Surviving Hong Kong with Preschoolers, Or Maybe Not

It was our first family trip with our two preschoolers and we came back with bulkier arms and thigh muscles. And also a much higher tolerance towards the many challenges thrown at us. This was our first family trip to Hong Kong, including Disneyland Hong Kong, Ocean Park and some shopping around Hong Kong. Unfortunately, this trip has also stretched the father’s limit and he is rather persistent that we will not have any more overseas travels until the girls hit Primary school and learn to be more independent.

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong with your children, especially those age below 6, here is a quick “survival guide” from our personal experiences. What works for us may not be what you agree or want to do, but I hope some of the tips will be useful for you! Tips include must download apps, how to save time with Changi Recommends and ways to occupy your preschoolers.

Family Survival Guide for Travel to Hong Kong with Preschoolers

Tip #1 – Bring lots of snacks

Because when the little ones’ mouth (and tummy) is full, they usually behave better and has more energy to keep on moving, or dancing, or some may say “to irritate the hell out of us parents”. #truestory

Tip #2 – Hop onto buses and trams

Hong Kong is well connected via MTR and most travellers usually opt for that, but with our two girls, they were happier and with less whining when we take the buses and trams. Probably because they get to see what’s going around instead of the dark tunnel throughout their journey in the trains. Well, except for the train to Disneyland which they would gladly ride a few times I’m sure.

Download the MTR and Hong Kong Tram mobile apps, they were very handy during our trip. Including features like trip planner, ride timing, route and costs.

Tip #3 – Rent strollers or bring a super lightweight one

We knew Hong Kong will be a trip with LOTS of walking, and it includes LOTS and LOTS of stairs! We wouldn’t be able to carry our two girls plus the stroller when we climb the many stairs. So we chose to leave our stroller at home and we rented strollers at the two parks we visited. Its HK$100 per stroller per day but it’s so totally necessary! Unless you have got super strong arms and legs. If you have a compact and lightweight stroller that you can simply sling on your shoulder and still able to carry the kids with both hands, then do BRING IT!

We had to carry the girls a lot still cos they were forever complaining that their legs were tired lah, sleepy lah, feet pain lah… 101 excuses lah. But when we pop a can of Pringles, they could run and jump around me just to get a piece of chip! Oh well…

Tip #4 – Stay Indoor (unless it’s Winter)

We were there mid-November and assumed that the weather would be cool enough to just keep walking. But we were sooooo wrong! The sun was blazing like hell and we always ended up sweaty after a day out. The next best option was for my hub and I is to take turns to rest and shop. While he goes shop for his stuff, I’ll chill at a cafe nearby with the girls. They can nap on my lap or be kept entertained with the TV in the cafe or their favorite videos on YouTube Kids.

Another indoor option is to check out cat cafes. Our girls love it! *Bring linen roller!

While he goes shop for his stuff, I’ll chill at a cafe nearby with the girls. They can nap on my lap or be kept entertained with the TV in the cafe or their favorite videos on YouTube Kids. Then we will head back to the hotel where he will look after the girls while I shop till I drop! Ha! Recommend to stay near malls and places you want to shop so you don’t have to travel too far.

We stayed at Holiday Inn Golden Mile which is very accessible via train and lots of shopping around.

Tip #5 – Stay connected

On this trip, we had with us 2 iPhones and 2 iPads, with lots of video watching, photos and videos upload for backups and the many apps and maps we used to find out ways around. I think it would have burnt our mobile bill if we opted for data roaming loh! I got us a ChangiWifi at $5/day for use in Hong Kong, allows you to connect up to 6 devices at any one time and offers very good connectivity throughout our travel around Hong Kong, even when underground!

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Tip #6 – Playground means rest time

Yes, we are overseas and should spend more time doing things that we don’t get to experience in Singapore, but when there is a playground nearby just go! Our girls spent the most time while we were at Ocean Park at their children’s playground. And this was also the time where we parents get to take a break, sit and cool off. They loved the playground so much they didn’t want to leave!

