Things To Consider When Catering A Buffet

Here’s another quick Mum’s Hack!

I used to run events and gathering very often when I was running my own company. Back then I was tempted to start a site to allow others to compare, review and order directly with the best caterers that fits their budget and needs. Of course, nothing was done as I was too lazy. Got to know about this useful site through a friend and it was at great timing as I was planning to throw a small party for my two girls.

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#mumhack – Getting into the Shower when Alone with Toddler

When you are alone with a baby and needs to shower. You…

  1. Sit baby in bouncer at toilet entrance with door wide open so she can see you while you shower

  2. Give her something to hold

  3. Distract her with Baby Einstein on iPad

  4. When she cries when you are still showering, distract her with “Where’s the bear bear? Where’s the bear bear?”. She’ll turn to watch the puppets and bears on iPad.

That’s what I did one of the morning when Zara woke up before I could get into the shower, with no one else at home to watch over her.