Come Play In Our Refreshed Playroom, Brighten Up with Dulux Wash & Wear

Welcome into our refreshed playroom! It is amazing how choosing the right colours can make such a big difference in a room. We are loving how cheerful, vibrant and awesome our new playroom is. Come on in and play with us in our happy playroom!

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Before showing you the full (aka messy) room, let’s do the close-up-makes-everything-look-better kinda shots…

Little reading corner

Our cosy reading corner with matching cute retro chairs from Chair-ish the Moments. Love the colour combination here with our pink wall in Strawberry Crush, 74RR 28/432 from Dulux.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

You see how the pink wall looks very different in the above and below photos? Lighting plays a huge part in how the colours on your wall will appear in real-life and on photos. Hence it is very important to pick the colours at home and not in stores or at your Interior Designer’s studio. Bring home the colour book or paint chips and visualise from your own home and rooms. Check them in the day, at night and with room lightings, making sure the colours are what you want. If you have existing furniture in the room, it’ll be ideal to match them too. Or even plan ahead, like how we are planning to convert this playroom to the girls’ bedroom in a few months time. The bedsheets for their beds will preferably be of lighter shades of pink, darker shades of yellow, orange or blue.

Mini chair for Zara, medium chair for Ayra and a Muji legless chair for Mummy.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Our photo and art wall

Loving how every thing just pops against the yellow wall in Celestial Sun, 54YY 85/291 from Dulux.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Add some painting and pretty photo canvas to a plain wall will make the whole room feel more homely and closer to the heart. My girls love looking at their own photos and get excited jumping and pointing at them. (Super vain right?! Girls will always be girls.)

Kitchen play corner

Cooking is probably one of our girls’ favourite play activity in the room. Now their kitchen + mini cafe is brightened up whenever sun shines through our window in the morning.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

The play tables

These orange tables were already in the room before our makeover. With the new yellow wall, these orange tables from Ikea look more fun and pretty as compared to when it was against our old grey walls.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Tips for storing tiny toys: Buy a candy grabber aka mini UFO catcher and store them all in there. Makes nice decor piece and have some fun catching them too!

Now you have seen the close-ups, here are some shots of the wider views of our playroom – the before and after our repainting transformation with Dulux.

Before we had boring and dull looking grey walls

Now we have cheerful, fun and girly playroom

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

The chaotic mess before

Much organised, cleaner and safer space for the girls now

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Wider shots of rooms are not as nice a view nor fit for show house quality shots right? That’s why it is almost impossible to snap photos of your beautiful home once you stayed in there for more than a year; make that a month when you have little kids in the house! Getting our room repainted gave me a valid reason to clear out all the unused and unwanted stuff around our playroom room. I must find time to do the same to my work room which is now more like our second storeroom in the house! And I don’t even want to think about the craziness in our storeroom!

Much better space for play and explore

A quick flashback to the day when Ayra returned from school and saw her new room, yes she’s calling it her new playroom ever since the repaint was done. First she was stunned and just stood there looking at the new colours, then she asked to take photos of her room.

And when she’s done posing, she did the photo taking on her own with the PowerShot D30 camera, which I gladly handed her as it was shockproof! No need to be afraid it falling off her hands.

The new layout and toys placement is also easier for her to pick and choose what she wants to play without needing assistance from us. Just move the toys around and she can start playing. Glad the school has trained her well in putting back her toys after play.

Ayra loves reading and listening to stories with me on the new chairs I bought. Guess she prefers to be hugged by it as she always picked the tiny green one instead of the spacious blue one.

We cannot stop sharing with families and friends how our room is so much better after a repaint with the right choice of colours. Even our part-time helper who come by once a week said she was shocked to see the room brighten up after the painting. She even thought we forgot to turn off the light in the room when she first saw it; I couldn’t stop laughing when she told me that the week after.

Refresh you house with Dulux Professional Painting Services

I know! You must think I am crazy to make repainting the house sound like an easy-peasy task. Just the thought of packing and moving the things around the house alone is enough to make most of us exhausted already. But after going through our playroom revamp with Dulux Professional painting service, I would do an entire house repaint if I can! Check out the short one-minute video below and you will know why.

