Lessons at heART Studio Singapore – What to expect

We’ve completed our first term of Little Botero programme with heART Studio. Having stayed on to observe the classes through the 10 weeks, spoken to other parents and understood more about the school from the teachers and the friendly Auntie May; here is our 101% honest review and sharing of what you can expect when you send your little ones for programme at heART Studio. You may also like to read about our previous two posts here and here.

Programme Structure and Class Size

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

Little Botero programme is conducted by Teacher Jay, the class size is kept small so that the children gets more attention and guidance from Teacher Jay. The weekly class Ayra attended only had 2 girls, and I really appreciate the attentiveness given to Ayra during lessons. Each term consists of 10 lessons which each child will get to complete 2 painting (4 lessons each) and 1 drawing (2 lessons) projects. The lessons are broken down to 4-4-2 so that new students joining the class need not wait till a complete term before they start. Each lesson is 75 minutes.

Each new project will kick off with an introduction of the topic that they will be drawing. For example, Ayra did a project on aeroplane and she learned about the different types of planes, watched videos about them, explained the different parts of a plane and then eventually learned to sketch their own planes in the first lesson. The next three lessons were then spent drawing and painting on their project which can be in form of canvas board or drawing block.

The Environment

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

I like how the classroom is refreshed for every lesson. Printed photos, sample sketches and paintings are put up around the class to fit the project theme. The classroom is bright and room temperature just nice for the class size. On raining days, its advisable to bring along a jacket for the little one.

Location of heART Studio is a little tricky to get to for those who doesn’t drive. The nearest bus stop is about 5 to 10 minutes walk. Once we took the bus and Ayra got lazy walking, carrying her up the slope towards the building where heART Studio is located left me perspiring and sweaty. We never did that again, and make sure we have our car booked every Thursday evening for her lesson.

The Teacher and Team

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

Teacher Jay is very patient with his small class, he explained and interacted with his students at every opportunity. Say when he’s mixing colours for them, he would ask what colour they can get by mixing two colours together. Or when he is drying their painting, he would have small talks to keep the children talking. After lesson, he would also share some feedback and observations of your child during class. Like how he said Ayra is getting better with controlling her strokes, how she had been too active that day in class and affecting the other girl, etc.

I didn’t get to interact much with the other teachers at heART Studio, but when I do see them, they give me a very happy and fun vibe. The lady managing the registrations and schedule, Auntie May we call her, is very nice and helpful too. She greets the children by name when we enter the studio and reminds us if there is no lesson the following week. Overall I like the team at heART Studio.

The Projects

In the term, Ayra completed 2 paintings and 1 drawing. See how proud she is with all her creation.

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

The Loving Mum Reviews heART Studio

So are we going to continue?

I had been discussing this with Ayra since the middle of our term and have gotten a mixture of “Yes” and “Don’t want”. I can tell she really did enjoy her lessons and she is super proud of the two paintings she did. This being her first extra classes outside of her class in child care, she is still not used to the extended hours every Thursday. Before and after her final lesson with Teacher Jay, her final answer was no. She did not want to continue, her reason? “Because I don’t like to draw like that… I only want to paint.

Respecting her decision, we are taking a break from extra weekly lessons for now. But I have signed up and paid for three holiday programmes for Ayra this coming June. On those three days, I’ve also planned not to send her to child care just so she can get enough rest and remain focus in the 3 hours painting class. That’s more than double of her usual painting classes, so I really hope the project will keep her motivated and stay focus! We will be going for Gingerbread Man, Shawn The Sheep and Monster In My Pocket holiday workshop in the first two weeks of June. Below’s the holiday programme available at heART Studio this June. For more details and schedule, check out their Facebook Page.


heART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631
Tel: 65547563
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com
Website: www.heartstudiosg.com

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of reviews between heART Studio and The Loving Mum. Ayra is attending complimentary art lessons for the purpose of writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Grooming Ayra’s Interests in Art with heART Studio

It’s been almost two months now since we started Ayra with a weekly art lesson at heART Studio. Every week, this girl will look forward to Thursday after child care, she’ll finish her dinner faster than usual just so she can reach heART Studio in time for her 75 minutes of art engagement with Teacher Jay. I can see that Ayra truly enjoys her time in class.

