Holiday’s Over, Now Back To Work

Crazy crazy month it had been, with so many things and changes to my own routine I got kinda messed up and doing things that are out of the norm. Despite the craziness, I also took the chance to think and regroup my thoughts and life goal. Here’s an update from me.

This Singapore Mum Blog is Evolving

This blog is changing, it’s going to be slow, going to be personal and going to be more focused. Social media and blogging has been going on for the past 9 years or so now for me and I’ve seen greatness and also many negativity in this whole scene. I am still very active and am always finding news ways on how I can do better things, giving more and sharing actively back to the community.

Having spent almost a decade of my life growing and learning and experiencing social media, I do not think I will ever be able to draw a complete stop to doing work and good surrounding this active digital life of mine. Because I feel that blogging, to be more exact, independent blogging (like trying to maintain this blog personally) is coming to an end soon. Of cos blogging as a personal journal is never going to die, but if one wants to actively engage readers, grow readership and do bigger things online, running a blog like this alone will eventually lead to no where. Unless you already have got a high six figures following after years of building your personal blog. Then again, if you’ve noticed, many established fashion and food blogs have also evolved to become more a content site than a blog blog.

Moving to Getgo Parents, a better place for modern parents

The new place I’ll be hanging out more is at Getgo Parents, a startup which my co-founder and I have been working (and still is working very hard) on for the past 3 months plus. A question directed to me just yesterday at NYP Business Lecture talk with graduating students from the school of business is probably one of the most common one I get when I introduced Getgo Parents. “There are so many lifestyle and parenting website out there now, what makes you different from the rest? How do you plan to compete with the more established names in the market?” And the student at NYP even asked from the floor what is my business model.

Well, let’s just say there can never be too many content sites for parents, just like how there can never be too many parent magazine in stores. It’s how you stand out and offer something unique that the other competitors are currently not, what is that one winning element that you (as a parent/ user) will be thankful for because we are making it so simple and fuss free for them to use. THAT is our USP and that will be coming soon to Getgo Parents.

Me, my body and I

If you are my friends on Facebook or have been stalking my Instagram account, you would have noticed that I’ve recently turned somehow narcissistic – taking photos of my reflection in the fitting rooms, posting selfies and even attempted doing #OOTD posts while walking on the road. That my friend is because I am super happy and proud of my getting fit success thanks to the waited-for-so-many-years-it-finally-is-me kinda opportunity – to be on a sponsored slimming program with Absolute Slimming. Being leaner (I am still far from calling myself SLIM) and looking a little better because of the whole slimming program, I am more confident and for the second time in my life after more than 10 years I am able to not hold my breath when standing in a crowd of better looking women just so I can blend in better. (Ok I’m being a little extreme here but you know what I mean right?) I will be sharing more of my personal journey and updates on my progress soon.

The above are the three personal highlights and updates for the past month. Besides doing all the above with minimum time spent because it was the school holiday, the bulk of my June was spent with family. Here’s a quick round-up of our Joyful June holiday,

We did lots of drawing, crafting and painting at home.
Ayra completed three holiday workshop with Heart Studio and she’s very proud of her paintings which now hangs in the girls’ playroom. And we played LEGOs A LOT in June, then there’s also some random puzzles we do together.
Also took the girls to our neighbourhood mall to do what they like to do.
And we had our first experience at ZOUKidISCO! They probably won’t be going back again anytime soon cos they were more jumpy and being their happy self when we visited Elmo and friends…
We also visited our family’s favorite happy place, Universal Studio Singapore TWICE in June! And because the girls are loving the place so much we have extended our season pass to an annual RWSinvite card. Think we’ll probably be heading there every weekend just so the girls can see their favorite characters from Sesame Street.
And lastly we had a wonderful staycation with Jen at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway in June. Hope we’ll be back again soon.

The Final Call

What will you do when your final call is near? When you know the final departure is fast approaching, with yet an unknown countdown clock. The wait for this final call is filled with pain, sorrow and much exhaustion. For everyone.

It had been a few scares since a few months ago, with frequent admissions to the hospital. When the phone rang, usually in the day, our heart misses a beat. But on Sunday morning, when a call came in at 3.30am, my heart stopped for the split seconds. She was in her final battle, the one before the final departure. With drips and morphine injected into her system, she won the battle to be well again for two more days just so she can spend more time with her family. When I visited her on Monday afternoon, she didn’t seem as bad as I was told, in fact she even managed to crack a joke to make everyone around her laugh. I was relieved to see her well. But that night, when his aunt called with choking voice, he knew that the earlier visit was a sign.

