WW: Cooking up a storm at play

One of the things that I wish very much to buy for Ayra is a play kitchen set, one that’s big enough for her to explore and play with. The price tag for such set say by Little Tikes is just too unfriendly for our wallet. So I improvised and created my own kitchen play corner for Ayra with existing furniture in her room. I foresee this corner evolving as she grows older with more enhancement with wall art, decals, kitchen organisation accessories and other stuff to make play more fun and real.

For now, this simple setup will do…
Ayra cooking up a storm

Ayra cooking up a storm

Ayra cooking up a storm

Last weekend she cooked in her kitchen for the first time, and I’m amazed at what she did with the setup. She knows the bottle caps should be removed before she pretend to pour the content into her pot. She knows the food items are to be served in plates or cups. And she will feed her dolls with the spoon and pretend to scope out content from the cup!

Ayra cooking up a storm

And of cos, after all the masak masak, the entire room was filled with evidence of her cooking up a storm at play. I don’t mind the clearing up cos I know she enjoys playing and creating the mess. Am slowly guiding her to clean up after play, and she’s slowly learning how to do it right. All we need is to give them more time to learn isn’t it?

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  1. I’m inspired to do up different corners of the house for different toys now! One corner for kitchen, one corner for clinic, one corner for lego building. Heee..

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