5 Things I Want To Accomplish Before I Hit 40

The Mummy day dreams a lot. Really a lot! So much so some nights she will wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare of the things she need to do in order to reach her dreams. And after the awakening moments it usually means she won’t be able to fall back asleep. What does she do next?

Gets out of bed, open her Macbook and work on achieving her dreams.

Well that’s me, that mummy with lots of dreams.

When I was little, I dreamed to become a teacher, because of this woman. I spent too much time watching her on TV. Those in my era will know this show!

Source: Toggle.sg
Source: Toggle.sg

After my Diploma at Nanyang Polytechnic, I continued the learning journey at NIE and became a trained MOE teacher for 3 years. It was nothing like what I remembered from the show! Though it was a fun experience and I’m fortunate to have met some cool kids who I’m still in touch with till today. But alas, I craved for new adventures and so I left the service after 3 years.

Thereafter, I ventured into various roles in different companies and eventually got tired of working for someone else and decided to pursue my other dream. Become my own boss. I gained a lot of precious experiences and learned a hell lot of lessons from the four years, if I had continued working for others, I wouldn’t have grown to become who I am today. The four years of being boss to myself and a team of awesome people were the best years I had in my career.

I never once stopped dreaming of doing bigger things. And after all these years, my dreams just get even bigger and some I feel are quite impossible to fulfil. Here’s sharing the 5 biggest dreams I have which I really hope to complete (some if not all) before I hit the big 40. (Not a lot of time left leh!)

Dream No. 1 – I want to go back to school

One of my biggest regret in life is not pushing myself to get a paper qualification for subjects that I’m interested in. With my many years of experience in digital and social media, it is time to get these endorsed with some proper certifications. Sad but true, that’s the reality in our society, no paper qualification, big companies do not even want to give you a chance for an interview. And these qualifications will also matter for my next dream.

Dream No. 2 – Let my family experience living in other parts of the world and find new opportunities

Somewhere where we can sit on soft grass and chill (not sweat!).

This is a long shot dream to reach by 40, but my hub is quite into this dream and we’ve started researching and looking out for opportunities where we can live somewhere else for couple of years where we can let our kids experience different culture and living. But the old-school Chinese in me feel that this is going to be one of the toughest dream to accomplish. Too many pull factors stopping us from chasing this dream. Come what may, we will just try and take a step at a time. Never knows what may come knocking at our door.

Dream No. 3 – To build an app

I have many ideas and concepts! But I CANNOT code! HTML, CSS such basics I can lah, but coding is another game which I’ve yet got chance to explore. I hope I will have time to pick up coding skills one day and build an app!

Dream No. 4 – Own a cosy (fusion) shop

I grew up in a coffee shop where my parents used to sell different kinds of yummy noodles. And it has always been my dream to own a shop or cafe and now I want to do a fusion where people get to meet, chill, get fed with good food and bring home unique buys.

Dream No. 5 – Make my first million bucks!

Who doesn’t dream to become the next millionaire? I tried becoming one with the Changi lucky draw and occasional Big Sweep draws, but I’m still only a thousandaire. I just got to keep dreaming and one day this may just happen! Ha!

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Here’s one of my submissions for my girls, help Like (Heart it) ok?


We Checked Out the Refreshed eXplorerkid E!hub Downtown East

Sand Play at eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East by The Loving Mum

It’s been almost 2 years since our first and only visit to eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East. We were unimpressed and disappointed at the condition it was in then. Fast forward to today, NTUC Club finally opened their revamped eXplorerkid E!hub and we just had to go check out what they had done.

Brand New and Refreshed Toddler Play Area

The last time we visited, Zara (13+ month) didn’t have anything much to do at eXplorerkid E!hub, but now they have got a whole new area setup just for toddlers below 4 years old. The play area was spacious and filled with variety of activities. There are pretend-play houses, a ball pool, tree slide and some big foam building blocks too.

There’s a smaller play structure at the corner beside the toddler play area. Do be careful when playing in this structure especially the tube slide. Ayra got a bad abrasion when sliding down and she was too afraid to step into it again. Also overhead a mum saying her son knocked his head while sliding down. Hope eXplorerkid will look into correcting this problem area to make it safer for children to play.

Brand New Addition of Sand Play

This has got to be the most favourite play area for the girls. They didn’t want to leave once they started touching those kinetic sand. Yes you hear me right! It’s lots and lots of kinetic sand play, even I couldn’t resists playing with it.

Addition of Lower Level Adventure Highlands

Previously there was only Adventure Highlands and for kids above 110cm in height only but now even those below 110cm can test their confidence at the lower level of Adventure Highlands. Both Ayra and Zara completed the challenge and I’m super proud of them. Ayra who is still very timid and shy took a little more push and encouragement with lots of support from the helpful staff, while the gurang Zara conquered the entire course with ease (well most part of it).

See them in action in the video above. Do note that additional charges is payable for play of Adventure Highlands.

Smaller Lit Ball Pool

eXplorerkid downsized their Lit Ball Pool to make more space for the toddler area, but still the ball pool is big enough for all the kids to enter for some fun. Though I wished they had thrown in more balls too make it fuller and more fun to dive into.

The Same But Cleaner Mega Play

The Mega Play structure is the same one but now cleaner. The wear and tear is still pretty bad but the structure is still standing strong and well despite the years of continuous play by so many kids (and even adults).

eXplorerkid also added a baby changing room with wash basin inside the playground, though still a little bare, I hope they’ll add a nice sofa and some picture frames to make the place more conducive for parents to use it.

eXplorerkid E!hub is located at Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, 3rd floor
Singapore 519599
Opening hours from 12pm to 9pm daily
Admission and Play Rates available here