Learning about colours and picking one for her painting

So far one project has been completed, Ayra’s first complete piece of canvas painting, done wholly by herself! She was super proud of her work and had to show it to her grandparents and uncle when she reached home that day (we did FaceTime).

Ayra with her very first canvas painting. This is awesome right? See how proud she was holding it for the camera!

Teacher Jay would guide her patiently on different type of strokes to create the effect needed for feathers, clouds and just simple background painting. Once he guided her, she would be left to finish the painting on her own.

An earlier lesson where Teacher Jay was guiding Ayra on using short strokes to create feather-like texture with the paint.


Ayra concentrating on her painting after learning the right way to create clouds from Teacher Jay.


It just brightens up my day watching her enjoy herself in class and learning. With just one more project to go, I may have to sign her up for a new term soon.

That smile that melted my heart.


For those keen, each term of 10 sessions is $400 and the child will complete two projects in the 10 sessions, using 4 sessions per project and the other 2 remaining sessions will be used to teach other techniques or skills.

heART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631
Tel: 65547563
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com
Website: www.heartstudiosg.com

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of reviews between heART Studio and The Loving Mum. Ayra is attending complimentary art lessons for the purpose of writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Learning the Art of Drawing, Painting and more at heART Studio Singapore

Most of my relatives and friends know me for being arty and crafty, I love creating my own pieces of craft work. When Ayra was ready to use her hands for some creating work, we started pasting, cutting, scribbling and some painting fun together at home. In childcare, her teachers also shared that she is always focus when doing craft. But the mummy me cannot draw for nuts! I can doodle, I can do “abstract” painting but I just cannot draw.

Having seen how children of some friends managed to create awesome pieces at heART Studio, I decided to let Ayra give their classes a try. With the same “never ask never know” mindset, I wrote in to enquire about their classes. Fast forward a couple of weeks, Ayra attended a trial class on a Friday evening.

The none responding trial class

As expected, it was tough for Ayra to open up to a new teacher. She was alone in the class that evening and had 101% focus and attention from Teacher Jay. I sat next to her throughout the session, helping her to ease up to the new environment and teacher. Throughout the 75 minutes session, she only managed to say less than 5 words and were silent and starring at the teacher most of the time. When asked to draw some simple shapes, she was reluctant to move her hands too. I was almost going to just give up right after that lesson.

Teacher Jay was very patient and nice throughout the session. I can sense a little frustration in him when Ayra refused to response but he never once gave up on her. He tried every method and encouragement he could possibly have on hand. At the end of the trial class, he suggested we change the lesson to another day so that Ayra will have some company in class. We took up his suggestions and went back for a second time the following week on a Thursday evening. This time, there were another girl in the same age group as Ayra. And things got better, for both the girls.

Light at end of tunnel

Second lesson and I see some light at end of the tunnel, Ayra actually enjoyed herself in class this time round! There was another girl the same age as Ayra who started one project earlier alone in the class. Her mother shared that she had to stay in class with her through the first few lessons too as she didn’t want to be alone with the Teacher. But that day, with Ayra around, both the girls enjoyed the class without their mummies! Well, we did stand near the door for the first hour of the lesson, the remaining 15 minutes we managed to sit down and chat. Great improvement in both our opinion!

Ayra was able to respond better and reacted to prompts and questions from Teacher Jay. I am amazed at the great improvement in both her behaviour and work this time round. With Teacher Jay’s guidance, she created her first piece of canvas painting just like that! Mummy is super proud.

Also observed from the two sessions we had with HeART Studio, Ayra is able to work with both hands, ambidextrous perhaps? We do not correct her on purpose and let her use either hands she’s comfortable with. She started holding pencils with her left though, we shall let her progress and determine which is her better hand on her own. For now, I’m happy she’s enjoying herself in class.

This was the work-in-progress of her first canvas painting after one lesson. Pretty good for a 3+ years old who previously only managed to create a messy piece of art with all colours mixed right?

After a week’s break for Chinese New Year, Ayra is looking forward to continuing her pigeons piece this week. Will be sharing Ayra’s progress with HeART Studio as she continues her art discovery journey.

heART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631
Tel: 65547563
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com
Website: www.heartstudiosg.com

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of reviews between heART Studio and The Loving Mum. Ayra is attending complimentary art lessons for the purpose of writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

How to pick the most suitable type of paint for your walls?

