Old School Playgrounds in Singapore – A Play Day with Canon and Singapore Parent Bloggers

It was a fun day down memory land for the parents and a wild day at play for the kids. Together with families of Singapore Parent Bloggers and Canon Singapore, we visited some retro playgrounds (those with sand!) and hunted down a few wall mural art around Singapore.

It was also the day where I got to use my new photography baby, the Canon PowerShot EOS M3! Yes I finally bought it after a year of lusting over this nifty camera. My first day encounter with this after its launch was at a heritage photo walk hosted by Canon.

Dove Playground in front of Blk 10 Dakota Crescent

This is one of the few remaining playground nostalgic ones built in the 1970s. This and the Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh Lor 6 was built by Mr Khor Ean Ghee. There’s the concrete slides, tyre swings, sliding rod that let’s kids become a “fire-fighter” and walking bridge.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersSome shots I took of kids at play. Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersHere’s the street view from Google Map where you can see the playground sandwiched between the old school HDB blocks at Dakota Crescent. Yes this whole are smell super old school. I like!

Train Playground at Tiong Bahru Adventure Park

This is where you get to climb on board the train and climb through tilted carriages. The train playground at Tiong Bahru Adventure Park has got slides, a old school merry-go-round and also flying fox! The kids went crazy here and we stayed the longest, because there’s so many things to do. We even tried teaching the kids old-school rubber band game, Zero-point! Too much laughing took place here. PLAY! with Canon
Train Playground by Soon Koon.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Paintings on the Walls, Street Art and Murals Around Singapore

We checked out four street art murals by Yip Yew Chong that day. Two at 40 Everton Road – “Aha Ma” and “The Barber”, and two of his latest additions to our local street art around Tiong Bahru. There’s the “Pasar and Fortune Teller” at Block 73 Eng Watt Street and “Home” at Block 74 Tiong Poh Road.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Want to read more about that day’s adventure or see more photos taken at the above places? Check out the rest of the posts by Singapore parent bloggers who were with me that day.

Get out of Auto mode!

All photos taken above by me are shot with the Canon PowerShot EOS M3. And instead of trying to get the right setting on the camera on Aperture (Av) mode, which I usually do, I set it to the Program (P) mode and played with just the ISO setting. It was so much easier and all the shots turn out great! If you’ve got a camera with manual settings available, go try it out and get out of your Auto mode.

The Blogging Mum Who’s Not Blogging Enough, This Is Why

Oh! This article relates to my life so well, must-remember-to-blog my reflection.

OMG! The food here is so good, my girls cleaned their plates and I did not even have to feed them. Must share on my blog!

New playground in town! Got to bring my girls there to check it out soon and blog about it!

Oh yeah! Family staycation and must take lots of nice photos and share our experience on my blog.

Attended this cool product launch and I love the products. Must-share-about-them!

And the list just continue to grow and grow and grow… and… vanished!

That’s a fast forward version of my life as a blogging mum. All memories and experiences documented in my mind and camera rolls, but almost none (sometimes a lucky few) got published on The Loving Mum. I wish I could say that I am just too lazy to get things moving in this blog of mine, but reality is NO TIME! I’ve tried staying up as late as I can till my eyelid couldn’t take the screen backlight anymore, or even tried to squeeze time out while in the loo to get photos edited and uploaded. There’s only that many things I can do in a day, with my new role with Alvinology Media and juggling the other commitments I have and spending time with my family… well… I really just want to do everything I want to do at the best I can.

Sooo… what it means as a blogging mum (to me) and am I still considered one? 

Blogging to me means to share the good things and fun experiences, be it an invited opportunity or self-paid experiences etc. Let me flash back to that one week where I felt most like a blogging mum… just because that week I tried packed in as much as I could to kill-many-birds-with-one-weekend.

March 24, Thursday

One of those rare days where I feel like a blogger again (after being on the other side of the fence for work since September last year). Took up a review opportunity with an automotive brand and had their latest Sports MPV for the long weekend.

And that evening I oversee and also attended as a blogger for a client’s event for the launch of their new headphones. Since I got the car at 11am my mind had been doing mental note-taking throughout the car walkthrough and quick training, video recording the session, check out as much features as I can while snapping photos of the car the moment we drove out of the showroom, and then repeat the same cycle again for the headphones. By the time I reached home, my mind was overloaded with blogging notes, work schedules, to-do lists, the nephew’s 1st birthday planning and the constant nagging behind my mind “See lah! Why your backside itchy go accept to do so many of these blogging things. Regretted already right?