Tip #7 – Exhaust their energy

Playground, bouncy castle, jumping up and down trying to reach for snacks, and any activity that can let them focus their energy even for that 5 minutes is worth doing. Especially when you are ready to head back to the hotel and call it a day with the kids. 90% of the time they would have KO when they are back at the comfy hotel.

Tip #8 – Skip the queues

Our girls HATE to queue. We were waiting in line for photo taking session with Mickey and Minnie which they had wanted to do when we showed them videos before the trip. When I saw the queue it looked like a 10 to 15 mintues max. wait according to our experience at Universal Studios Singapore where one family gets some quick shots and leave. I was WRONG! The queue only moved a little after 15 minutes and then suddenly the mice disappeared! With a 2-hour meet-and-greet session, of cos I should have guessed the characters will have to take short breaks in-between or head somewhere to swap the people inside the mascots. But what I didn’t expect was the amount of time they allow each family to spend with the characters! Before you take your nice photos, the character will interact and play with the guests, then they will do 1001 different poses and then more interaction time! This is awesome for paying customers as we get to maximise our money spent on the tickets lah, but seriously?? It is a little too long leh. So we ended up leaving the queue after 20 mins in it. Sigh….

Thanks to ChangiWifi, the girls got to kill time playing Pokemon Go at Disneyland

This tip is not to ask you to buy any express or fast passes lah, but its one way to cut down one of the many queues you will be joining at these attractions. Skip the ticketing queue and enter straight into the parks when you purchase your tickets online. We got our attraction passes from Changi Recommends website which is cheaper than you buy at the door.

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Promotion is valid till 11 December 2016and for online purchase only. Tickets to be used by 31 December 2016.[/box]

Tip #9 – Get airport transfer

Though travelling via the train from Hong Kong airport to our hotel is convenient and cheaper, we opted for a private driver to pick us up instead. With kids, bulky luggages and tired parents (after three over hours of pacifying the little ones in the plane), airport transfer is highly recommended.

We booked our overseas airport transfers through Changi Recommends, together with a few other services they provide. And I’m so glad I made this choice because when we landed in Hong Kong, my girls were rather grouchy when we boarded the vehicle. The personal pick-up, with a chauffeur to send us right to the doorsteps of our hotel, sure saved us lots of stress and energy.

Tip #10 – Go Uber

For families travelling in Hong Kong, when travelling around, it could be more economical and sensible to ride with Uber. After our not-so-happening-and-damn-tiring first night, we opted for Uber rides for the rest of our trips whenever we have to travel long distance – like from the hotel to Ocean Park.

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New Ride In The House and We’ve Got One To Giveaway! #FrisoExperience

Friso is giving away Free Ride-On Cars and we just couldn’t resist getting these cool rides for our girls. This mummy is a little crazy (not!) to purchase total of 13 tins of Friso formula milk for the two girls just so we can redeem two of the free cars! So soon each of the little ones at Punggol Babies will be riding on a Friso Powered Ride-on Car come June. For now, we’ll just have to take turn zooming in this cool red ride.

LockNutri Technology

During the launch of this promotion, Friso also launched their new Friso Gold 2,3 and 4 formula. They now come with enhanced LockNutri technology which protects the protein in Friso products from overheating and becoming damaged during the production process. Nutrients in their natural state facilitate absorption. Providing our little ones with gentle nutrition, so they can be #StrongInside.

Zara is on Friso 3 since she was 1 and soon she’ll be upgrading to Friso 4 in a few months time. So I’ve also switched Ayra to Friso 4, this way I’ll only have to keep stocking up on the same formula milk for both of them. This is also why I was willing to part with my money on 13 tins of Friso for redemption of 2 more ride-on cars.

So how cool is this ride and what features does it come packed with? Let us give you a run-down of this free Friso Powered Ride-on Car which you can redeem with every $380 purchase of most Friso products.

Close-up of the Friso Powered Ride-On Car

These ride-on car comes with seatbelt and a good sized seat for one pax. It will hold a child for up to 30KG as I’d read on their Facebook post.

The car is powered by rechargeable battery and you will have to “pump some gas” power into it through the fuel tank. Kinda like that this is well hidden and at an appropriate part of the car. We had another ride-on car and the seat need to be removed before we could charge it.