Now that we have selected the colours for our playroom, its now time to find the right paint for it. Yes! You read it right, there are different types of paint to choose from! Let me help break them down for you into everyday scenes at home…

To create a brighter and spacious-looking rooms

Image via Dulux

Living in a new HDB flats or even a private condominium means small rooms and space in the house. With the right type of paint, you can create an illusion of bigger rooms. Dulux Light & Space with Lumitec technology reflects up to twice as much light than normal emulsion wall paint hence enhances the perception of a brighter and larger space.

For those with creative kids or people with clumsy hands

Image via Dulux Pinterest

Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology effectively repels tough stains, making cleaning easy. It delievers optimum washability and keeps colours beautiful and fresh! To remove most household stains just wipe it off with a wet cloth and little bit of gentle detergent. Often Wash & Wear paint is associated with kids in the household, but this type of paint is also very useful for use around the house. Especially true in the kitchen walls and walls near the dining area, where sauces and drinks can get spilled and dirtied the wall.

When painting our house 2 years ago, we opted to use the Dulux Wash & Wear paint and I’m so glad we did! Once we had a buffet line setup in the house, there were much sauces left on our walls after the caterer removed the setup. These stains were easily cleaned off with wet cloth and some dish washing detergent. One reason why most buffet lines are setup along the corridor! (Silly us!)

You know how sometimes you will doubt what the commercials on TV show you and you just need to test it out on your own to believe that it works? Here’s the demonstration video for Dulux Wash & Wear from YouTube, and after that, a video I captured during a real life demo which I witnessed. And it really makes a lot of difference with KidProof Technology!

Live demo of KidProof technology paint
To prove that the KidProof technology in Dulux Wash & Wear really works, we were showed a real demo. You can see how the two sides of the paint are different when cola is spilled onto it. One side the cola slides off without sipping into the paint, while the other side absorbs almost immediately when spilled onto, and this confirm cannot clean off loh! No prize for guessing which one is painted with Dulux Wash & Wear.

Then there is this video… which will make all parents go “Ohhhh… nooo….!!!” then smile with a “It’s ok” look.

There is no need to even consider the type of paint in our case. Since we are painting our kids playroom, 100% I will go with Dulux Wash & Wear paint with the new KidsProof technology.

Get fresher air at home

Made possible with Dulux Pure, formulated with air cleansing properties which neutralises formaldehyde (a common indoor air pollutant) to transforms rooms into a refreshing environment.

Ideal for the living area in the house or a relaxing corner.

For those who wants everything in

Image via here

Then the total solution for your interior walls is Dulux ALL paint. With superior toughness, antic-bacterial, Colourguard technology which keeps colours looking fresh longer, it is also washable and easy cleaning, low odour paint with mould and fungus resistance capability and of course it is also friendly to our environment.

For easy reference, here’s a chart comparing the types of paint available in Dulux product range.

I hope this post has been useful! There are many brands of paint available in the market, but being a user of Dulux paint all these years (from my parent’s place of 11 years to our own home) I would recommend to give their paint a try. And utilise their free consultation service to help plan for your colours.

For professional paint work, Dulux Painting service is worth considering too. Pay a package price and get all the following services for fuss free painting of your house.

  • Pre-paint site inspection – *yes they really do come to your place to check the walls and conditions*
  • Professional advice – *the painter even shared how we could keep mould out of our rooms!*
  • **Utmost care assured for your furniture and belongings**
  • 1 year warranty for paint defects. *Terms and conditions apply.*
  • Free colour consultation – *Super useful! Check out our experiences here.*

Will share more about our painting experience with Dulux Painting service in 2 weeks time. Follow our transformation and hope you will like what we did. Do vote for us when the voting begins from 8 to 14 December 2014.


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5 Tips To Picking Out The Right Colours For Your House

After my search for colour inspirations online, I got down to trying out how the colour combination will look on the walls in our playroom. No, it doesn’t need any paint, brushes nor handwork!

Here are 5 tips for picking out the right colours for your house, mostly picked up while planning for our mini room transformation with Dulux Singapore.

Tip 1: Start with your favourite colours

Your favourite colours may look fabulous on your dress or shirt, but not necessary work as well if used as a paint colour. With help of a colour wheel, you will be able to better choose color combinations that will work well together. Painting one solid colour to the entire room or house is the easiest. However with the right combination of colours (from paint to furnishing and decor) you can create a whole new feel to the entire space. Follow the following colour combination rules and you will be safe (avoid creating a mess). Read more about Monochromatic, Adjacent/Analogous, Complementary, and Triadic here.