And then Good Friday came along… March 25, Friday So after the long late night I thought I could sleep a little more that morning since the girls do not need to attend school. Oh boy I was so so wrong! “Mummy I want milk!” this came just as I was slumbering into a good deep sleep. Sheepishly I crawled out of bed to the kitchen to prepare two bottles of milk for the girls. Assuming they will continue to sleep in that morning after milk. But instead of their usual we-don’t-want-to-get-up-for-school mode, both of them jumped out of bed once their bottles were cleared. “Mummy wake up! It’s time to play!” (Play the familiar tune from Frozen… and yes with the plying of my eyelids by the littlest Zara.) And so my day started way too early for my liking.

With a great car loaned to us for review, comes greater responsibility… to bring it out for a photoshoot of cos. As we had a long day out in the car with the two girls, I had to ensure sufficient activities, snacks and hydration were packed while trying to get them both ready to head out. Oh no this wasn’t as easy too, that day they preferred playing with their LEGO builds then to head outdoor with us. “Come let’s go shower now… don’t you want to see the big car and go for a ride?” … cue sound of crow … I shall not bore you with the rest of the day since it was mainly the family chilling inside the car while the mummy me sweat it out under the crazy sun taking photos and videos of the car. The other drivers passing by us at the carpark must be thinking what this crazy woman is doing stretching up and crouching down with the cameras around the car.

March 26 – 27, Saturday to Sunday: Weekend Celebration and Family Staycation!

After months of planning and preparing for it, the nephew’s first birthday celebration finally took place. You can read about the party preparation and the day’s run-down over at Punggol Babies, my other blog baby. (Yes I know! Crazy Claudia got how many sites har?) If you’ve seen the blog post, you would have seen the video and the photos from that day. If you’ve seen me that day at the party, and don’t know I’m part of the family, you would have thought I was a hired photographer cum videographer for the celebration. I did however have a friend to help out with taking photos for us; just so I can have many varieties of shots! (Thanks Soon Koon!)

Blogging Mum 101: Always try to capture everything (as much as one is capable of) cos you want to ensure you’ve got the best shots and right moments captured for your blog, Instagram, Facebook page and personal Facebook album. And because it’s not interesting if everywhere shows the same photos right? So keep calm and snap on! Usually for our staycations, I will be documenting every single thing we see, try and experience. But because this is the third time we stayed at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, so I was a little less “snappy” and took everything slowly and tried my best not to go at my usual flash speed every second of the day.

To kill more birds at the same time, I redeemed some free ice popsicles from 313@Somerset since they sent out media vouchers to us. So while the rest of the family were enjoying their dip in the hotel pool, I head out to check out this new dessert place and brought back sweet treats to cool down the heat. And also managed to do some quick shopping too at Muji. Women are natural multi-tasker!

March 28, Monday: Back to work and continue contemplating 

Really? It’s Monday AGAIN? Relaxing weekends are great and I love them. But that also means I did not get any time over the long weekend to catch up on the always-growing-to-do-list! Whenever I start planning my day’s tasks, I’ll pretend those blogging topics were invisible till I really die-die-must-publish-it-else-someone-is-going-to-come-after-me kind. Just like THIS post which you are reading now. I started the link-up right? Cannot last minute pull out say no time to write right? (For record, time now is 1.15am on 1st April, and this post is to go live on 3rd April.)

The backlog of posts is Un-un-un-un-un-belivable! With multiple sites which I’m contributing to, and the many events for work and as a blogging mum that’s happening every week, what gets posted first greatly depends on the following:

  • Is it time sensitive? If not, push it down the to-blog list.
  • Is it breaking news? One that no one else has published yet and I want to be the one to first post about it? If not, push it down.
  • Is it a paid assignment that has a deadline? If not, push it down the list.
  • Is a post really necessary? If not, remove from list and maybe share about it on social media.
  • And all other personal posts that I want to write about or milestones to record, these are almost always never get to see the light.

March 29, Tuesday: Rushing out a video and post

After the nephew’s celebration, I’ve planned to cut a video and dedicate a post on the day of his actual birthday. And the lousy GuGu got the dates mixed up, thinking it was 31 March, when the actual date is 30 March. So after dinner on Tuesday, I sat at my desk and get the video, photos and post ready. From about 8pm till 12am, I shut myself out as much as I could from the daily routines with the girls and left my hub to shower, change and put them to sleep. My only focus was to get the post up by midnight, and I did.

The night did not end at 12am, I then recalled of this link-up for the Singapore Parent Bloggers group and my promised to have the community site updated by 1st April. Horrible horrible me been pushing back this tasks for too long. So I started installing the new plugins, setup the theme, get the site deconstructed and slowly (until today), I am still trying to get it done right.


Sorry to everyone in the group, tahan for a little more, I promise I will make the site a better place to help us and the community grow together. Time to schedule our next catch-up lunch!

Hectic and Challenging Week

The rest of the week really just flew by with meetings, proposals, pitches and all the crazy stuff at work and at home. The week was also challenged by an unwell child, Ayra was almost admitted to the hospital for observation as she had been complaining about stomach pains and vomited a couple of times during the week. But the doctor wasn’t able to detect anything wrong from her tests and checks, so we made our own decision to monitor at home. She’s well now.