There’s the horn and a music-play button on the steering wheel. Both the girls love turning the music on and dancing to it! I’m just glad that its a decent english song vs the other ching-chong tunes we have in our other rides at home. You know those that will give you massive headache? Yup!

On the right side of the steering wheel is two switch, one to turn power on/off and the other for the driver to control if the car should go straight or backwards. You can switched it to Stop too so the car doesn’t move even when the gas paddle is stepped on. Ideal for the little ones who has “no license” to drive yet.

And on the left side of the wheel you have a switched that let’s you choose to have the car in manual mode or t c mode. Manual is where the rider can step on the gas paddle to move the car and steer it on his/her own, while in t c mode, you will need to control the car via the remote control that comes with the car. Do note that the rider is still able to control the steering in t c mode.

Not bad right? This Friso Powered Ride On Car is worth $369, and is yours to redeem with every $380 spent. And according to their replies in Facebook, you don’t have to worry if they will run out of stock for the car redemption. They assure every customers will be able to redeem for the ride-on cars, however the colour available will be on first-come-first-serve basis. There’s the red and blue for you to choose from.

Friso Powered Ride-On Car Redemption

From April 1 to 31 May, customers can redeem a Friso Powered Ride On Car worth $369 when they spend $380 on Friso products* at Friso Online, FairPrice, Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant, Seng Siong, Prime Supermarket, Mustafa and Guardian.

The Friso Powered Ride On Car is suitable for indoor and outdoor play**, and is available in red and blue.

*Friso products included in this promotion are Frisomum, Friso Gold Cereal, and Friso Gold 2, 3, and 4. Not included is infant formula for babies aged 0-6 months.
**Not suitable on loose dirt, gravel or wet areas that can affect the engine and moving parts.

Customers can redeem their Friso Powered Ride On Car from 7 June to 31 July with their original receipts and completed entry form at:

Global Opus Solutions Redemption Centre
Blk 265 Serangoon Central Drive
#02-275 Singapore 550265
Operating Hours: Tues-Sat, 11am-1pm, 2pm-6pm. (Closed on public holidays.)

*This promotion is valid while stocks last. To avoid disappointment, customers should call the Global Opus Redemption Centre at 6282-1555 to find out if there are Friso Powered Ride On Cars available for redemption, before heading down.


If you would like to win one of these cool rides, here’s your chance!! Thanks to Friso, I’ve got a blue Friso Powered Ride On Car to give away to ONE lucky winner. Here’s how to get your chance to win:
Blue Friso Powered Ride-on Car Giveaway

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Big Blue Sponges Make Great Imaginative Play at Kaboodle Kids

Yes, we had so much fun playing in a sea of blue sponges (foam blocks to be exact) at Kaboodle Kids some weeks back, and we’ve got passes to share with our readers!

Kaboodle Kids is Singapore’s first and only indoor playground that uses Imagination Playground, these includes bricks and cylinders, accented with chutes, channels and parts that suggest motion or connectivity. They inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities.

This greeted us that morning when we arrived, built by the experts at Kaboodle Kids.

When we arrived at Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Big Splash, the pieces were built and they place look so fun! Both Ayra and Zara were excited when they saw what was waiting for them, and went straight to play mode the moment they got their socks on and hands sterilised.

The girls started pushing blocks together and then this was formed. Some obstacle course or sort perhaps?

These modular, rectilinear parts are easy to stack, line up and move around. The kids and parents who were with us that day at Kaboodle Kids enjoyed endless play with these blue blocks! Most importantly, everyone were engaged, active and had lots and lots of fun. Both my girls were super tired after 2 hours in there but they refused to leave.

Zara trying to play hokey perhaps?

What I love about this play system is that my girls can do whatever they want in there and I don’t have to keep close to them to ensure their safety. The space is designed such that parents can just sit and chill along the long stretch of seats and watch the kids play. Or we can join in the building and playing fun! The girls were kept busy the entire time we were there and I didn’t have to encourage them to try out anything, they just go around doing their own things with their own imagination. I was very impressed that these blocks are able to maintain their interests for that long. If only our home is big enough! LOL!

