Giving baby milk at the right temperature + A Giveaway!

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Before feeding we were told to ensure that the milk is not too hot for the baby. Many does the “drip-on-back-of-hand-to-test” method, or “use-my-palm-and-feel-the-bottle” method to test the temperature. Sometimes, we thought the temperature is just right, but our baby rejected and cried out loud, cause she has burned her tongue! Doesn’t the above scenario […]

December 9, 2013

Newborn and Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Zara’s full month baby shower was the first I threw. We didn’t have one for Ayra as it was too closed to our planned wedding dinner. She did have a birthday party for her big 1. From the day a child is born, friends, colleagues and relatives will mostly bless with gifts or ang baos. […]

October 17, 2013

Challenging but Fun Shoot at The Orange Studios

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Before Zara popped, we had a tiring but fun session at The Orange Studios. Capturing photos of Ayra is one big challenge that I face all the time. When we got this opportunities for a studio shoot, I thought she might get intrigued by the new surroundings and different photographer and give us better shots. […]

October 14, 2013

Alternative Baby Changing Setup

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Planning for No. 2’s arrival and to make space for her things in the house. One of the item on our shopping list is a changing table/station so that we don’t have to strain our backs going too low (changing on our bed) while changing her. A Baby Changing Unit from IKEA comes to about […]

July 17, 2013

In search for a double stroller

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With No. 2 coming soon, I’ve been shopping around and looking at what other parents are using. Every time I see someone housing two kids in a stroller, I’ll stretched my neck a little further to check out which brand and model it is. Picking a suitable stroller is a long process for me, having […]

July 5, 2013

WW: A First Celebration for Baby Girl

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After a month of planning and sourcing, Ayra’s first birthday celebration was held on 8 September with families and friends. It was not perfect nor quite the way I dreamed for it to be, but it was still great fun, memories and joy. Ayra would have enjoyed even more if she had taken a nap […]

September 12, 2012

Preparing for Ayra’s 1st Birthday Celebration

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The countdown clock has started. It’s a month and few days away from Ayra’s first birthday celebration. As we skipped her full month’s celebration, I’m planning to have a not-so-mini party for her 1st. As I was browsing through other mummy’s blog and referencing from friend’s photo albums on Facebook, the panic button is suddenly […]

August 5, 2012

Safe play zone for baby

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At 8+ months, little Ayra was crawling fast and furious around the house and reaching out for support to lift herself to standing position. As there are many electrical stuff within easy reach in the living area, we had to constantly follow behind her when she crawls. Few occasions where she was faster than we […]

July 12, 2012

YouTube Videos for Babies

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Our 4 months young little lady loves watching videos on YouTube. She gets all excited and pumped up when we play her favorite songs. She watches it on TV (via Xbox; soon a blue ray player cos stupid Xbox require us to subscribe to their Gold membership to watch YouTube on it!), on the iPad […]

February 6, 2012