Review of Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air And A Giveaway!

Sooo if you are following me on Instagram, you would know how much my dear Ayra loves using our iPads at home. We’ve got the iPad Mini (Ayah’s), iPad Air (Mine) and the first generation iPad for Ayra. Though she has her own, she prefers using ours sometimes.

Kids + iPad = Risk of Drops and Shocks!

The case I used previously has no form of protection whatsoever except to prevent scratches on the iPad. When the opportunity came to try out the new Big Bang cases from Logitech, I just couldn’t say no!

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Drop and shock tested

The Logitech Big Bang has been drop tested from 1.8 meters which exceeds the U.S. Military drop testing protocols at 1.22 meters, giving you peace of mind wherever and however you use your iPad.

And I trusted this and took the risk by dropping my iPad Air in the Big Bang case for the above shot a few times! Don’t worry, the iPad Air is still is mint working condition! Phew!

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review


Cleverly engineered, the shell and case cover are built with shock-absorbent material used in aerospace, automotive and sports industries to protect against drops and screen impact, while durable and wipeable liquid-repellant materials keep your iPad safe from bumps, scratches and spills.

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Thin, light design

The Logitech Big Bang brings together the impact protection of rugged cases with the versatility, thinness and lightness of folios, so wherever you go, your iPad is up for it.

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

There are few other brands that overs similar or better protections for the iPad, but this Big Bang case is one of the slimiest in the market. Ideal for those who still want a good looking sleek case that offers some form of protection for your iPad.

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Versatile Viewing

With multiple viewing angles available, you can place your iPad in a position for comfortable content viewing, from reading and browsing to watching movies and presentations.

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

This is useful for my personal use for work and presentation with the iPad Air. The case holds the iPad well in any angles.

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

The case offers decent protection for your iPad if your kids tend to hold and drop them. It cleans easily and provides the necessary angles for video viewing, game playing and lap usage while in the car.

The Logitech Big Bang case for iPad Air measures (L)15.86 mm x (W)180 mm x (H)247.3 mm and weighs 412g. It comes in three color combination – Forged Graphite, Magma Red and Super Fluro. The case for iPad Air retails at S$139.


I’ve got TWO sets of the Logitech Big Bang case for iPad Air to giveaway!

Complete the below steps to get your chances to win one of the two Big Bang case for your iPad Air!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore and ends midnight on 14 September 2014. The winners (randomly picked with Rafflecopter) will be notified by email from SPRG, the PR agency for Logitech, and will have to pick up the prize from SPRG office. Other T&C may apply.

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  1. I wish to win this logitech big bang as I have iPad air moreover I have two young kids who always snatch and use my iPad..tend to get bumpy and drop on the floor by them often

  2. I have a little daughter, 2, who bites absolutely everything and a son , 6, who always want to use my iPad air and is very clumsy. My iPad air is very precious to me because it protects my memories and organises my life, so I want to win the Big Bang case so I can have peace of mind.

  3. The case seems sturdy enough to withstand anything that my kids and my grand kids can throw at it. My previous iPad was destroyed after a bad fall and this cover is going to prevent that from ever happening again.

  4. My daughter loves to use my iPad to watch her favorite shows but she has dropped it a few times. This cover will be a life saver in helping to extend the use of my iPad.

  5. I have kids, and I think it would be asking for trouble to go without any casing for my gadgets, be it the phone, ipad, or anything else. This looks like an awesome cover!

    Awesome useful Giveaway #thelovingmum
    I too have a naughty toddler who always drops ipad atleast twice a day.Read the good feautures of Logitech big bang for ipad air in your blog expalined very neatly.Would love to win this for my one and only ipad which has been suffering lots of bruises at the edges because of my toddler.Hope to save it soon and allow my kid enjoy her favourite rhymes placing at various angles with the Logitech Big Bang protective case.

  7. I would love to have it for my Ipad to protect it & bless it with a longer life..I am sure it will save it from all the bumps ..


  8. I want to win the Logitech Big Bang case because the casing is thin and light weight, and it can protect my ipad from drop and shock when kids playing with the ipad. The casing also help to hold the ipad well for multiple viewing angles.

  9. I want to win the Big Bang case because less stress and less worries when my little boy drop my ipad air on the floor or bang onto the hard item.

  10. I want to win because I got 3 active kids with butter fingers .. everytime they play with the Ipad, my heart will skipped a beat when I hear them shout .. so scare the Ipad will fly from their fingers ..

  11. As I have butter fingers. Am forever dropping this and that. Therefore I need the Big Bang case for ease of mind!

  12. Hope to be able to get the Big Bang case as there were a few times my kids let the iPad slipped from their hands…. BUT they managed to grabbed it before it kissed the floor – the thing that did dropped is my heart!
    To be fair, adults too have their fair statistics of having butter fingers…
    So, the Big Bang case will definitely help to ease any ‘heartaches’ or eliminate any possible ‘heartbreaking’ moments should the iPad do get a crash landing on its fateful day!
    Plus, we like that the Big Bang case enables the iPad to retains its slim form while providing great protection at the same time!

    Thanks for the give-away!

  13. Wow… It’s look cool… I want to win this case because it would be perfect to protect my iPad from my kids.

  14. I so want this! Am always afraid that the kids would drop the ipad when they’re playing games on it 🙂

  15. Would like to win a set for my FIL who always lends the kids his iPad Air. There was once my son dropped it (thankfully onto carpeted floor). He didnt scold them but i secretly hope that they dont damage his device.

  16. This is definitely a god sent since I hv 3 children. It look so slim n trendy even for my personal use!

  17. I have 2 kids, age 6 years and 2.5 years who frequent snatch my ipad from each other. at least with this Logitech big bang, it would definitely give me a peace of mind when they drop my ipad again.

  18. Would love to win this case because it would be perfect to protect my iPad Air from my two little ‘rascal’…. 🙂

  19. My previous new Samsung tablet didn’t pass the drop test conducted by my kid. The screen cracked and my heart shattered! Now, I have a new iPad Air, but my kid loves it more than I do and instead of waiting for another accident to happen, I need any protection I can get. Hope to win this protective gadget case!

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