5 Ways To Truly Enjoy Your GrabTaxi Experience

With my new role at work and crazy schedule, I had to dash from one place to the next very often. Thanks to my two sleepy heads, 10am morning meetings mean I have to grab a cab right after I drop them off at childcare. And we all know how crazy morning peak traffic is like here in Singapore.

After a month of trials and real life scenarios, I’m here to share my five golden tips to enjoy a better (and probably cheaper) rides with GrabTaxi.

Tip #1 – GrabCar (Economy) during peak period

Though the app is call GrabTaxi, you can Grab a car too with the same app! I’ve previously been skeptical with GrabCar service as I’ve read about unpleasant experience online, but after using it for more than 3 times over the past month, and the hubby who prefers GrabCar than GrabTaxi, I am a convert. So far I’ve rode in a Mazda 6, Lexus SUV and a MPV which I cannot recall the make.

Especially during peak period when getting a cab is almost impossible. GrabCar is the way to go. And what’s even better? Know exactly how much your ride is from point A to B upon grabbing a car. No more peak period surcharge, running meters while stuck in jam nor additional ERP rates. Everything included as seen on your booking screen in GrabTaxi app. FLAT RATE!

Pss… GrabCar (Economy) is way cheaper than GrabTaxi for evening/night rides! Tested and proven by many. So check GrabCar rate too before proceeding next from GrabTaxi screen.

Tip #2 – Grab a promo code for dollars off your ride

One thing I love about the Internet is the many deals and free coupons we can search online. And for the past one month, I’d managed to find and redeem at least three promo codes already and saved $12 off my rides with GrabTaxi.

Tip #3 – Follow @GrabTaxiSG on Instagram

What better way to find promo code than from the horse’s mouth! Find @GrabTaxiSG on Instagram and follow them. If you’re traveling oversea and if GrabTaxi is available too, follow their respective country account too. Never know when your next ride be discounted with their promo code.

Tip #4 – Check out #GrabSG on Instagram

Yes this is different from following them. This you need to search for #GrabSG in Instagram and scroll through the many user content to find leads to any on-going promotions.

Tip #5 – Look out for FREE rides with GrabTaxi

Remember my previous vroom vroom experience in a supercar with GrabTaxi? If you’d missed it, go read about it here. These special rides are usually free if you managed to book one. It’s almost like a lucky draw but without the need for any minimum purchase. Best way to pick up such promotions? Like GrabTaxi on Facebook!

Grab. Don’t flag.

Because its more enjoyable like that.

Bonus Tip #6 – Enter your destination address accurately when booking

This saves you the trouble to direct the driver during your ride, because I’ve seen the GPS in action on the driver’s app, and boy its super accurate! So enter the right address at booking and you can catch a nap.

Be careful don’t overdo it too often ya. Else you’ll end up like me! Addicted to GrabTaxi! See proof of my Grabbing receipts…


Free Supercar Rides this F1 with GrabTaxi #GrabSpeed

It was 101% a supercar experience and now I know how it feels to be driven in a supercar that made everyone turned their head and look!

I could feel the torque when the McLaren escalated and I was literally pushed by into the body hugging sports seat. It was WOAH!

Experience the thrill and exhilaration of being chauffeured in a supercar from 15 to 20 September, courtesy of GrabTaxi Singapore. Seven supercars will rove the city, amping up the atmosphere as Singapore gears up for the race of the season. Commuters can travel in luxury and style by booking free rides via the GrabTaxi app.

This F1 weekend is your last chance to try your luck to GRAB that supercar ride and go anyway around Singapore in swag! From 10am to 6pm, you’ll be able to #GrabSpeed via the GrabTaxi app around Orchard, City Hall and Tanglin area. Then from 8pm to 12am these supercars will be waiting for you to grab them around the F1 area. How awesome would it be to ride home in one of the following supercars after the F1 race?

  • Aston Martin DB9 Volante convertible
  • Aston Martin DBS Volante convertible
  • Maserati GranTurismo
  • Maserati Quattroporte Sports GTS
  • McLaren MP4-12C
  • Porsche C4S 911 Cabriolet
  • Porsche Carrera

GrabTaxi Singapore revs up atmosphere with free supercar rides this race season 1024x683

How to book?

  1. Download the GrabTaxi app via your mobile app store
  2. Register your account for free
  3. Select the “GrabSpeed” option (swipe towards the end where the type of vehicle can be selected)
  4. Enter your pickup location and destination in the respective fields
  5. Enter the promo code ‘GrabSpeed’
  6. Click Next and await confirmation of your supercar booking

Simple right?

When your supercar ride arrives, don’t forget to snap lots of photos before boarding, while riding and after the ride too! My driver was super friendly and chatty, we had a good ride from Suntec to Punggol. Yes we took a longer route so I could enjoy my #GrabSpeed a little longer. HA!

If you’ve not downloaded GrabTaxi app, go do so now and try it for yourself! Personally my hub and I are faithful users of GrabTaxi and GrabCar since we sold off our car almost a year ago; because it is just impossible to flag any cab from our area.

Couldn’t believe I’m actually going to ride in this dream supercar of mine that day!

Some fine prints to take note:

  1. Due to limited seating capacity of the supercars, users should note that each ride can accommodate only one passenger at a time.
  2. As demand for the supercars is expected to be high, GrabTaxi users are advised to try again if they are unable to confirm a booking. However if they have made a successful booking, each unique GrabTaxi user will be entitled to only one GrabSpeed ride.
  3. Not applicable for advance bookings.
  4. No additional stops are allowed on GrabSpeed rides.
  5. The “GrabSpeed” promo code doe not entitle the user to any discounts on other rides.