Teeny Weeny session at The Studio Loft

On 29 Sep 2011, I had my first studio sitting with Maryann at The Studio Loft. Before I reached the studio, I didn’t know what to expect other than having to remain naked during the shoot. I thought it’ll be easy and a fun one, but as I wasn’t used to the place and was feeling a little cranky that day, I cried most of the time and refused to fall asleep, which was preferred for the shoot. I event threw up after both my feedings at the studio. Mummy had to stop the shoot, I ended up missing three other types of setting and left with only 60+ shots. Here are my three personal favorite shots of myself!

Baby Rock
Rocking good time!
I am your sunshine
I am your sunshine
Looking like Ayah
Looking like Ayah 😛

Mummy promised to take more photos of me with her DSLR when she regains her energy. Looking forward to my own photo session at home!

Our first threesome photo shoot

In my 33 weeks now and finally we got our first proper photo shoot with Maryann at The Studio Loft. Booked the package during their promotion at the mother-baby exhibition at Singapore Expo. Spent the previous two nights preparing the props for the shoot and am glad they turned out pretty well. One sad thing was my hair; as expected, it didn’t cooperate with me and it was total mess. Well, I shall just keep telling myself that its my natural look with messy curled up hair.

The session with Maryann was so fun and comfortable. She directs us and helped us with our poses. “Look at each other”, “Now look at Baby” and “Now look at the camera”… She captured a few candids too with both of us laughing at our most natural (aka no image) expressions. Baby was enjoying her 45 minutes of fame too as she tried to pose inside me.

Can’t wait to have the photos printed and start scrapping! Two more weeks to start of my hibernation days. I should have enough time to get some proper scrapping done before Baby’s arrival.

The Studio Loft + Cordlife at Motherhood Exhibition 2011

For the first time, we visited a mother-baby exhibition. Was thrilled to see so many cute babies around Singapore Expo tonight. Found out about Motherhood Exhibition on Jame’s website and The Studio Loft’s promo on Facebook; so I suggested we go check it out.

Not prepared to buy any stuff for the baby yet; shopping spree will start in July. But we did got ourselves booked for two, in my opinion, very important and essential things. (1) Signed up for cord blood bank with Cordlife and (2) two photo sessions with The Studio Loft.

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