All I did to prepare the room for the painting job was to remove whatever pictures I had on our walls. And all the other stuff were moved and protected by the Dulux professional painting crew. Before starting work, they make sure all your furniture are protected, floor covered and any corners or build-in furniture taped up so it would not get stained with paint. And they even help you clean up and move your furniture back to where they were once they are done with the paint work! Awesome isn’t it? With such professional service, why wouldn’t I hire them to paint the house?

Thanks for following our transformation and hope you like what we did with our playroom. Do vote for us when the voting begins from 8 to 14 December 2014 at Dulux Singapore Facebook Page.

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Our Playroom Before Transformation

We are soooo soooo soooooo super excited! I have always loved watching home transformation and improvement shows on TV. And has secretly wished for something like this to take place in my own house one day. And finally we are in a real home transformation project! Though not as extensive as a total home transformation, but this is just as exciting for us! I have been cracking my brain on how to make our girls’ playroom more fun and inspiring for them. And now I can do it with help from the professionals. Yes, we are lucky to have a room just for the girls to play (for now). This room will be their bedroom once they are old enough to sleep on their own, which I hope is soon. So for this room transformation, I will have to factor in future possibilities too when we put two single beds in.

Grey. Our Original Inspiration.

Image Source
This was my original idea when planning for our house 2 years back. Because we wanted to save on colours and make the whole house look balanced, we painted all the rooms with a medium shade of grey and our living room a lighter shade of grey. All furnitures are white and grey too. Ya, kinda boring, but we somehow liked it this way. I tried adding some colours to the wall and corners to make the house look brighter, and more cheerful, but it just didn’t work out as how I had envisioned it.

This is how our playroom looks like now…

The play area for cars, playhouse and cooking. We love how we can roll the Muji drawers around as an additional table top for play on the floor.

The other side of the room where we store lesser used toys in boxes, and also the art and craft area where I am planning to do away with as Ayra prefers to do her activities on the floor. So for this transformation, I hope to clear furnitures to make more floor space clear for activities.

And this side is for the clothes, but looking at the layout of our room now, I’m planning to do a little musical chair with the furnitures so that I can have this nice corner for a reading nook or sort. Hmmm…

Here’s part 1 of Our Playroom Transformation…
The Search for Colour Inspirations

So I visited my almost forgotten Pinterest account and starting browsing, and the more I scroll through the playrooms, the more ideas I have! It’s crazy! But sadly I can’t find much kids room or playroom ideas from Singapore! Only a few from the home and decor website, but that’s it! Why no parents share their kids room in Singapore? Is it cos there isn’t much space available in the house? Not even a small corner in the living room? If you know of anyone who blogged about their playroom or play area at home, do let me know ok? Hope to link them up here too.

Here are some ideas I kinda like for now, and sharing some pointers I picked up from the Colour Inspiration workshop I had with Dulux Colour Specialist.

Dark Wall. Bright Decor.

Image Source
Loving how a darker hue on the wall makes brighter coloured accessories popped! Even white looks better on these pretty walls. A green hue also helps revitalise us when we are mentally, physically or emotionally exhausted.

Orange Featured Wall

Image Source
Less means more when come to colour coordinating a room. Orange is great attention grabber and is of a playful and active qualities. Ideal for kids and teens room. It was said that orange increases appetite too, you know what colour to paint your dining area with ya? Or perhaps an orange dining table might just do the trick too, especially for a white or grey toned space.

Light coloured walls with touch of vibrancy

Image Source
When selecting colours for our house some two years ago, the idea was to use a piece of furniture or accessory to brighten up the grey walls we painted throughout the entire house. But instead, we ended up with mostly white furnitures with touches of grey around the house. We still like it this way as its very clean and balanced, but some change in colours will surely help make it more warmth and cosy.

Decorative Paint Works.

Image Source
My dad has always asked me to put up wallpaper on a piece of wall in each room and in my living room too. He used to help out at one of his friend’s company doing wallpaper installation at residential and commercial properties. Ever since, he believes strongly that a nice wallpaper will brighten up the house a lot. And its so simple to install and remove (if you have the skill). But I like to paste things on my walls – photo frames, drawings, paintings etc. Wallpaper doesn’t allow me to do that! So why not get the professional painters to do a decorative paint work? I’m considering getting some bold chevron lines painted in the playroom, just to add some dimension. Perhaps something like this…

Image Source

The above colour inspirations were made possible by the informative workshop conducted by Dulux Colour Specialists which I attended last weekend. With their sharing of useful tips and the references from their Colour Inspiration guide, I am spending more time planning and picking out the right colours for our playroom transformation. In a good way of course! And I’m getting input from my girls too. Will share more on the colours we picked in another post. Do continue to follow us as we have our mini home makeover with Dulux!

