We Checked Out the Refreshed eXplorerkid E!hub Downtown East

Sand Play at eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East by The Loving Mum

It’s been almost 2 years since our first and only visit to eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East. We were unimpressed and disappointed at the condition it was in then. Fast forward to today, NTUC Club finally opened their revamped eXplorerkid E!hub and we just had to go check out what they had done.

Brand New and Refreshed Toddler Play Area

The last time we visited, Zara (13+ month) didn’t have anything much to do at eXplorerkid E!hub, but now they have got a whole new area setup just for toddlers below 4 years old. The play area was spacious and filled with variety of activities. There are pretend-play houses, a ball pool, tree slide and some big foam building blocks too.

There’s a smaller play structure at the corner beside the toddler play area. Do be careful when playing in this structure especially the tube slide. Ayra got a bad abrasion when sliding down and she was too afraid to step into it again. Also overhead a mum saying her son knocked his head while sliding down. Hope eXplorerkid will look into correcting this problem area to make it safer for children to play.

Brand New Addition of Sand Play

This has got to be the most favourite play area for the girls. They didn’t want to leave once they started touching those kinetic sand. Yes you hear me right! It’s lots and lots of kinetic sand play, even I couldn’t resists playing with it.

Addition of Lower Level Adventure Highlands

Previously there was only Adventure Highlands and for kids above 110cm in height only but now even those below 110cm can test their confidence at the lower level of Adventure Highlands. Both Ayra and Zara completed the challenge and I’m super proud of them. Ayra who is still very timid and shy took a little more push and encouragement with lots of support from the helpful staff, while the gurang Zara conquered the entire course with ease (well most part of it).

See them in action in the video above. Do note that additional charges is payable for play of Adventure Highlands.

Smaller Lit Ball Pool

eXplorerkid downsized their Lit Ball Pool to make more space for the toddler area, but still the ball pool is big enough for all the kids to enter for some fun. Though I wished they had thrown in more balls too make it fuller and more fun to dive into.

The Same But Cleaner Mega Play

The Mega Play structure is the same one but now cleaner. The wear and tear is still pretty bad but the structure is still standing strong and well despite the years of continuous play by so many kids (and even adults).

eXplorerkid also added a baby changing room with wash basin inside the playground, though still a little bare, I hope they’ll add a nice sofa and some picture frames to make the place more conducive for parents to use it.

eXplorerkid E!hub is located at Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, 3rd floor
Singapore 519599
Opening hours from 12pm to 9pm daily
Admission and Play Rates available here

Play at Hokey Pokey Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Making up lost time with Zara, we went on a one-on-one date together to Hokey Pokey indoor playground at Seletar Mall. When Ayra was little, I brought her to their other outlet a couple of times but never brought Zara to any playground alone. With Zara starting her childcare in February this year, this probably be the only fun dates alone together on a weekday.

Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall houses most of the fun and toys we remembered from Hokey Pokey at Millenia Walk. The outlet at Seletar Mall is smaller and probably lesser in crowd on weekdays. This indoor playground is more appropriate for toddlers below 6 years old as there are mostly toys and no climbing maze for the older kids. Ideal for playdates with the little ones.

Overview of the play area at Hokey Pokey
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

The things Zara did at Hokey Pokey Seletar Mall…
… went shopping at the mini mart with trolley…
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

… played some balls in the mini ball pit at the toddler area…
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

… played on the Little Tikes swing…
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

… pretended to hold her first mini piano performance…
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

… and she did LOTS and lots of climbing…
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

… and she climbed up and down this high slide stairs at least 8 times that day on her own! She is such an adventurous little girl, each time she reached the top, she would look down the long slide and go “WOW!” turned towards the stairs and climbed down again. Then repeat! The mummy me was tired just looking at her went up and down loh!
Play at Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall

At $26 per entry on weekday, this probably be the last time we’ll be there. Just because we have too many toys at home to keep the little one busy already, and the collection just keeps growing!

