The three and a half of us in bed

When Ayra is back home with us, she likes to sleep on our big bed at night, and usually sleep better and longer too. So we try to accommodate her sleeping style when she does fall asleep with us in our bed. This is how the three and a half of us usually sleep in our King size bed.

At around 11pm…
Sleeping with Baby in Bed

At 12am…
Sleeping with Baby in Bed

At 12.30am…
Sleeping with Baby in Bed

At 1am…
Sleeping with Baby in Bed

And so this is a true story of our lives.

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  1. Haha! It’s always the guys that don’t know what is going on at night. K can’t flip around yet but she does roll over to Daddy’s side and cling on to him.

  2. The sleeping arrangement is similar to mine except that the role is switch between me and the wifey and I start sleeping on the mattress beside the bed from the beginning.

    Congrats too on making it to the final round of Singapore Blog Awards 2013.

    Amber my daughter blog at although she has stopped blogging for a while.

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