Request for your own copy of Dulux Colour Inspiration 2015 here.

Over the next two months, we will be completing 3 challenges where we show you the process we go through in transforming of our Playroom. Do follow us and 9 other bloggers as we show you how fun and easy it is to bring new life to your home! Hope we will inspire you to do the same too for the new year! Oh and did I mention the $500 painting package voucher + $100 home decorative vouchers to be given out to 10 lucky voters? Check our Dulux Singapore Facebook Page – A New Colour, A New Experience app for more details.

In the next post for Challenge 1, we will share how we pick the right colour for our playroom with Dulux Visualizer app, available for iOS and Android devices. Its a pretty cool app and I am having fun playing with it, masking out walls around the house on the app and changing the colours of my wall virtually. This is one cool use for augmented reality! Check out the demo video below to see the app in action…


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Our Playrooms at Home

Since we moved into our new home in 2012, we’ve done well, nothing much to it. Just that the amount of things increase almost too quickly, and we did some reconfiguration a few times since. What used to be a playroom for one, has now extended to become playrooms for two. And because we wanted to do more things together as a family on weekends, we moved the girls play area into our living room.

The hub was rather against the thought of having toys in the living room cos he cannot tolerate mess. But I tried my best to keep everything as proper as I can and occasionally update the toys (means discard tattered and no longer playable ones) and rearrange them so that it’ll be easy for us to maintain the play area.

We are fortunate to have found this house. By keeping bulky items to the minimum, the space allows for lots of running around for the girls. And each of them get their own space to play if the decide to play different things.

All toys and books are stored in an Expedit shelve and see through boxes. Only toys that are commonly played by the girls are kept in the living room. All other stuff are stored away from their sight (as much as possible) in the other play room.

Here’s a closer look at how things are sorted out on the shelve.

On warmer days (like the recent crazy weather), we prefer to play in the room which is less humid and is cooled with air-con. This room, which used to be Ayra’s playroom before it transformed a guest room for my parents when Zara arrived, and then later into Zara’s changing room, and now a room just for storing toys and clothes. When the girls are big enough to sleep in their own room, this will be their wonderland. (Can’t wait to transform the room!)

The girls love playing and there is really no reason why we should stop them from creating a mess. As long as we have a proper system of maintaining order in the chaos, no play is not allowed. Okay, except for Play Doh! I totally cannot tolerate the tiny little pieces and the cleaning up after each play. All Play Doh and accessories are stored out of sight from Ayra until she learns how to better play with them.

For now, there’s the cooking role playing which she loves, LEGO and duplo, playing dress up with her gang of Barbies, role play as doctor or mummy or a teacher with her dolls and there’s of course the many variety of books for her to pick up and flip through.

As for little Zara, anything in her hands are new to her. And when she’s done shaking, swinging and trying to poke it into your face, most of the things in her hands will end up one place – her mouth!

What have you got in your kids’ play room? Share with us in the comments below!

Small Spaces

We’ve just moved into our own home and Ayra now has her own playroom. At 14 months, she still doesn’t have that many toys. Most of which are small toys and dolls. When putting together her room, I intended for it to grow up together with her. IKEA has always been my favorite furniture and organisation store, and her room is filled with pieces from IKEA.

The main storage for her stuff is a bookshelf with storage boxes. She is now able to reach up to the third shelve row and the top two tiers are used to store stuff such as shower basket, diapers and more.

Ayra’s wonder boxes, where most of her toys, books and bears are kept.

She likes to peep into boxes and dig out things from within. I used these storage boxes with soft handles for her to pull out and explore things inside.

These boxes are great in keeping the bits and pieces out of sight, but accessible for play.

There are still much to be done in her room and when the room is fully furnished, I will share more.

This post first published as a guest post on Mum in the Making.