Fox Kids & Baby Getting Hip with Fall Winter ’15 Collection

It was a morning of non-stop snacking, fashion shopping, tiny clay crafting, playing dress-up and being in their element at FOX Kids & Baby Fall Winter ’15 preview. If you still do not know by now how much our girls love FOX, go read about our fashionista moments with #FOXFashionSG since 2013! Gosh it has been almost 2 years already? So can I declare myself as a FOX Fashion style guru since I know almost all their collection over these years? I am very happy to see them evolving and bringing in better and more stylish designs over the years. And THIS season is probably my personal favourite!

Ayra and Zara in FOX Kids and Baby Fall Winter 2015 Collection
The girls styled in their upcoming releases for Fall Winter ’15, and these two outfits are my favourite picks from the preview. But silly me left them out in our stash! Must-go-back to buy them soon.

Moving slightly away from their usual cutesy cartoon character designs, FOX Kids & Baby brings in more stylish prints and monochromatic colours too. And finally the girls can dress to match me and Ayah instead of the other way round, because both me and him has got limited colours in our wardrobe and mainly in shades of black, greys and red, so this collection fits in well in our family!

Ayra and Zara at FOX Kids & Baby Fall Winter 2015 preview
The girls picked their own clothes to try during the preview, and this they do it too often these days whenever we are out shopping. Good thing I am still able to control them still and restrict any unnecessary spending.

Besides all the shopping and snacking on retro snacks from the 80s, we also got our hands busy making our very own cute accessories! Am impressed that Ayra managed to complete quite a bit with help from friend from Wing Tai.

And these are our combined effort from that day. Not bad right?
Ayra at FOX Kids & Baby Fall Winter 2015 Preview
Doesn’t she look like a big little fashionista shopper? Yes she tried on all those pieces. It was kinda crazy in the fitting room that day.
Ayra and Zara at FOX Kids & Baby Fall Winter 2015 Preview
One of the many failed attempts to get the girls pose for the camera. But this is quite cute lah, one busy eating and the other being her wacky self.
Matching outfits for our usual weekend day out to Universal Studios Singapore.

With whole lot more new designs to choose from this season, I think you’ll probably see me popping into FOX Kids & Baby every week to check out their new arrivals. And now they also have got a special treat for wt+ members, spend $60 nett in stores and get a free backpack for your little one.

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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum was invited to the preview and and provided shopping credits to dress up our little girls. All opinions are our own.

This is how I do my clothes shopping these days

When I had just Ayra, shopping for clothes is much more fun to do, I see pretty dresses, cute tees and anything pink, I’ll just grab and pay. Good thing baby no. 2 is a girl too, so the lifespan of all the elder sister’s clothes is now doubled! Things were going alright for the past one and a half year, but now that Zara is older and wiser, she too is starting to pick her own clothes and shoes! Yes she does that almost every weekend, rejecting the tee and shorts I picked before shower, and insisted wearing the same as her elder sister, and vice versa. This is giving me a big headache. If you’re following us on Instagram, you would have noticed the “twin” dressing the girls have.

These days when I do get a chance to shop for clothes, I will take double the amount of time I used to when shopping for one. And when I see something I like the girls to wear, I’ve to find another piece of a bigger/ smaller size or one that looks the same but different. You know, a pink and purple version for example? I try not to buy two identical pieces so that Zara will still be able to fit into a “new” set of clothes when she grows up to fit Ayra’s current size.

With Zara now growing out of her baby (1yr to 3 yr) sizes, I can better shop for similar clothes from the kids size racks in stores. A size 4 for Zara and size 6 for Ayra. These are what we got from our recent shopping trip to one of our favorite store FOX Kids & Baby, this time at their United Square outlet for their Mother’s day block printing activity.

Matching style with different colours

Personally I’m loving Fox Kids & Baby even more these days, because they are bringing in hipster designs and prints that will never be in passing trends, like the overalls above and the star design dress below.

Matching shades of grey dresses, just add a star pin or necklace for the little one and they’ll matched!

Then there is the long long dresses that Ayra is super in love with, since Zara is not tall enough for these maxi dresses yet, we’ve gotten her a bigger baby sized dress, so she gets to wear a long dress too like her sister.

As long as the dots/ stars/ hearts look alike from far, they are happily matched too. 😛

FOX Kids and Baby Spring Summer collection is now available in store! Go check it out! You’ll also get free $10 voucher if you sign-up for their WT+ membership here.

