Setting the stage for Singapore 2065. Let’s #BuildSG2065!

In 50 years, Singapore turned from this…

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to this…

Singapore in 2015, #BuildSG2065
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So how do you envision Singapore to be in the next 50 years? Well, this is how Ayra sees her Singapore in 2065…

Ayra's Singapore in 2065, #BuildSg2065
Ayra’s Singapore in 2065

Singapore will be made of colourful buildings of interesting and fun shapes. Every building will have everything under one roof, like home, shopping malls, offices, schools, playground, so we will not need to go out of the building too often. There will also be giant robots that help do anything we want him to……

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Besides wanting colourful buildings and invincible robots, Ayra and Zara have got their own visions too for what they will become when they are in their 50s…

Well with such great innovations and creativity from our generations and beyond, really nothing is impossible. And everyone can dream and hope right?

The Straits Times and CapitaLand are asking Singaporeans to cast their minds into the future and share your ideas on building a better and sustainable environment for us to live, work and play in Singapore in Singapore2065. The entries could be showcased in a forthcoming exhibition featuring the past, present and future of Singapore through the pages of The Straits Times, which celebrates its 170th anniversary this year. Ideas submitted will also stand to win attractive prizes!

There are also weekly prizes ($50 CapitaVouchers) for top 5 ideas with the most ‘Likes’ and more.

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For #BuildSG2065, no ideas are too big, no ideas are too silly. If a 4 year old Ayra can dream and have her ideas too, you can dream even bigger ideas! The sky’s the limit! Your ideas submission should fall under one of the following topics:

  • Go Green (anything to help save our earth)
  • Smart Spaces (you know Singapore very small lah)
  • Space-Age Kampungs (bringing the kampung spirit back)
  • Weatherproof World (think REAL snow in Singapore!?)

Ideas submitted can be in text, video or images. The video below may help give you some sparks for your next big idea…

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Don’t forget to tag #BuildSG2065 when sharing your ideas online to get more likes! Only Top 50 ideas from the submissions will be eligible for the win of the Top 3 prizes. Find out more on #BuildS2065 website.

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Things You Can Do at Sports Hub Library

The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

One new reason why Stadium is our favorite MRT Station to alight is the Singapore Sports Hub Library which we recently uncovered! The library is located just in front of the MRT exit, next to the Kallang Wave Mall. There are two levels to the library, where level 1 at the Sports Hub Library is designed to be the interactive and activity space for the Library programmes and level 2 houses the Library’s collection.

Things you can do at the Sports Hub Library

Have a game of Subbuteo football with a friend. These games can be played with two players and it looks rather fast paced as both players must be constantly eyeing their players and moving them strategically in order to score and defend the opponents.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

Challenge your friends at a virtual sports game at the V.Sports (X Box Stations). There are quite a good range of games available for you to choose, booking for these game stations can also be done online for their registered members. Membership is free for Singaporeans and is not the same as the membership at our National Library, so you got to head down to Sports Hub Library for registration.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

Play a game of wits at the giant chess set. This looks so fun! Hope I’ll have a chance to play this one day with a real opponent. Been so long since I played a game of chess. For this, booking can also be done online.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

There are many computer stations around Level 1 of Sports Hub Library for members to use. Booking is required over the counter.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

Video stations for you to watch your favorite DVDs available for loan at the library and there are 9 of such cosy video stations.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

Kids corner at level 2 of the Sports Hub Library, the library focuses on sports and wellness and their collection of children books are all on related topics too. Though the collection is small, but the books are great for sports enthusiastic kids. Check out the book we read together! A twisted tale of the three little pigs. Even I enjoyed reading it with Ayra.

The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

I found this series of books to teach kids why some friends behave differently and how we can be their friends.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

I like how the books are arranged here, kids can freely browse through and pull out the books to see the cover.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

There’s also story telling sessions at the Sports Hub Library, happening on the first and third Sundays of the month. The time is around 2.30pm to 3.00pm, depending on the crowd that day. I say, go take a break at the Sports Hub Library one Sunday and enjoy the engaging story telling by their librarians. Both my girls sat through 2 out of 3 of the stories told that day, not bad for a 3yo and 1yo toddler.
The Loving Mum - Singapore Sports Hub Libary

Find out more about the Sports Hub Library here.

OCBC Cycle 2014 shall be Ayra’s first race on a tricycle

Just the thought of Ayra in the cute red tee trying to paddle down the 100m road is enough to keep me excited all the way till 29 March!