These blocks make good resting beds when they get tired. Obviously need sleep but they just didn’t want to leave!

See some of the things we did in the video I compiled from that day.

I do hope they start another outlet soon where it is more accessible by train, I would bring my girls there often for sure!

A well thought out party room at Kaboodle Kids! With a washing sink, whiteboard walls for decorations and creative drawing, basic party ware and accessories too.

They are currently having a promotion for party room booking, check their Facebook page for details.

Kaboodle Kids also has a party room where you can bring in your own food and beverages or they provide catering options too. That day, we were treated to super yummy food from one of their caterer, Pondok Gurame Indonesian Restaurant located at Big Splash too. The kids and the parents all enjoyed the food served, it was delicious!

A different kind of kids meal and it was so good! Better than the usual party food.
And finally you can get decent and delicious adult food at kids party! This one was amazing!

If you have not heard or been to Kaboodle Kids, here’s your chance!

[themify_box style=”blue rounded” ]

We’ve got 10 play passes to giveaway to our readers and fans. Each play pass entitles ONE child and TWO adults for unlimited play on weekdays and 2 hours of play on weekends/public holidays. Play pass is valid till 31 March 2016. To win yourself one, simply follow these steps:

  1. Tell us why you want to bring your child to Kaboodle Kids on THIS POST on Facebook page.
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  3. You got to be a fan of The Loving Mum and Kaboodle Kids on Facebook or follow @claudia10 on Instagram.

Giveaway ends 31 January 2016. Winners will be contacted via Facebook.


Awesome fun time at Kaboodle Kids with Singapore Parent Bloggers! Find out more about us at

About Kaboodle Kids

Started in 2014, Kaboodle Kids uses Imagination Playground to encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity, as well as nurture their emotional, physical, social and cognitive development through play. Kaboodle Kids offers great parent-child bonding through play, and believes that children should not be too fixated on academic achievements and also make time for creative play. For more information, visit and check out Kaboodle Kids on Facebook.


Let’s Bloom & Grow in 2016 Plus Giveaway

I’d promised a big giveaway if I hit 1,000 fans on The Loving Mum Facebook page, though we are still 89 short to the 1K mark, but I think its still time to reward our supporters and friends! So let’s kick off with our very first #TLMGiveaway for 2016. Read on to find out what we have for you and instructions to take part is somewhere at end of post.

From pregnancy to birth of your baby, and seeing the baby grow up to become an active toddler than to a pre-schooler, there are 1001 things we as parents need to prepare and do to meet the child’s need and wants. One of the many baby product distributors in Asia hopes to be there with you right from the start. Their aim is to bring the best for you and your baby.

Bloom and Grow provides a one-stop direct access to their products online from Maternity, Baby Bed time, Meal time, Bath time, Gifts, toys and essentials for you to go out and about with your little ones. I only knew about them way past the need to shop for such stuff. If I was a first time mum, I would have double the excitement when I was at the latest launch in Singapore where they showcased all of their latest products.

There were so many colourful and interesting products on display at the launch, even Zara was curious to find out more about them.

One of our favourite brand had a whole range of new and brightly coloured products that will surely attracts both parents and little ones. Here’s what we saw and liked from SKIP HOP.

New toys for babies from SKIP HOP
More SKIP HOP bags and this time round these are suitable for pre-schoolers too! Love the matching lunch boxes and carriers. And YES we’ve got one set to giveaway too!
Baby essentials from Nuby.



Aren’t all the products so cute and bright? Thanks to the good people from Bloom and Grow, we’ve got a big goodie bag filled with more than S$150 worth of products, including the pretty SKIP HOP bag and lunch box set. Here’s how you can win this big bag of goodies.

  1. Comment on this post on Facebook and tell us which are your favourite brands sold by Bloom and Grow, tag 3 mummy/daddy friends too to share the love.
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  4. Giveaway ends 15 January 2016 at 2359 hour.

May the lucky parent win this big goodie bag from Bloom and Grow![/box]

And now, here’s one of the highlight that day for our little ones… the many new designs from Trunkie! We’ve got one old and plain one at home, so when the girls saw the many new and cute designs on display, they couldn’t wait to get themselves onto them. The girls were wheeling and going crazy on their trunkies that day. And we can’t wait to use ours at our upcoming family vacation this week!

