Dotting Fun

I bought this set of Do-A-Dot set when Ayra was still very young, then she didn’t know what it was when I tried to hold her hand to do some dots. After our visit to EatPlayLove Cafe, I took out this set of fun coloring tools and a set of crayons, then this girl got addicted to doodling in her first scrapbook.

Activity for Kids - Dotting Fun

When she’s back home, besides pulling out all her toys in her room and throw them at every clear spot on the floor, she also likes to pull out this set of coloring materials in the living room, indicate for us to pull out her small table and she will carry the stool from our bedroom to where the table is setup.

Activity for Kids - Dotting Fun

Then she will proceed to climb onto the stool, sit and start on her piece of art.

Activity for Kids - Dotting Fun

I’m glad she is slowly getting to do more fun things on her own and enjoy them. Hope she will soon grow into liking to do more craft so that we can have some fun crafting and perhaps even scrapbook together!

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