“All Toys Are Food” – NOT! (Handmade Eco-friendly Toys for Babies and Toddlers)

What’s so yummy that Baby Zara cannot stop sucking and biting?

Take a closer look…

That’s NOT food! But to babies below 1, everything you give them ends up in their mouth! It is hard to be around them all the time so I always make sure things that are within her reach will be safe and clean to be consumed put into the mouth. Our latest new addition to our collection of baby-friendly toys comes from Soopsori.

When I brought home this little box of fun, Ayra was fast to want to find out what was inside. She did her usual “unboxing” routine – open the box, check out any paper or manual in it and then dive into the fun part.

These wooden blocks and parts are from natural wood and natural linseed oil without any chemical coating or paint. It is eco-friendly premium wooden products handcrafted to ensure that babies get to enjoy clean and smooth toys that’s suitable for play. And yes even to suck and bite on.

[box]Find out more about toys and furniture from Soopsori at www.soopsori.sg.[/box]

What makes me want to keep pieces of memories in scrapbooks?

I’ve been asked many many times, why do you spend time creating scrapbooks and why spend so much money on it?

Well, this is one reason why…

Ayra browsing through her 1st year’s scrapbook album, handmade with love by Mummy

I was lucky to grow up in a family where my Uncle owns a camera and loves taking photos of major events or outings. I’ve got quite a lot of photos from birth and personally started snapping photos with my first film camera when I was in Primary school. But these photos aren’t kept in an organized or recorded manner, so many times when I dig them out to see, everyone will have to start guessing or recalling when those photos were taken. On the other side of my family, my husband didn’t have that many photos of him from young. Only a few small albums are still kept and he doesn’t have any physical memories from his past.

Personally I find it essential to have some form of record for our children from birth, so that they can look back when they grow up and see how they have changed and progressed. These keepsakes are great storytelling tools to their own children and grandchildren too. Yes, blogging can be everlasting and kept for years, but nothing beats touching the photos with our hands and reading handwritten notes in the scrapbook albums. I hope to create at least one album every year for my children to record their growth and events in that year.


Ayra is still young now and only sees and touches the album because of the cute embellishments stuck on the pages. But when she is able to read on her own, these albums will mean so much more to her and our family.

Scrapbooking or creating these mini albums need not be an expensive nor time-consuming affair. I have shared a not so expensive and effective way to start your very first mini album to document your memories with your love ones. Check it out over at OMY Canon Pixma and don’t forget to vote & win too! Voting ends 7 July!

DIY a mini album with Canon Pixma Printer

It’s time for some DIY crafting fun! As an avid scrapper, when asked to share a holiday craft activity, a mini scrapbook is a must-have on my list! It takes a little more time than usual as I printed the papers and most of the embellishments on my own with my Canon Pixma printer, but it’s more cost effective and I can scrap anytime I want without having to dig through my messy stash of scrapbook materials to find the right designs/ embellishments.


Here are the things you’ll need to create this simple DIY mini (scrapbook) album.

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Mummy’s Amigurumi adventure

Sometime early last year, my hands were itching for some new crafty movement. So I picked up some crocheting books from the library and went shopping for materials at Spotlight…

I had done crochet projects before back in school days, and I first picked this up from my Mum. In the past I only made small coin pouches and other knick knacks, so I thought I should try something fun and baby will be able to play with. I dived into Amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures).

I did a couple of these animal creatures, though not perfect, but I feel were good enough for a beginner like me. Continue reading “Mummy’s Amigurumi adventure”