Tenants Worth Waiting for at Punggol Waterway Point

If you’ve been passing by Waterway Point, next to Punggol MRT station, every day, you should be super excited to see that the place seems to be ready for opening anytime soon! If you still do not know what to expect inside the mall, here are our pick of 10 tenants worth waiting for at Waterway Point for all residents of Punggol and Sengkang.

Shaw Theatres – Finally A Cinema!

And I heard they will be operating 24-hours together with NTUC Fairprice Finest at the basement. Can anyone verify this?

The theatres are not open 24 hours, but there are movies from 10am-ish till late nights on some days. Please check movie schedule on their website for details.

Kiddy Palace

Since Compasspoint closed for renovation, I’ve stopped getting things from Kiddy Palace, but when Waterway Point opens, shopping resumes too! You know… toys… toys… and oh wait… toys!

Encik Tan

The Halal Noodle Stall from Kallang Wave is one place where we usually makan because halal and has got some decent fishball and wanton noodles. Their fried carrot cake is not bad too.


Yummy but expensive, still happy its coming to Punggol!


Not sure if this will mean Daiso at Rivervale Mall will close soon. But whichever mall has got Daiso is an awesome mall!

H&M and Uniqlo!

Ok, Uniqlo is not that exciting cos we have that at Seletar Mall. But H&M! OMG! You know how crazy I had become with H&M clothes since after my #TLMgetfit days. 80% of my new wardrobe is from H&M.

The Largest Times Bookshop

After I visited the revamped Times at Marina Square, and was told that the one at Waterway Point is going to be way bigger, I just couldn’t wait for it to open. This is probably going to be my favourite hang out.


Because I always need to get that extra SD card lah, external hard disk lah, more printer inks lah… I’m just geeky like that.

And last but not least… BLACK BALL!

No longer need to wait till I travel to Plaza Singapura or Harbourfront to get my Black Ball craving fixed. It’ll soon be just a 10 minutes ride from home! YES!

See the full list of tenants at Waterway Point here.

Punggol Pizza Lovers Rejoice! Domino’s Finally Coming!

If you, like me, had been trying to order Domino’s pizza for delivery to Punggol, you would have been disappointed for a long time cos Punggol has no love from them. But come September 2015, we will be able to order, pick-up or dine-in at Domino’s Pizza Punggol!

Everyone in the family is thrilled and we can’t wait! Ayra and Zara are both super hardcore fans of pizzas and come September, we no longer need to store frozen pizzas in our freezer. We can walk to Domino’s and enjoy our favorite Cheesy Crust and their new and yumilicious Cheese Burst Crust pizzas with our favourite toppings of course.

Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino's Pizza
Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino’s Pizza

Cheese Burst Crusts Pizza by Domino’s

A unique twist from the most popular thin crust pizzas, Domino’s launched their new Cheese Burst Crusts flavors. Comes in Chilli, BBQ and the Original Cheese Burst Crusts, now serving SEVEN different crusts which you can pick to match with your favourite pizza toppings.

What’s so special about these new crusts? Well, think two crispy thin crusts with creamy cheddar cheese sauce sandwiched between! Mmmmm…. And add either crushed red chillies sprinkled over (Chilli Cheese Burst Crust) or the savoury BBQ sauce drizzled over (BBQ Cheese Burst Crust) the creamy cheese sauce.

Since I’m the spicy hot “mama” (as recognised by the host during the tasting), my favourite is of course the Chilli Cheese Crust topped with Chilli Chicken! Ohhhh-sooooo-gooooood! Warning though this is not for the faint-hearted. Standby a glass of water!

Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino's
Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino’s

If you prefer the sweet and savoury kind, then try their BBQ or Original Cheese Burst Crust. Can’t decide which toppings go with which crust? Here are some recommendations for your consideration!

BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

  • Classic Pepperoni
  • The Big BBQ
  • Classy Chic
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

Chilli Cheese Burst Crust

  • Hawaiian Paradise
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Very Veggie
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken

Original Cheese Burst Crust

This goes well with almost everything in their menu! I tried it with their Alfredo Prawn and it was oh-so-creamy.

Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust
Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust

As part of the launch of these new crusts, Domino’s Pizza is offering a special promotion and you get to enjoy even better value and savings with purchase of 2 pizzas. Check out their website for promotion details and place your order! I can’t wait for Domino’s Pizza to open in Punggol!