So just from this one week, I’ve got two more to-blog posts added to my super backdated backlog of posts. And this weekend is going to be a long one for me, but a fun one for the kids. Blogging mums and dads are really a bunch of very hardworking group of loving parents, who will do our best to give our children many happy times and fulfilling weekends. And documenting all these experiences in great detail for sharing online, creating usable and sharable content that become good resources for other parents.

Thank you to all awesome content creating mums and dads! You make the internet a better place with your published pieces of content, well tagged photos and uploaded videos. Because of your selfless sharing, everyone on the internet get to search and learn about new places, activities and things to do with their children and family.

Keep on creating. Keep on sharing. Because we can.

This post is part of a link-up with other Singapore Parent Bloggers to share a week in the life of a blogging mum and dad. You can peek into the life of 29 other families over at Week In Life of Blogging Mum and Dad linkup here.

Next up is Andy from Sengkang Babies. The wonder Dad who shares lots of fun things his family experienced. I want to be like him when my kids are older, packing our weekends with activities for the children and family, and sharing about them on our blog. I hope he shares how he maintain his blogging-stamina!

Big Blue Sponges Make Great Imaginative Play at Kaboodle Kids

Yes, we had so much fun playing in a sea of blue sponges (foam blocks to be exact) at Kaboodle Kids some weeks back, and we’ve got passes to share with our readers!

Kaboodle Kids is Singapore’s first and only indoor playground that uses Imagination Playground, these includes bricks and cylinders, accented with chutes, channels and parts that suggest motion or connectivity. They inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities.

This greeted us that morning when we arrived, built by the experts at Kaboodle Kids.

When we arrived at Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Big Splash, the pieces were built and they place look so fun! Both Ayra and Zara were excited when they saw what was waiting for them, and went straight to play mode the moment they got their socks on and hands sterilised.

The girls started pushing blocks together and then this was formed. Some obstacle course or sort perhaps?

These modular, rectilinear parts are easy to stack, line up and move around. The kids and parents who were with us that day at Kaboodle Kids enjoyed endless play with these blue blocks! Most importantly, everyone were engaged, active and had lots and lots of fun. Both my girls were super tired after 2 hours in there but they refused to leave.

Zara trying to play hokey perhaps?

What I love about this play system is that my girls can do whatever they want in there and I don’t have to keep close to them to ensure their safety. The space is designed such that parents can just sit and chill along the long stretch of seats and watch the kids play. Or we can join in the building and playing fun! The girls were kept busy the entire time we were there and I didn’t have to encourage them to try out anything, they just go around doing their own things with their own imagination. I was very impressed that these blocks are able to maintain their interests for that long. If only our home is big enough! LOL!

These blocks make good resting beds when they get tired. Obviously need sleep but they just didn’t want to leave!

See some of the things we did in the video I compiled from that day.

I do hope they start another outlet soon where it is more accessible by train, I would bring my girls there often for sure!

A well thought out party room at Kaboodle Kids! With a washing sink, whiteboard walls for decorations and creative drawing, basic party ware and accessories too.

They are currently having a promotion for party room booking, check their Facebook page for details.

Kaboodle Kids also has a party room where you can bring in your own food and beverages or they provide catering options too. That day, we were treated to super yummy food from one of their caterer, Pondok Gurame Indonesian Restaurant located at Big Splash too. The kids and the parents all enjoyed the food served, it was delicious!

A different kind of kids meal and it was so good! Better than the usual party food.
And finally you can get decent and delicious adult food at kids party! This one was amazing!

If you have not heard or been to Kaboodle Kids, here’s your chance!

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We’ve got 10 play passes to giveaway to our readers and fans. Each play pass entitles ONE child and TWO adults for unlimited play on weekdays and 2 hours of play on weekends/public holidays. Play pass is valid till 31 March 2016. To win yourself one, simply follow these steps:

  1. Tell us why you want to bring your child to Kaboodle Kids on THIS POST on Facebook page.
  2. Share this giveaway with your friends by tagging them in your comments or sharing the post with your friends on Facebook.
  3. You got to be a fan of The Loving Mum and Kaboodle Kids on Facebook or follow @claudia10 on Instagram.

Giveaway ends 31 January 2016. Winners will be contacted via Facebook.


Awesome fun time at Kaboodle Kids with Singapore Parent Bloggers! Find out more about us at http://singaporeparentbloggers.com.

About Kaboodle Kids

Started in 2014, Kaboodle Kids uses Imagination Playground to encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity, as well as nurture their emotional, physical, social and cognitive development through play. Kaboodle Kids offers great parent-child bonding through play, and believes that children should not be too fixated on academic achievements and also make time for creative play. For more information, visit www.kaboodlekids.com.sg and check out Kaboodle Kids on Facebook.