OCBC Cycle 2014 Kids Tee

[box]Happening from 28 to 30 March at F1 Pit Building, OCBC Cycle Singapore returns for a sixth edition this year as the nation’s premier mass participation cycling event on closed public roads. Cyclists will pass by some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay East and East Coast Park, as well as enjoying the panoramic views cycling on Benjamin Sheares Bridge.[/box]

For a two-and-a-half-year-old, cycling across the above roads is of course not possible. The Tricycle 100m ride will be taking place within the F1 Pit Building.

Our Challenges
Ayra has never paddled on her tricycle before (usually we’ll be the one pushing her from the back), and I’ve only got a couple of weeks to let her practice. And knowing my girl, she might want me by her side during the 100m ride which is technically not possible, if I’m not wrong, parents are only allowed to watch from the side.

Unsure of what’s going to happen on the day, we are still going to give this new adventure a try! I hope we’ll be able to complete the ride successfully.

For those who are not cycling can also partake in the Sports and Lifestyle Expo aka SLE. With over 120 booths offering outstanding deals on the latest and greatest cycling-related products and you will also be able to test out some bikes within the safety of the F1 Pit area. Entrance to the Sports & Lifestyle Expo (SLE) is free!

We’ll be there on Saturday, hope to see some familiar faces too! Oh! And if you are posting any photos on IG, don’t forget to tag it with #ocbccyclesg.

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Go Register if you’re up to the challenge too!


The Most Expensive Ride Home in Singapore

How much would you pay for a ride home on a heavy downpour night with your kids in tow? Well I paid over hundred bucks for it! 🙁

It was pouring super heavily last night and I was out alone with Ayra at Orchard for a media Xmas gathering. Silly me must be too idealistic thinking we could easily get a cab at night.

I was sooo wrong!

After 6 failed attempts to get a cab, and with Ayra getting exhausted from all the fun she had earlier, my only option then was to call for an uber. My first two rides with uber cost between $40 to $70 and so I thought this ride home from Orchard will be at the same range.

Uber Ride 17 Dec 2013

I fell off the chair when I saw the final amount charged to my card at the end of the ride! A whooping $154!!!! And I recall the rate as 2.5 times and not what I had assumed as 2.5%!


I should have just drove to town instead. Or I should have left the car at home so I could activate hub to pick us up. I could have called my brother to drive us home. I could have… …

Oh well. Lesson learned. Never proceed with an uber booking if the surcharge is more than 1.5 times.

I first learned about Uber about a year ago and used their service when I was in a hurry and no cab was available. I enjoy all my rides with them and in desprate times, a $60 cab fare seems alright. But a $154 ride is just so unexpected.

I hope i will never have any more of such desperation again.

Ayra’s 1st Baby Day’s Out with Ufamily

This year is Ayra’s second National Day celebration. Last year, we didn’t get to bring her to any of the mass celebration and the nearest we got was a family dinner at Marina Square on one of the preview shows, she heard the loud noises from the fly-by, gun salute and saw fireworks. Then she was 11 months young, and the loud noises frightened her.

This year, we are lucky to have a few options to choose from for 3 August preview and on the actual day this week. So yeah! Double NDP celebration on both weekends for us!

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Punggol North Racial & Religious Harmony Street Parade 2013

Last Sunday, 21 July, was Racial Harmony Day. And Punggol North held their annual Street Parade along our blocks of flat! It was quite a happening event. And I must say, the organisers must be happy to see it so successful! Sharing some of the photos taken that day. And be warned, its a super image intensive post!

Punggol North Street Parade 2013

“Look Ma! No cars! I’m in the middle of the road.”

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A day in the museum of Stamps

In the modern days, one rarely uses a stamp and by the time Ayra grows older, she may never have to use any stamp in her life! That’s why we have libraries and museums to archive these pieces of our past and present for our future generations.

With the new initiative by the National Heritage Board, Singaporeans and PRs get to enter 11 museums for FREE! This sure brought in more visitors into the museums, the Singapore Philatelic museum was pretty packed on Sunday when we visited.

Singapore Philatelic Museum is the custodian and curator of Singapore’s treasure of philatelic materials. The museum collections range from stamps and archival philatelic material of Singapore from the 1830s to present day, and stamps from member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

Ayra’s Ayah had wanted to visit the museum since he knew about the Star Wars “Light vs Dark Exhibition: Stamps and Collectibles” happening at the Singapore Philatelic museum. That was when the free entry wasn’t announced. Now that its free entry, there’s no reason why we should miss this exhibition.

Mummy was too focused in trying out her new toy camera, Olympus E-P3, and capturing the fast moving Ayra in action, I didn’t pay much attention to what was around. Only managed to very briefly glance through the various exhibitions and display.

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