Holiday’s Over, Now Back To Work

Featured, The Mummy

Crazy crazy month it had been, with so many things and changes to my own routine I got kinda messed up and doing things that are out of the norm. Despite the craziness, I also took the chance to think and regroup my thoughts and life goal. Here’s an update from me. This Singapore Mum […]

July 2, 2015

The Final Call


What will you do when your final call is near? When you know the final departure is fast approaching, with yet an unknown countdown clock. The wait for this final call is filled with pain, sorrow and much exhaustion. For everyone. It had been a few scares since a few months ago, with frequent admissions to […]

October 1, 2014

6 days to meeting Baby No. 2

The Baby No. 2

After yesterday’s (last visit) to the gynae, it is confirmed that I will need to undergo a C-section for the birth of our No. 2 baby, Zara. Earlier period of pregnancy, it was made known to us that my placenta is pretty low and I was told to be careful when moving about. If any […]

August 23, 2013