Things to do at Imaginarium – A Voyage of Big Ideas at 8Q Singapore Art Museum

Imaginarium, the new event branding for Children’s Season at Singapore Art Museum (SAM). Being our first ever visit to this now five year old event, I must say I’m rather impressed with the line-up and activities planned for the whole family. Imagainarium (#ImaginariumSG) runs at SAM at 8Q from now till 19 July 2015, there is really no excuse not to check this event out with your little ones. I know we will surely be back again soon and spend at least a good few hours partaking in the activities together with Ayra and Zara.

Here are some of the many fun activities you can do at Imaginarium, A Voyage of Big Ideas at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q.

Build & Play with Tetris Inspired “Bricks”

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

We Built this Estate! by Chiang Yu Xiang
A mixed media installation that invites children to be architects, builders and master-planners of their own housing estate and city skyline. With housing blocks designed like giant Tetris pieces, you are free to create whatever you can imagine. Ayra had fun pushing and trying hard to pick these giant building blocks. She refused to put back her shoes when we wanted to leave this room. Yes, do be prepared to remove your shoes at some of these exhibit rooms.

Don’t forget to open these windows and check out who lives in the HDB flats around the room.
Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Spot the characters and catch some moons

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Imagin-a-doodle by Band of Doodlers
I have been following the Band of Doodlers on instagram for a while now, and finally I got to see their creation in person. This group of illustrators (youngest at just 9 years old) created a 4 storey high masterpiece sprawling across the walls and winding up the stairs. I am super in love with all the cute and awesome drawings by this group of talented individuals.

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Make origami, doodle and write a letter to the moon

If you like doodling, don’t forget to check out the moonroom on Level 2. Letters written to the moon may even get a reply from The moon!

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Try weaving or make your own pom-poms

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Let’s Make! Studio by Izziyana Suhaimi
Her installation invites visitors to create small objects using textiles, which capture their thoughts about the future of the country. Overtime, as more work are created and added onto the walls by the public, the artwork becomes a collective tapestry of dreams, weaving together our shared future.

We did make ourselves a small pom-poms that day, but Ayra wanted to bring it home instead. Will try some weaving the next time we are there.

Discover shapes and patterns at Kiko’s Secrets

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

This is where we can spend the longest time at, Ayra loves the engaging display of The Saari Fish of Manik. This display seeks your help to find the scales of the giant Sarri Fish and place them back onto the “Fish“. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle! Even I had fun seeking the right pieces to fit onto the fish.

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

These are just a few of the many more things to do at Imaginarium. I would suggest you set aside half a day to immerse your children and family in all the activities at SAM at 8Q. If you missed the video at the top of this post, here’s a quick preview of what you can do at Imaginarium.

Here’s the floor plan for the exhibition…
Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

More details of Imaginarium can be found on their website.

About Imaginarium
This new edition of SAM’s much-loved annual contemporary art exhibition for children, begun in 2010 and now in its fifth year. In the spirit of SG50, this year’s exhibition is inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore flag, a symbol of a young nation on the rise with the capacity to dream big and think large. What might we be able to envision and aspire to? What worlds could we imagine for ourselves and create for others? With interactive and immersive artworks and hands-on activities at every turn, Imaginarium offers creative space where inspiration can bloom freely, and joyfully! Featuring artists from Singapore and the region, Imaginarium beckons the adventurers, the dreamers, and the explorers of today to embark on a journey of discovery, and together, sail towards exciting new horizons.

The Loving Mum received the media preview invite from CRIB, Singapore’s first social enterprise that aims to empower women entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and incubation.

Ayra’s first unwrapping video

Ayra first unwrapping video

This is super overdue. Better late than never, and since I’ve got a few more videos already done, I thought it’s time to get this weekly (I hope) video project going.

Her most favorite type of videos on YouTube is of people unwrapping toys, be it unwrapping of surprise eggs, blind bags and even toys. Since she has watched so many of these videos, I thought it’ll be fun for her to get her own unwrapping videos going. This is the the second time she did an unwrapping video, the first she was in PJ so I’m keeping that for next time. First video must at least be pretty mah! LOL!

Presenting Ayra’s first unwrapping video… Ayra opens Lego blind bag… *hee*

Christmas with Thomas & Friends Show at City Square Mall

Since the day I told Ayra we’ll be watching Thomas & Friends she has been reminding me every time we go out, “Ayra watch Thomas & Friends. Thomas the train…” Yes, she insists Thomas is a train. Cos Thomas goes Choo-choo! And when 30 November came, she jumped when she saw me picked her up from my parent’s place and kept calling out for Thomas.

We arrived at City Square Mall much earlier to shop, and as we entered the mall, the 4pm show just ended on stage, we tried to siam but she still caught sight of Thomas, and cried when she thought we missed the show. To calm her, we brought her to the second floor to see families taking photos with Thomas. This girl is just happy to finally see Thomas the engine in person. After much persuasion, we managed to bring her away from sight of Thomas and quickly get our shopping done at Metro member sale! This is probably one reason for the super long car queue outside. We had to park at the public carpark outside instead.

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Inspirations from the 60s to the Little One

The first person Ayra knows who were related to the 60s is her Grandmother, that is she was born in the early 60s.
Grandma and Ayra
Ayra calls her “Ah Ma” or sometimes “Ma!“. She is one of the significant role model in Ayra’s life. Grandma is the one who looks after Ayra while Mummy and Ayah are at work. Grandma teaches her new words and actions and shows her the way of life. We are very glad Grandma is still very much young at heart and catches up with latest gadgets and stuff.

Being a 60s child, Grandma’s style of fashion is quite hip and often buys 60s inspired fashion for Ayra. I have to admit Grandma’s style is more hip and happening than mine. She will doll up Ayra everyday, even if they were just spending the day at home. Every piece of Ayra’s clothes look good enough for a shopping trip to town.

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Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Over the staycation weekend we visited The Art of the Brick exhibition at Art Science Museum. It was our first visit to the museum and personally I was very excited about it. We took a stroll to the museum after we checked out of the hotel (to save on parking since its complimentary from the hotel). The weather wasn’t hot nor windy, but by the time we reached the museum, we were all drenched in sweat. The air condition at the museum was super welcoming.

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Ayra chose to walk across the Helix Bridge on her own, and she sure know how to take her time. She swung from side to side and did her dance moves (no there wasn’t any music) while enjoying her walk. She would stop for a minute on every lighting spot she passed just to rest her feet on them. With her comical walk and loud giggles, she attracted much attention from the others. In return, she will wave and say hi at them. Super friendly girl!

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

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Ayra’s Vlog #1

I’ve learned that this baby girl of ours is quite narcissistic. She enjoys camwhoring (looking at herself in the camera) and she rather watch her own video (her running around and dancing at Toys R Us) than Barney on YouTube.

I find these videos of her talking to herself rather amusing and thought you my dear family and friends will be interested to watch too. I’ll be posting some of her better selection up on YouTube and sharing it as her own vlog.

This first video was taken when she was 14 or 15 months young. See how she loves talking to herself and making those funny faces! Cracks me up all the time!

Hope this helps brighten your day a little. 🙂

Baby just dance and ignores everything else

Last week we brought Baby to Ion Sky, it was her second time up there. This time for a Klipsch media launch and boy did she enjoy herself!

First she got to enjoy the beautiful view from high above. She sat herself comfortably by the glass window and just looked out. Spotting different colors and buildings and tiny moving vehicles far far down below.
At ION Sky

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