Real or not? Compasspoint Mall Due for Renovation in September 2015

So there are words going around that Compasspoint in Sengkang is due for major renovation in September 2015. And the anchoring tenant now, Metro will be moving out!


This is going to be a major OH NO! for many of us living in the North-East, Compasspoint is like THE hangout place for many households.

There is currently no official release about this, but looking at the other Frasers Mall like CentrePoint which is now undergoing major revamp too, the speculation might be true.



Having spent more than 13 years living in Sengkang and then in Punggol, I know Compasspoint from the back of my hands. Location of the shops, food stalls at Level 4, the products placement inside Metro, Kiddy Palace, Cold Storage and Popular Bookstore and even the game machines available at TimeZone. With new malls sprouting around the area, Compasspoint is really in need of a major revamp. The ship hanging in there is so dirty and filled with spider webs can, and don’t get me talking about the toilets and baby changing room at level 4!

I’m looking forward to a better mallĀ for residents around the area.

Lunch at Swensen’s

One of the common and frequent visited Halal restaurant in Singapore must be Swensen’s. Conveniently located at almost every major malls in Singapore, it is the family restaurant we go to when there isn’t other Halal food joints nearby.

Here are our usual orders from their menu…

Prawn and Fruit Salad

Zesty and healthy! We love the mango dressing that comes with this salad.

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