Baby is learning to walk

At 10 months, Ayra was able to walk and move around the house on her own with help from wall, furniture and “leg support” from us. As she started to crawl not long ago, I didn’t expect her to start walking so quickly. Everyone were excited and thrilled to see her progress so steadily.

Photo taken on 18 July 2012
Photo taken on 6 August 2012

Now at 11 months, she is slowly letting herself go of the support. She is able to stand and even sway and dance to music on a bouncy bed without support! Just yesterday, she held my right hand and took two brave steps! Soon, very soon, we will be able to take a stroll together hand in hand! I’m super excited!

You amazed me

Dear Ayra,

You amazed me all the time and tonight you held yourself up for more than 3 seconds on my bed without holding on to me for support. TWICE!!! Your hands were held high and your posture was straight and upright. You gave me a “look-ma-i-did-it” expression and it was priceless!

You are learning so fast and picking up new habits everyday. You’ll pretend to be upset to get my attention when I’m busy with work. You will play hide-and-seek with me and laugh together with me when we are having fun. You also prefer to sleep next to me in my bed every night, and will occupy 3/4 of the single bed leaving me with little space for any proper sleep. Though I wake up every morning with strained neck, arms and back, the great big smile you give me upon waking up makes all these pain go away. Its magic!

Baby, grow well and grow strong.