Freshest & Best Pizza Delivery

I’m not paid nor forced to say this, but my husband and I both agree that Domino’s Pizzas are the best and freshest pizza delivery available in Singapore. With two pizza crazy daughters, we have our fair share of eating pizzas from all the big names here in Singapore, and the ones served at Domino’s are hands-down the tastier and freshest! Even their meatballs and chicken drumlets tasted different. My hub commented that the tomato sauce in their Napolitana Baked Meatball was fresh and nice, he ate the entire serving on his own! I personally love their Golden Roasted Drummets.

And there’s also this new dessert for kaya lovers! This my husband loves it to the max, but I personally find it a little to sweet (I’m a savoury woman)! 😛

Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino's Pizza
Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Fun Facts

  • FREE Delivery with their Great Pizza Service Tracer (GPS Tracker) for online ordering and on their mobile app
  • NETT Pricing
  • 30 minute delivery guarantee
  • 15 minute takeout guarantee
  • Product satisfaction guarantee

That’s a whole lot of guarantee for a pizza delivery! And now I know why though there’s a branch at Kovan but Domino’s not delivering to Punggol. Because due to traffic they wouldn’t be able to meet their 30 minute delivery guarantee! Now you know. So with their new outlet opening in Punggol soon, we the people of Punggol can finally enjoy freshly baked pizzas from Domino’s Pizza Singapore!

Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino's today!
Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino’s today!

Check out this trailer I compiled for #FoodieMigup at #DominosSG!

Hungry? 😛

Dominos CheesyCrustPizza


Because we received some pizza vouchers from the media event, we want to share them with you! Two readers will each receive a Regular Domino’s Pizza Voucher valid till October 2015. Complete the following steps in the contest widget below to win. Giveaway ends 13 September 2015 and winners will be contacted via email.

Kids & Family Zone at Waterway Point in Punggol

Soooo after my awesome discovery of what’s upcoming at SAFRA Punggol and the awesome Water Playground at Kids Amaze, this next one is probably going to be completed way before and becoming the next big thing in Punggol! Can you sense my excitement already? Can’t wait to check out the new Waterway Point just next to Punggol MRT station.


Waterway Point especially caters to young children and families looking to spend time together at the Kids & Family Zone on Level 2, an entire floor dedicated to a 19,826 sq ft childcare facility, My First Skool, various learning and enrichment centres, as well as a large outdoor wet and dry playground. Other family-friendly establishments also include the 16,315 sq ft concept food court Cookhouse by Koufu, Swensen’s and the largest Times Bookstore in Singapore that promises an educational adventure.


Highlights of the mall include round-the-clock entertainment and services on Basement 2 anchored by a 24-hr FairPrice Finest (29,853 sq ft) and 1,500-seat Shaw Theatres. Yet another attraction is the Waterfront Promenade on Basement 1 which will offer patrons the experience of tranquil alfresco dining overlooking the picturesque Punggol Waterway and a wide array of cuisines from well-loved restaurants such as Uncle Leong Seafood, Kuriya Dining, The Soup Spoon Union and Bali Thai to choose from. Basement 1 will also feature other retailers such as Best Denki.


Waterway Point is a four storey retail and lifestyle hub located in the heart of the new Punggol Town, beside Punggol MRT station. It is the retail component of Watertown, Singapore’s first integrated waterfront residential and retail development. Developed by the consortium of Frasers Centrepoint Limited, Far East Organization and Sekisui House, Ltd, Watertown features a 992-residential unit development in addition to the retail and lifestyle hub. With a net lettable area of 370,824 sq ft, Waterway Point will offer a diverse range of retail, dining, entertainment and education offerings. When completed, Waterway Point will be the flagship waterfront leisure destination for Punggol’s residents and visitors across the island.

I cannot wait for 2016 to come already! Of course Waterway Point is going to be damn packed with human, crying babies and crazy lots of baby strollers, but nothing is going to stop us from checking this first mega mall in Punggol when it opens!

Information source from http://fraserscentrepointmalls.com

Real or not? Compasspoint Mall Due for Renovation in September 2015

So there are words going around that Compasspoint in Sengkang is due for major renovation in September 2015. And the anchoring tenant now, Metro will be moving out!


This is going to be a major OH NO! for many of us living in the North-East, Compasspoint is like THE hangout place for many households.

