When Mummy is Away…

With a trip planned and for the first time I’ll be away from my family in couple weeks time, I started preparing my girls towards the week without Mummy. So last night I asked if they will be ok if Mummy is away. And this was how it went…

M: Ayra will you be alright if Mummy is not at home for one week? One week is very long you know?

A: (thinks for a while and nodded)

M: Are you sure? Mummy won’t be here to put you to bed at night you know? And only Ayah will be home to look after you and Meimei.

A: Yup!

M: Meimei will you be ok with Ayah without Mummy around?

Z: (blank stare)

M: You want to go stay with Ah Ma and Ah Gong? Or stay here with Ayah and Jiejie?

A: Meimei go stay with Ah Ma. I stay with Ayah alone.

M: Oh why? Won’t you miss Meimei too if she’s not here?

A: Nope. I can play my games on iPad. (Indirectly saying there won’t be anyone to snatch the iPad from her!)

M: … …

And then today after school, Ayra came home with this drawing she did.


Here’s her story as shared with Ayah.

This is Ayra and Ah Yah at home. Mummy goes to work and Meimei is at Ah Ma house. When Mummy come back from work, Meimei will come back too.

I was stunned like vegetables. 

See you soon.

One City
A World of Flavours

She was playing with paint. What happened next will make you cry. 

It was Tuesday evening when we decided to have some painting fun. Zara was going crazy with her paint brush and decided to ditch it and used her fingers instead.

Happily dipping her fingers into paint and rubbing her hands in glee.

Then in an unknown seconds, mummy caught her rubbing her paint stained hands on her eyes! Oh what horror!

So what happened next was too funny and we just couldn’t control our laughter.

We burst out laughing till my hands were trembling and tears bursting out from side of my eyes.

We have got Zara the Robin in the house!

Upon seeing herself in the mirror, she cried. Frightened by her own reflection.

Too comical and it deserves a blog post!

The Hip-Hop Baby Ayra

I’m curious how little kids always know what to do when given certain objects. How they will imitate what they have seen before. Just show them something for a couple of times (like an action) they immediately picks up the motion and does exactly how you did it.

When she got hold of Ayah’s cap, she put it on like a pro and did some hip-hop poses in it. We were impressed!

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Wordless Wednesday: The Eyeless Smile

This girl of mine never fail to entertain everyone she meets. How not to like this adorably funny little girl? One of the things she like to do now is her “Eyeless Smile”. Shown anytime in any situation whenever she wants to. Especially when one gets angry with her and she needed a quick way to divert your attention and turn your frown around.

Here are some shots of her “Eyeless Smile” since she was 2 months young!

At 2 months and already doing her eyeless smile! (Nov 2011)

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