“Often a day or two or even a few hours before death, the person has a surge of energy, wakes up, becomes alert, can sometimes eat or talk and can spend some quality time with loved ones. This is a very special time for final spiritual practices and mental preparations, which can be shared with loved ones if it is the dying persons wish. This is a very precious time because it normally doesn’t last long, as most people become unconscious (unresponsive) hours or days before they stop breathing.” – The unexpected alertness

It was the second night when everyone was called down to the hospital, to be by her side.

Refusing to let go just yet, she held on for one more day. With no morphine in her body, she was living at peace.

This morning at 3.00am, when the phone rang, we both knew it was the final call. She has gone to a better place, with no pain. At complete peacefulness.

Rest in Peace, Grandma to my dear husband. 

6 days to meeting Baby No. 2

After yesterday’s (last visit) to the gynae, it is confirmed that I will need to undergo a C-section for the birth of our No. 2 baby, Zara. Earlier period of pregnancy, it was made known to us that my placenta is pretty low and I was told to be careful when moving about. If any bleeding occured, I should admit myself into the hospital immediately. After that day, I was very careful and hope the placenta will move up and let the baby get into the right position for a natural birth.

At the gynae visit before, baby’s head was moved to the right position, but wasn’t engaged. I thought she will remain that way and slowly get into the right position. During the past three weeks, I’ve been feeling the pressure and strain in the lower tummy area, presuming its the baby’s head pushing itself through to be in position. Alas, it was the baby’s whole body pushing the placenta downwards, which causes the pain.

When I heard that a C-sect is requiried, entire mind and body was in shocked. I was told to sign several pieces of documents in the gynae’s room and my mind was just blank. The reality sank in and my heart was just speeding so fast I didn’t know what to do. The date was set and the countdown was shrank from 21 days to just 7 days!

Told my hub about it when I came out of the room, and he was also shocked. We aren’t prepared, mentally and financially for a C-sect. Last night, we reassured ourselves that everything will be alright.

Last night, I just couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts rushed in and the more I reassure myself, the more afraid I gets. The thought of going through a C-sect frightens me. The knife cutting through my skin, the carrying out of Zara from inside, the stitching, the after pain that I’ve to bare, the need to be careful with my movement, the thought of the stitches not healing fast enough… and so much more… Why are there so many ladies out there that prefers to go through a C-sect instead? Isn’t it more scary than a natural birth?

I must calm myself.

So today, 6 days to go before I admit myself to undergo the very first operation of my life, one that will bring our darling baby girl no. 2 into our lives.

I hope and pray for a safe delivery.

6 days to meeting Zara

The Loving Mum

On being pregnant the second time (A Letter for Baby No. 2)

Hello my dear child,

In about a month or so, you will be in my arms bringing more sunshine into our life. Mummy has been having guilty feelings and I’m writing you this letter to tell you why.

Throughout this period of having you inside me, I realized my thoughts and feeling during this journey is very different from the very first time when I had your elder sister, Ayra.

When I had Ayra inside me, I would talk to her, read bedtime stories, listen to music together and always feeling very excited about having a baby inside me. I’ll be thrilled whenever she moved and kicked inside. Sometimes I’ll even snap photos of my round round tummy just for the fun of it. But now, I seldom or don’t do any of the above at all with you. I’m sorry. In the first two trimester, I even forgot I am pregnant on some days! Really very very sorry my dear child.

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What makes me want to keep pieces of memories in scrapbooks?

I’ve been asked many many times, why do you spend time creating scrapbooks and why spend so much money on it?

Well, this is one reason why…

Ayra browsing through her 1st year’s scrapbook album, handmade with love by Mummy

I was lucky to grow up in a family where my Uncle owns a camera and loves taking photos of major events or outings. I’ve got quite a lot of photos from birth and personally started snapping photos with my first film camera when I was in Primary school. But these photos aren’t kept in an organized or recorded manner, so many times when I dig them out to see, everyone will have to start guessing or recalling when those photos were taken. On the other side of my family, my husband didn’t have that many photos of him from young. Only a few small albums are still kept and he doesn’t have any physical memories from his past.

Personally I find it essential to have some form of record for our children from birth, so that they can look back when they grow up and see how they have changed and progressed. These keepsakes are great storytelling tools to their own children and grandchildren too. Yes, blogging can be everlasting and kept for years, but nothing beats touching the photos with our hands and reading handwritten notes in the scrapbook albums. I hope to create at least one album every year for my children to record their growth and events in that year.


Ayra is still young now and only sees and touches the album because of the cute embellishments stuck on the pages. But when she is able to read on her own, these albums will mean so much more to her and our family.

Scrapbooking or creating these mini albums need not be an expensive nor time-consuming affair. I have shared a not so expensive and effective way to start your very first mini album to document your memories with your love ones. Check it out over at OMY Canon Pixma and don’t forget to vote & win too! Voting ends 7 July!