When in Malacca, Ride in a Overly Dressed LED Decorated Trishaw at Night

Travel Stories / Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

It was an impromptu trip for us in January and I had no idea nor expectation when we sat in the coach onwards to Malacca early that morning. And the most memorable and happiest moment from the trip for Ayra was a RM30 ride from Jonker Street night market back to our hotel.

That night, she felt like Queen Elsa.

The road was jammed pack in the evening and there were many colourful flashing LED lights decorated on many trishaws. You’ll find all kind of cartoon characters used on these trishaws, from Garfield, Hello Kitty, Frozen, Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse, super hero themed rides and lots more.

If we were there without the kid, we would never have had the idea to want to give these rides a go. I felt a little embarrassed when I first saw it on the road that evening. But of course, when Ayra saw her favourite princesses and snowman on some of these trishaws, we couldn’t escape the night without giving it a try.

And it was the best RM30 spent! Seeing that big smile on her face made our heart full.

Accompanied by loud Frozen theme song “Let it go” blasted through almost broken speakers was like a million-dollar ride for 4 years old. Doesn’t matter if the road was bumpy nor the traffic was honking us from behind, as long as we are together in this pretty Frozen trishaw, she was happy.

We will be back again, next time with Zara too so she can be a happy princess in her own pretty carriage ride.

9 Replies to “When in Malacca, Ride in a Overly Dressed LED Decorated Trishaw at Night”

  1. Its been some time since we last visit Malacca (Chiong JB too much lately)… I wonder how things have changed there… Love the LED trishaw! Looks very cool to sit on one. 🙂 HOw long was the ride for Rm30?

    1. The ride is from the market back to the hotel. About 15mins, across a heavy traffic road some more. A little heart attack was experienced that night. LOL!

  2. Indeed that smile on her face is priceless! 😀 Memories are made of such moments, doing something with our kids we totally wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

  3. We too recently went to Malacca and this trishaw proved to the best entertainment for kids and adults. I loved the way they decorate the trishaws – so colorful…and how aptly they play songs. For example – for us, they played bollywood which was pleasantly unexpected.

  4. Wow, I never knew they decorate trishaws with Disney character themes. I always saw and thought they are lighted and have old Chinese or retro music blasting. These uncles really know how to please the younger crowd!

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