cos stupid Xbox require us to subscribe to their Gold membership to watch YouTube on it!), on the iPad […]

February 6, 2012