Some of the latest trunki designs on display at the launch.

Check out Bloom and Grow on Facebook at their website

A Fun Day on Mother’s Day at less than $150 PLUS a beautiful gift for you

Mother’s Day is around the corner, if you (the husband) are still not ready with a fun day out with the mother of your kids and your precious cheeky monkies, here’s an itinerary for your consideration. And we have got a beautiful bouquet for you to win!

Budget of $150 is good for 2 kids and 2 adults, like our family! And all activities can be done under one roof at City Square Mall.

12pm: Play and fun time with your family at The Petite Park

Entry per child is $18 for 2 hours of play, so for a family of four, you’ll spend $36 here. Your wife gets to sit and chill watching you (the husband) chasing your little ones around in the park. I believe she would love this break and probably enjoying the comical exchange while you play along with your kids at the park. Make her laugh! We’ve been there a couple of times, read about them here.

1pm/2pm: Lunch at Super Dario Lasagne

Here you’ll spend about $45 for 3 pieces of lasagne that super be enough for 2 adults and 2 kids, drinks and desserts. This is probably a better option than having fast (fried) food since its healthier. Read our experience here.

2/3pm: Have some family games at TimeZone

TimeZone is not just a arcade game kind of place, they have many family friendly games and machines too. You can dance off with your kids to children’s songs, shoot some ducks, throw some balls, paint some pictures and take family photos together at the photo booth.

You’ll spend about $30 to $50 for about an hour or so of stress free family fun time at TimeZone.

3pm/4pm: Sweet Treats at Milk & Honey

Take a break and relax with artisan yogurt at Milk & Honey. Try their Healthy Mix for a well balanced of sweet and sour, or go all out with Chocolate Divine and hit the sugar rush! Desserts for the whole family to share will cost about $30-$40. Read our experience here.

4pm/5pm: Pick up a pretty bouquet from Far East Flora at Basement 1
This gift is not included in the $150 budget set for the family day out at City Square Mall, but we’ve got a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for one lucky follower! Details below…

Pick out the most suitable flowers for the mother of your child at Far East Flora. Here’s a quick guide to the meaning behind the common gifting flowers:

  • Roses – Beauty and love
  • Tulips – Declaration of love
  • Orchids – Elegance and beauty
  • Lilies – Elegance, beauty and sweetness
  • Carnations – Symbol of a Mother’s eternal love
  • Sunflower – Warmth, appreciation and gratitude

From Your Sunshine

Get an additional 10% off the Mother’s Day collection, applicable on top of current sale prices on‘s website, when you use the code “TLMMday15” during checkout! *Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, coupons or privileges. Delivery charges and other T&Cs apply.

The Loving Mum Giveaway!

For The Loving Mum readers and Instagram followers, here’s your chance to win your mother/wife the beautiful “From Your Sunshine” bouquet (worth $89.90) from Far East Flora. Follow the following simple steps to participate! Giveaway ends 30 April 2015, Thursday at 2359 hours!

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This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. Prize for this giveaway is sponsored by Far East Flora.

What happened at #BlogMeetSG and a giveaway!

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG took place for the first time on 11 February 2015 at Edit Lifestyle along Tanglin Road. A unique networking event in Singapore for bloggers and brands to connect. Each brand has contributed samples of their artisan products to the gift bag for all those who attended #BlogmeetSG. And like all blogger events, everyone was encouraged to blog, tweet, share and like the brands on social media. Most of those who attended played our part and posted actively on Instagram.

