We Are Family Crafting Fun Time with OMY and Canon Pixma

For the second time, Ayra attended her mass crafting session with OMY and Canon Pixma. This time round, it was held at the InterContinental Singapore at Bugis. We almost couldn’t make it as Ayra was unwell and temperature shot up to 39.5 the night before. I was prepared to stay at home, but this girl of mine was up and being her chirpy self in the morning. So we went ahead, and am glad we did.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Instead of being surrounded by Mummy’s adult friends like the previous session, this time she had other elder kids at the same table. Though she is still too young to interact and play, she was less shy and enjoyed the event more comfortably than the previous one. She’s probably one of the youngest crafter present at the event, and she didn’t partake in any of the mass activities hosted by the emcees.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

She sat and tried to catch the happenings around the stage area. And one lesson learned from previous session, get lunch before heading to the event venue! So we sat and enjoy the session while we munch on our FiletOFish and Cheeseburger.

Kids at the event were all above 5 years old and they were running around looking for answers to a crossword puzzle activity hosted by the emcees. They were also tasked to retrieve materials for the day’s craft activity from the various stations setup around the venue. Good idea by the organiser this time round, kids need to move around more often, don’t expect them to sit through a 4 hour session obediently!

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Participants of We Are Family crafting event also got to try out first-hand printing on the Canon Pixma printers. This time round, all the models on display were their latest offerings from the Pixma family. And that means wireless printing for all! Adults and even some kids, printed photos directly from their mobile phones, tablets and iPads. This is done through the Canon Pixma Printing Solutions application, available on the Android Play store and Apple App store. I’ve previously shared how easy it is to print from my mobile phone wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer, you can read more about it here.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Besides crafting, printing and lots of running about for the kids, the organiser also prepared cut-outs and frames for photo opportunities. This I felt could have been better carried out if they had set up a nicer backdrop, I totally missed this as I entered the ballroom. Nevertheless, kids and families had fun taking photos and some attempted selfies and wefies with these props. As usual, Ayra was too shy to even take a photo with me. So no photo booth love for us again.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

This time round, I brought along embellishments and tools from my home for the event. Knowing the challenges I would face attending this alone with a anytime-can-get-grouchy-girl, everything must standby and be well prepared. Ayra was engaged throughout the first craft activity, a door-hanging-photo-frame, with popping out the sticker chipboards, pasting and decorating it with washi tapes.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

The end product, with lots of help from Mummy, was a very bright and cheerful frame which is now hanging on her crafting table. We had one boo-boo in the completed masterpiece which I only spotted when we were home! Can you spot it?

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Thank you OMY and Canon Pixma for attending an invitation for us to be part of the Craft Guru team for We Are Family crafting event. Though we didn’t get a new Pixma printer *coughs*, we still had a funtastic session together throughout this season. Without this campaign, I probably wouldn’t have the push to do these fun activities with Ayra, nor have time to touch-up our long overdue photo wall.

Till the next event, keep on crafting and love your family!

DIY a mini album with Canon Pixma Printer

It’s time for some DIY crafting fun! As an avid scrapper, when asked to share a holiday craft activity, a mini scrapbook is a must-have on my list! It takes a little more time than usual as I printed the papers and most of the embellishments on my own with my Canon Pixma printer, but it’s more cost effective and I can scrap anytime I want without having to dig through my messy stash of scrapbook materials to find the right designs/ embellishments.


Here are the things you’ll need to create this simple DIY mini (scrapbook) album.

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Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use

If you are looking for simple and fuss free craft projects for your kids this June Holiday, why not try out the projects from Canon Pixma Town? There are so many pretty things to make and they are relatively simple for kids who can handle scissors and glue. Or you can create them for your kids instead. Some of the basic tools you will need for these projects include:
[list type=”check”]

  • a printer (like the Canon Pixma I’m using)
  • sturdy paper like the art card or the Canon Matte Photo Paper
  • scissors and/or craft knife
  • glue or double-sided sticky tapes
  • [/list]

    My first project was a Stationery Holder designed by Simone Legno, the brain behind Tokidoki.

    Below shows how the completed stationery holder looks like! Continue reading “Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use”

    Get Crafty with Canon Pixma!

    I am SUPER pumped to be part of this campaign with OMY! Yes, I did get a complimentary Canon Pixma MG3170 printer and attended the Holiday Creativity workshop at Sheraton Towers some time back. But what gets me super excited is that I am part of a group of “Craft Gurus” who will be sharing crafting tips with readers at OMY and also on this humble blog.

    I loveeeeeeeee crafts and I loveeeeeee printing stuff. To me, this is a perfect campaign for me! I have a valid reason to get crafting for the next one month and this is going to help motivate me to catch up on the long overdue scrapbooking projects that have been sitting in the corner of my room for longest time.

    Having owned Canon Pixma printers for so many years, and knowing the existence of Canon Pixma Town, I’ve never got down to trying out any of the projects on Pixma Town, just because I always have no time! Again because of this, I have a purpose to fulfill and so I got down to trying out those crafts that I’d been eyeing since.

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    Inspirations from the 60s to the Little One

    The first person Ayra knows who were related to the 60s is her Grandmother, that is she was born in the early 60s.
    Grandma and Ayra
    Ayra calls her “Ah Ma” or sometimes “Ma!“. She is one of the significant role model in Ayra’s life. Grandma is the one who looks after Ayra while Mummy and Ayah are at work. Grandma teaches her new words and actions and shows her the way of life. We are very glad Grandma is still very much young at heart and catches up with latest gadgets and stuff.

    Being a 60s child, Grandma’s style of fashion is quite hip and often buys 60s inspired fashion for Ayra. I have to admit Grandma’s style is more hip and happening than mine. She will doll up Ayra everyday, even if they were just spending the day at home. Every piece of Ayra’s clothes look good enough for a shopping trip to town.

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