WW: A First Celebration for Baby Girl

After a month of planning and sourcing, Ayra’s first birthday celebration was held on 8 September with families and friends. It was not perfect nor quite the way I dreamed for it to be, but it was still great fun, memories and joy. Ayra would have enjoyed even more if she had taken a nap before the crowd started to fill the place.

Ayra with her Rilakkuma birthday cake

Here’s some photos from the day’s celebration for my second Wordless Wednesday post.

The gift corner and cake-cutting backdrop

Activity for the kids – reminder to self: must have kids corner for all parties to keep them busy

Bubbles work wonder if there’s space for soapy/wet activity

Everyone loves to play and blow bubbles

Cake from Pine Garden, topped with Rilakkuma plush and number One candle, which the Mummy blew out

The pretty princesses with the cute cake

Ayra was puzzled and confused with the many pairs of eyes looking at her

Thanks to everyone who came for Ayra’s first birthday celebration. Your attendance, wishes, gifts and love are much appreciated.

All photos above taken by Derek aka FOOSTOP.

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  1. Hi babe, your girl’s cake is too cute! May I know how big is your girl’s rilakkuma cake and how much you paid for this? Hope to hear from you soon!

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