8 Activities to Beat Confinement Boredom

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Don’t we all agree to some extent that confinement break is great — your bodies have time to rest and recover from all the stress and trauma, it’s an extended (paid!) break off work and there’s time to spend caring for our little one — but honestly, when you are not busy losing sleep, sometimes […]

January 1, 2018

10 Things You Got To Do When Cruising with Royal Caribbean

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For the second time in my life, I went onboard a cruise ship and this time it was a family getaway onboard Royal Caribbean Mariner of The Sea. With my last cruising experience some 20+ years ago, I was excited and nervous as we counted down to our cruise holiday. To truly enjoy and experience cruising with Royal Caribbean, and a reminder to myself, here are 10 things you got to do before and during the cruise!

October 12, 2017