There is currently no official release about this, but looking at the other Frasers Mall like CentrePoint which is now undergoing major revamp too, the speculation might be true.



Having spent more than 13 years living in Sengkang and then in Punggol, I know Compasspoint from the back of my hands. Location of the shops, food stalls at Level 4, the products placement inside Metro, Kiddy Palace, Cold Storage and Popular Bookstore and even the game machines available at TimeZone. With new malls sprouting around the area, Compasspoint is really in need of a major revamp. The ship hanging in there is so dirty and filled with spider webs can, and don’t get me talking about the toilets and baby changing room at level 4!

I’m looking forward to a better mall for residents around the area.

Kids Amaze Indoor Water Playground at Punggol SAFRA

Punggol is going to be oh so more fun when Punggol SAFRA opens its door in 2016!

Embracing the water theme, Kidz Amaze at Punggol SAFRA will feature a “Deep Sea” themed playground. It is set to span 23,000 square feet soaring three stories high! 

Looking at the artist impression alone is making me want to jump into the play pool now! This is going to be our favorite hang out when they open!

See the animated fly through video below.

We really can’t wait for Punggol SAFRA to open!

Ayra’s first experience with sand

We visited Punggol Jetty for the first time together and Ayra was pumped when she saw the playground. When we put her down near the playground, she paused her steps just before the unfamiliar ground, sand. She hesitated and simply stood there and waited for us to carry her into the playground.

Ayra at Punggol End

After much persuasion, Ayra still refused to step onto the sandy ground on her own. We decided to give her a little hand. We held her hands and lifted her off the ground and landed her feet into it. She took a few tiny steps and her immediate reaction was to lift up one of her leg crying for help. Sand got into her sandals and she cried for us to help clean her feet.

Continue reading “Ayra’s first experience with sand”

A week into our new home

It’s been a week! Our first week living on our own at our new house. A house we call home, just the three of us. I have been looking forward to this day for 9 years, since the day I knew he is the one. And now here we are.

I am holding back photos of the house for now as there are still boxes around the house, things unpacked or not in the right place and stuff that need to be touched up. But we have settled down, able to live, cook and do our daily stuff. EXCEPT for being able to connect online to get proper work done! Our M1 fiber will only be activated and installed on 20 Nov, till then, I am surviving on PATHETIC 3G connection from Singtel and borrowing Baby’s iPad (with M1 3G) and Abang’s M1 LTE from his iPhone5 for connection on my computer at night. If you are planning to get fiber at your new house, apply as soon as you got the keys! It takes 3 to 4 weeks for activation and installation.

For the past week, I learned my new responsibilities as a mother and wife. New stuff I need to manage on my own and learning to manage and plan my time in a whole new way. No more lazing in bed waiting for Baby to wake up! It’s now get-up-before-baby-else-get-little-to-nothing-done-today.

Baby is coming to 14 months in a few days time and she demand my attention and presence the entire time she is awake. Leave her alone for few seconds she will start to cry for me. Either that or she will follow wherever I go around the house with both her hands behind her, like a supervisor ensuring I do things properly. Her favorite parts around the house, besides her own room, are the kitchen and the toilet in the master bedroom where she baths.

She likes to turn the knobs and press the buttons on the washing machine and dryer, causing double washing several times. She also likes to look into the waste bin in the kitchen and attempt to dig things out from it! I have to carry her in my arms whenever I have to be in the kitchen. Thank goodness my Pupsik baby sling still fits and works for us. Greatly help free my hands and strength to carry out tasks in the kitchen.

Bath time for Baby now means play time with Mummy in the toilet. She will take out Ayah’s facial wash bottles and pretend them to be hammer or microphone while waiting for me to shower her. She will also attempt to pump shampoo out of their bottles and mimic to soap herself. Bath time is also the time of the day where she will call “Mummy meee!” the loudest, cause she hates getting water into her eyes and face whenever I wash off soap from her hair.

Things I have been doing the past week: trying to keep the house as dust free as possible (a friend told me houses in Punggol is never going to be dust free, which I totally agree!), floor is clean for baby to move around safely, ensuring all three of us have clean clothes to wear, Baby gets her milk and meals, me getting emails read and replied, work is done whenever possible and necessities around the house purchased. Guess my life will be more or less like that from now on! Boy! Hope these don’t turn me into an old auntie housewife too soon!