Hokey Pokey Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue
Singapore 797653

Snap Happy with Canon G1X Mark II at Fidgets World, The Grandstand

Phew! What a lengthy title! But that’s exactly what happened over one of the weekends in May, I was snapping the entire time we were at Fidgets World. Too many photos and action shots were taken, no thanks to the super fast shutter (able to take 12 shots per second) and flippable LCD screen for selfies and wefies on the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II camera!

First let’s take a quick look around Fidgets World!

The main play area, which we didn’t spend much time at since Ayra is still afraid of climbing and Zara is well, too small for this. Bigger kids that day went wild climbing and crawling in this huge maze! I wished I was smaller so that I can maneuver through it with ease to get some thrill out of it. #nochildhood

There’s a crafting corner where you can walk-in, pick what you would like to create and swipe your Fidgets World “credit card” for it. Payment for all purchases inside Fidgets World will be done when you check-out from the place.

Love the colorful drawers in the crafting corner!

There’s even a room with studio lighting for your kids’ makeover! First of its kind for an indoor playground I believe.

For those who would like to try modeling down the runway, you can do so in front of real audiences at the Fidgets Cafe.

Cafe area is next to the toddler play area, perfect for those playdates! Kids play with daddies and mummies can catch up over tea! *heehee*

We spent most of our time hanging out at the toddlers area that day. Riding cars, bikes, sitting on rocking chairs, and well, just hanging around to pass time.

The touchscreen on the G1X Mark II is great for touch focusing, especially great for kids moving shots!

Wefies time with Zara while Ayra was napping. With the flippable LCD screen, taking selfies with kids is so much more interactive. They just love seeing themselves in the screen, and the faces they make is so much fun! As you can see, the Mummy joined in the fun too. LOL!

After snapping away with Zara, this girl just wanted to get out of her chair and get moving! She couldn’t wait to go again to the play area so that she can conquer that giant maze in the above 3 years old area! I have a strong feeling this girl is going to be more adventurous than her elder sister.

The one essential feature I like about the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is the super high ISO, up to 12800! This is great for low light shots, especially at such indoor playgrounds, with kids moving constantly. Not all the shots were sharp due to the fast motion, but at least I can still see the kids clearly in these shots. The following shots are taken at ISO6400 at f/2.0.

Not bad ah? Considering the lighting condition with us inside the play area, covered by nets, pools and partitions. After a week with the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II, I am putting it into my to-consider-upgrading list. Waiting till July to see if anything better and more compact is coming up, so that I can get a new camera (again!) for my own birthday!

Play at The Petite Park City Square Mall

The Petite Park

First saw this new opening at City Square Mall when I was there for a site recce for an event and I knew one day I’ll be in there playing with Ayra. And there we were the following week!

As per its name, it is small and attractively dainty

We’d been to their other outlet at Changi City Point once and as expected, this place has about the same attractions with a few new ones, like the inflated jumping castle, merry-go-round and a corner for private parties.

Practicing her fine motor skill with cake toppings

As Ayra isn’t the adventurous kid yet, this indoor playground suits her. Little climbing and more pretend play. She’s happy as long as there’s a house for her to enter and kitchen sets for her to play.

Making some noise music

Chasing and catching some balloons

Riding in circle

City Square Mall just became an even more attractive shopping mall for family with kids!

[box]The Petite Park
City Square Mall

Play at Kiddy Fun (Then and Now)

Ayra can be quite a fussy girl, she has her own likes and dislikes when come to play. We used to bring her to Hokey Pokey when she was below 12 months old, but after several visits, I realized she didn’t enjoy as much as before. She would wonder around the place, touching things here and there, and then just sit at a corner with a doll and pretend to mother her. This she can do the same at home. So we tried a new place, Kiddy Fun at The Grandstand.

Ayra at 15 months…

And this is Ayra at 20 months…

Traveling to The Grandstand is not as easy as heading to town, but we managed to bring her there twice within the past 6 months. Was going through my collection of photos and found some similar shots taken then and now.

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