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You have seen us shop, play and dress-up with FOX Kids & Baby.

Click on images below to read about our adventures.

Now it’s your turn to have fun!

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We’ve got $100 FOX Kids & Baby shopping vouchers to reward one lucky supporters of The Loving Mum!

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  1. I like Fox Kids & Baby ‘cos the clothes are comfortable, affordable and cute!

  2. We simply LOVE shopping at FOX baby and kids due to their colourful and wide range of clothing! My daughter loves the clothing with Hello Kitty and Disney designs. We are their loyal and regular customers and I’m also a FOX member!

    I look forward to winning the free $100 FOX shopping voucher. We will be so thrilled! :))

  3. I like FOX Kids & Baby for the wide variety of children clothes and affordable pricing =)

  4. Hi,

    I am simply in love with Fox baby & kids clothes for being very comfortable & trendy. Vibrant colors & quality products in reasonable price..

    Ashmika Jain

  5. We always love Fox clothes from kids wear to adult,fox is one of the best brand that is comfortable and affordable,would love to win this cos next month is my baby birthday so that I can pamper him more with new style and new look

  6. We simply LOVE shopping at FOX baby and kids. Love the colourful design and comfortable materials. My princesses love the clothing with Hello Kitty and Disney designs.

  7. We simply LOVE shopping at FOX baby and kids. We love the colourful design and comfortable materials. Both my daughters love the clothing with Hello Kitty and Disney designs too.

  8. They offer fun and cheerful everyday wear for kids at affordable price and sometimes, they feature well loved cartoon characters too.

  9. I love FOX Kids & Baby because of the trendy designs, comfortable material and reasonable pricing.

  10. I love that they have really adorable and trendy casual wear at really attractive prices!

  11. I love FOX Kids & Baby for the chic and cool kids’ fashion. The brand also ensures comfortable material is used in making the kids’ clothes. FOX Kids & Baby is also affordable.

    Shirley Yong

  12. Love FOX for its stylish design which come in different colourful shades and most importantly its reasonable pricing and comfort 🙂

  13. They have a wide range to clothes selection in many designs and colours, and it’s comfortable too!

  14. I love Fox baby & kids for their colourful and comfortable clothings! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Love Fox fashionable styles – a one-stop shop for my family from babies to adults. Keep the fashion going Fox…

  16. I love the FOX baby and kids’ bright and cheerful prints on their outfits. The bright prints doesn’t get dull even after multiple washes. The material is comfortable too.

  17. We like that FOX Kids & Baby’s apparel are so adorable and cheerful, bringing out the liveliness of children!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I love fox with Disney character my all time fav. They always bring our colourful design and comfortable wear.

  19. Because they have staples coordinates which is easy to mix and match. And my toddler loves the Disney amd hello Kitty Collection!

  20. They have staples coordinates which is easy to mix and match. And my toddler loves their Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty collection.

  21. I love the fashionable clothes that makes my sons all colourful and sunshine. It suits our singapore weather.

  22. I love Fox Fashion because it is fashionable and stylish without compromising my children comfy.

  23. I love Fox cus their clothing is so fashionable and so affordable! I get comments from friends and strangers that my kids are so fashionable when I dress them in Fox clothings!

  24. We love FOX primarily because they’re affordable and wide range of selection of cloths that are comfy and stylish!

  25. I love Fox Kids because they have unique,simple,comforty clothes along with new stylish look.

  26. FOX Kids & Baby’s ouyfits has been my choice since my firstborn and up till today, I’m still shopping for both my kids clothes at FOX Kids & Baby. They have the right size and material. Their T-Shirts are super comfortable and they have different characters printed to choose from.

  27. I like fox baby and kids clothes as they’re soft and comfy, yet still has the cheekiness and playfulness suitable for the kids!

  28. Have been a great fan & member & of Fox Fashion since the birth of my first princess. The girls love the clothes too, esp the Hello Kitty range. Ayra & Zara always look so adorable in their Fox outfits too… =D Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I love fox kids because their styles are so awesome. Makes little kids look so cute.

  30. I love FOX fashion because their kids clothes are so affordable, comfortable, colorful and cute 🙂

  31. I love all the dresses in their catalog.I especially love the maxi dress. Fox always make such stylish clothes for children!!

  32. Fox clothes are always so affordable and of high quality. Comfy and stylish, who can resist their clothes =)

  33. Comfortable and affordable! The disney and hello kitty ranges are my kids favourite!

  34. As a mum I want the best for my kids and Fox Fashion provides Quality and when my kids wear them they feel comfortable and can play at eases even when they sweat they wont feel uncomfortable 🙂

  35. I love Fox because their clothing is stylish yet reasonably priced. Hayden and Asher always get compliments when I dressed them in Fox clothings. =)

  36. trendy, high quality, affordable and comfortable. Fox clothing is simply awesome

  37. I have loved FOX ever since they came to our shores – Men, Women, Kids and Baby. I’ve been a member of theirs since I was a teenager, back when they used a keychain for their membership to the current fuss-free system! Hehe.

    FOX’s clothing are made with really good quality materials. It’s so good that I’m still wearing their denim shorts and a couple of tops which were bought from way back then till this very day! Hehe. It’s basically a natural instinct for me to walk in FOX to browse and purchase! Besides clothes for the children, I like how I can get value-for-money swimsuits for the ever constantly growing children!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! 😀

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