So what took place at the first #BlogmeetSG hosted by Lucy from Lulabelle Lifestyle. After a brief meet-and-greet, and collection of name tags, bloggers were left to network and meet the brands on our own. So you either make the first move to introduce yourself to the other bloggers and brand owners or you hang around till someone approaches you. The first half an hour was quite awkward as everyone was just getting warmed up at the event. Soon after, most of us were going around introducing ourselves and checking out what the brand owners had to share about their products.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

With such a pretty backdrop for the evening, it was almost like a networking held by the beach (minus the sand, sea and the moon) but filled with pretty products, fashion and style, and yummy treats (Macaroons) from Hediard.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Bill from Hat-Of-Cain was super nice and friendly, helping everyone measure our head circumference to fit their lovely Panama Hats. Photo below shows Bill wearing the simple yet stylish Panama hat that suits both male and female. They even have sizes for kids! These Genuine Panama Hats are made in Ecuador from Toquilla straw. The Ecuadorian weaving process is extremely laborious and each Panama Hat is hand-made with great care.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

These hats all come with adjustable bands for the in-between sized heads. And do you know the proper way of handling your hat is by its brim and NOT the crown? And when resting the hat on a table, you should rest it on its crown rather than on its brim! Didn’t you just get that “Ah-ha!” moment?

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Besides the delicious macaroons from Hediard, there were these lovely sweet treats from Leelas Chocolates. These chocolates are not just pretty to look at, but oh-so-rich too!

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Leela’s Fine Chocolates creates luxury handmade chocolates in Singapore, made from the finest European couverture chocolate and natural ingredients. There are many classic favourites and fusions flavours, and bespoke items can be made for all occasions and tastes too.

Leela is a graduate of Ecole Chocolat and has been sharing her love of chocolate and her passion for chocolate-making since the start of 2013. In addition to making chocolates, Leela’s Fine Chocolates runs chocolate making workshops and tasting events. I now know who to call when I need some decadent chocolates for my guests at my events.

In the take-home gift bag for bloggers, there were these two lovely pink bracelets from Jasper Living. Founded by Louise Werling Jasper in 2012, Jasper Living is a boutique company that designs and creates handmade jewellery. Primarily of Asian inspiration – and particularly the multi-national lifestyle in Singapore – the products pay homage to the different city areas of the city.

#BlogMeetSG went pretty well I guess, judging from the happy faces I saw that evening. Having planned and hosted similar events myself, I know lots of hard work, coordination and time was invested into such an event. Of course some things could have been better and I’m sure Lucy will be able to improve on it and host an even better #BlogmeetSG the next round. And as stated in the post title, I’m going to share some goodies with you!

The Loving Mum (#BlogmeetSG) Giftaway!

Sharing the goodies received from #BlogmeetSG, I’ve got the following lovely gifts for one lucky reader/IG follower. All you need to do is to (1) follow @claudia10 on Instagram and (2) post a comment + tag a friend on THIS post on Instagram. I will pick one winner at random to send these lovely gifts.

  1. A nice leather keychain from Naaakka Enterprises.
  2. Six pieces of 100% cotton muslin for children from Appletree.
  3. Three lovely bracelets + $25 discount voucher from Simone Irani.
  4. A petty necklace from Shiva Bespoke Designs.
  5. Two gift cards from Just my Type.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Winner will be announced on 23 February 2015 on this post. Start tagging and commenting now on Instagram!

Christmas 12 Days of Giftaway with The Loving Mum

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Loving Mum loves December, because the weather is cooler, everyone’s mood is happier, its more colourful with Christmas decoration everywhere you go and it is the season of giving and gifting! Ho! Ho! Ho!

To thank you, our dear friends, readers, followers and fans, we have prepared 12 gifts for you!

Everyday from 12 to 23 December, one lucky reader will be picked to win one of the 12 gifts I have prepared! Winner of each of the gifts will be announced daily on the blog and/or The Loving Mum page on Facebook. All winners will be contacted via email by 24 December. Each gift will be nicely wrapped all ready to be gifted to your love one this Christmas! You need to sign-up only once and will be eligible for all 12 draws! So the earlier you sign-up the higher the chance to win!

Terms and conditions:

  • By participating in this gift-away, you are allowing The Loving Mum to add your email address to our mailing list.
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  • Prize winners will be contacted via email with delivery details.
  • The Loving Mum reserves all rights to disqualify entries if we fail to verify the entry.
  • The Loving Mum reserves all rights to amend or change this Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • This giftaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to The Loving Mum and not to Facebook.

Scroll to the bottom for the form to fill up for your chance to win, or click HERE to access the form now.

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