Tip 2: Look at the colours in the current room

From the furniture, fittings, big things around the room and even the colour of your flooring. Sometimes it may not be necessary to paint the entire room, adding a feature wall to a single coloured room will help brighten up the space too! A feature wall should ideally have the largest area within the room or space and should avoid walls with windows or doors. Read more tips on creating a featured wall by experts at Dulux.

Am considering making this side of the room a feature wall, but the groove in the wall is making be think twice about it. Will have to consult the expert during our consultation with Dulux for some help.

Tip 3: Visualise the colours with technology

Play with the paint colours with augmented reality technology made possible with Dulux Visualiser application on the iOS and Android OS. I tried it on my HTC One Max and the iPad Air. The visualiser was not compatible with my mobile phone but we did get to play with it on the iPad. It almost as simple as seen in the video below, as long as the lighting in your room is bright enough. With us living at a low floor, the trees and other structures outside our house block out too much light for a smoother use of the visualiser.

Besides the visualising of paint colour on the app, the other feature I love is the ability to pick up the colours from a photo and then the app will show a selection of colours that matches it.

Pick one colour from the selection shown and it shows you the matching colours that goes with it. And if you like it, save it to your favourites for reference.

See the number on the tiny star at the top of the app? That number has been growing over the past week! I’m taking this mini transformation too seriously I think, and the additional input from Ayra and the husband aren’t making it any easier.

This feature of the app is especially useful if you have existing furnitures in the room to match your new paint colours with. For us, the beanbag is one of the highlight in the playroom. And I kinda like the schemes suggested in the app. Perhaps this might be one of our shortlisted consideration. Decisions decisions!

If you want to browse through all the colours, you can do so too with useful filters from within the app. Scrolling left and right brings you through all the colours of the rainbow and beyond!

Tip 4: Ask your kids!

It is their playroom after all! No matter how young they may be, it is nice to involve them in the planning of their room transformation. With help of the Dulux Visualiser application, the kids can see the colours on the walls in their playroom. Ayra was super excited when we were discussing about the colours for her room.

Tip 5: Consult The Expert For Free

If all the above four tips still isn’t enough to help you make the decision, Dulux provides free colour consultation with their colour specialists. All you need to do is 1-2-3

I have submitted my photos of our playroom to them too. It takes 5 to 7 working days for them to get back with proposed colours, will update this post when I get their reply next week.

On the 4th working day after I submitted my photos to the consultant, I received some proposed colours for my consideration. Here are the two which I am shortlisting to my consideration list…

The Sun Kiss yellow looks so cheerful and bright for a feature wall!

The pink and purple looks sweet too.

Looking at these proposed schemes, I am imagining a strawberry field theme for the playroom! Think Strawberry Shortcake and Friends!

Image via Summerkate10

Now that you have gotten some tips on creating new feel for your rooms with paint, it may be time to start planning and budgeting for that mini makeover for your home in time for the coming New Year! Dulux is having a promotion right now for all paint jobs till 15 Feb 2015! Click on the image below for more details.


Follow our transformation and hope you will like what we did. Do vote for us when the voting begins from 8 to 14 December 2014.

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First Canvas Painting with Ayra

Ayra was very particular of keeping her hands clean since young. To encourage her to learn that it is sometime ok to get our hands dirty, we did some canvas painting together. Instead of trying to help her accept the process of getting her hands dirty, I ended up trying to prevent her from creating too big a mess! I’d forgotten that she was already exposed to paint and colors in school. It was a messy kind of fun that evening.

I bought the set of paint from Ikea, and cause I couldn’t find brushes around the house, we tried painting with plastic fork, spoon, straw and fingers!

Everything looked fine till she started using black paint!

She got a little over when I told her to squeeze the colors directly on her canvas.

Creating her masterpiece… Chaos by Ayra

We ended with paint all over our clothes, hands, face, on the table, on the floor and chair and also surrounding toys and other stuff. But the 45 minutes of just Mummy and Daughter play time is so enjoyable. I will consciously remember to do more of these activities with Ayra and Zara whenever I can.