Disclosure: The Loving Mum was invited to partake in the activity and provided shopping credits to dress up our little girls. All opinions are our own.

5 Styling Tips for Toddlers

1. Get Clothes That Fits

Parents (and Grandparents) can be very kiasu, especially when buying clothes and shoes for babies. “Get bigger sizes so they can wear for longer time. They grow in size so fast!” True babies grow at super fast speed, but they should also get clothes that is fitting. They have feelings too you know, you won’t want to look shabby when shopping in town right? These babies too! Dress them snuggly and right! You’ll feel happier too seeing them look great in fitting clothes.

2. Colors are fun!

Stock up on bright colors clothes or tees with cheerful print designs. These never fails to brighten up your toddler’s mood and style.

Styling Session with FOX Kids & Baby

3. Denim never fails

I love getting denim pants, jeans and shorts for my girls. They are super versatile and goes well with any kind of tops. Most of these pants come with adjustable elastic band and buttons, especially useful when child is transiting into diaper free stage.

22 Aug 2014 - Zara at Flower Dome GBTB

Styling Session with FOX Kids & Baby

4. Quality matters

Having two girls means I get to “recycle” their clothes. Zara inherited a lot of clothes from her sister. Though worn for countless times and machine-washed plus the aggressive tumbling in the dryer, clothes I bought from FOX Kids and Baby, which I feel is of good quality materials, remain in good shape and colors. They do not look any bit like hand-me-downs when Zara wears them.

5. Dress to the occasion

Being stylish and looking great is ideal, but do dress the kids to the occasion. For me, comfort is key and I always make sure my girls are comfortable in their outfit for our outings.
17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

Lucky girl Zara had a mini styling session with fashion stylist, Evon Chng and had fun posing and looking funky in the latest FOX Kids and Baby collection.

Styling Session with FOX Kids & Baby

Not for long she broke down in tears as she got tired standing!

Styling Session with FOX Kids & Baby

The Loving Mum and family would like to thank Fox Kids & Baby for the collaboration opportunities given to us. FOX Kids & Baby is always our number one choice for quality and comfortable clothes for our girls.

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We Made Ice-Cream!

Do you know what is ice-cream?

Well, it is simply a frozen dessert made from milk and/or cream, sweeteners with combined flavoursome ingredients such as vanilla beans, nuts, chocolate sauce or coconut milk. Besides all the above, the most important components of ice-cream is (if I remember correctly) it’s salt! Or was it not? LOL! Obviously I wasn’t paying attention during the workshop!

Well, we had our first family hands-on ice-cream making workshop at U.D.D.E.R.S with FOX Kids & Baby. The process is so simple and fun, even Baby Zara was able to help out during the process.

While waiting for the instructions for the ice-cream making process, Zara was all ready to dig into some yummy desserts, but all she had in her mouth that day was the wooden spoon. Seriously, she’s too young for ice-cream lah!

Ayra was trying her best to listen and understand what the lady was trying to tell us. I guess instructions from Mummy is much easier for her to catch lah.

The place was packed with families from FOX Kids & Baby club a.k.a FOX-C. This is one of the many other activities they planned for their members, anyone with sufficient FOX points can redeem for these activities via their FOX-C Social app on Facebook. For this workshop, it was 150 FOX points + $15 cash for a Parent + Kid session.

After a long wait (in Ayra’s time space), finally she got to get her hands on the ingredients and cutleries.

We made Chocolate Ice-cream that day, steps as follow:

  1. Pour the 200ml milk and 200ml cream into a bowl. Mix.
  2. Pour in chocolate sauce till the mixture turns brown and to preferred taste.
  3. Split the bowl of mixture into freezable zip lock bags (the more you pour, the longer it’ll take to freeze it, so we split the mixture to three parts). Remove as much air as possible from the bag and seal the bag tight.
  4. Fill up half of a big freezable zip lock bag with ice cubes.
  5. Pour in 6 heaped tablespoons of coarse salt. Rub and massage the salt into the ice cubes.
  6. Once a layer of ice water is formed in the bag, put the ice-cream mixture bag into the ice-cubes, push it right into the bottom.
  7. Now SHAKE! Get as much air into the bag of ice so that the ice-cream mixture will get frozen. Shakes approximately 10-20 minutes.
  8. When the ice-cream mixture hardens, your ice-cream is ready! Remember to wipe clean the small ziplock bag before unsealing it to remove any traces of salt and salty water! Else you will end up with salty ice-cream!

