The iPad Mini Adventure with Otter (And a Giveaway!)

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[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Ayra plays on the iPad mini a lot”][/image] Because this Otter box thinggy is so useful, its self-explanatory why you should get one for your gadget. Let the photos tell the experience… [image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”A child-friendly protective case for the iPads”][/image] [image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Otter box defender series […]

February 11, 2014

Giving baby milk at the right temperature + A Giveaway!

Baby Stuff

Before feeding we were told to ensure that the milk is not too hot for the baby. Many does the “drip-on-back-of-hand-to-test” method, or “use-my-palm-and-feel-the-bottle” method to test the temperature. Sometimes, we thought the temperature is just right, but our baby rejected and cried out loud, cause she has burned her tongue! Doesn’t the above scenario […]

December 9, 2013