Zara helping to massage in the salt into the ice-cubes. She was giggling and enjoying it!

Ayra attempted to shake the bag of ice, but gave up after a few seconds. “Ayra tired!” she told me.

While Mummy used one hand to shake the bag to freeze the ice-cream, Mummy used the other to snap photos of the girls while waiting for our ice-cream to be served…

After not sure how long, shake-till-when-I-couldn’t-feel-my-arms was the timing I remembered, our chocolate ice-cream was ready to be consumed! Ayra couldn’t wait to dig into the bag of her handmade ice-cream.

Just look at that delighted face! She is too cute lah! For the record, she was barred from cold drinks and food for more than a month prior to this workshop due to a prolonged cough. Just only got better and she got to indulge in ice-cream! Which kid wouldn’t be smirking at this opportunity?

“Can eat better eat more!”

Thank you FOX Kids & Baby for this opportunity for our family to attend this fun workshop!

Getting Into The World Cup Mood

Though I enjoyed time (if any) watching the previous season of World Cup, soccer isn’t quite our family thing. But with so much buzz around this whole thing, we thought it’ll be fun to dress our girls in some fun soccer tees.

Don’t they look adorable?! Personally I have a thing for shoulder stripes and plain tees. Very easy to wear with anything! The girls got active with the FIFA soccer ball I received at the launch of SONY flagship store in Singapore sometime back. Poor Zara was a little disturbed by this huge rolling thing.

The Ayah also got to wear a matching soccer tee and they look so cute together!

As you can see, we really don’t have any team we support. Can you tell I picked these three pieces of tees from FOX Kids & Baby by their colors? LOL!

Get your World Cup fixes for your kids with these comfortable soccer tees from FOX Kids & Baby. Available now in store! Get them at 2 for $35 (U.P $19.90 each). They come in adult sizes too at $29.90 each.

Baby and Kids Style – Comfort and Ease are Key

Wooohooo! We are back with more kids style with FOX Kids & Baby! My girls are both very excited to be part of the campaign with FOX Fashion SG and we can’t wait to share more with everyone! Kicking things off with FOX Kids & Baby Spring Summer collection 2014!

With Ayra in full day childcare and the little Zara with my parents when I’m at work, we are left with very limited time to be together as a family. We spend a lot of our family time at home and on some weekends, we are out and about running around malls, playgrounds and at Toys R Us! Mummy me is a fuss-free comfort style kind of person, so both my girls are very much dressed like that too. I don’t like to spend too much time mixing and matching clothes before we head out, or worrying if the clothes material or style will fit the place we are going to be having fun at.

Once the girls are showered and out of the PJs, they are in clothes that are ready for outings and fun! This is possible because we fill the girls’ wardrobe with comfy, colorful and happy clothes from FOX Kids & Baby! Every piece is suitable for home, weekend outings and even a picnic by the beach. Mummy wishes there’s a brand she can adore as much too for herself, but till date, there isn’t a single brand that provides a much preferred style. sad

It always make me happy to see my girls in clothes that they are comfortable in, especially in this crazily humid weather in Singapore! If we are heading to air-conditioned places, just need to put on a causal jacket and the girls will be kept warm. Fuss free style is our style! 🙂

One Friday evening, the girls’ Grandpa decided to bring the kids for some cycling and kite flying fun at East Coast Park, and that’s what we did! Picked up Ayra from child care and straight to ECP for some fun! For the record, Ayra always change out of her uniform after their daily afternoon shower in school. Because we only have our clothes ironed once a week and I don’t want to stock up 12 sets of her school uniform!

Love the simple and bright dress from FOX Kids & Baby Spring Summer collection. This is one of Ayra’s favorite piece from our shopping spree. Easy to wear, easy to wash and easy to iron!

Zara looking great too in the new baby tee! I wishes I could buy all the colors and design from this series! Love the bright cheerful colors and simple studded motifs. The blue shorts she wore was a hand-me-down from Ayra! Though worn many many times, it’s still in good shape and color! I throw all clothes for wash in the washing machine and dryer, not many clothes can last that many washing cycles and still stay in good shape!

Simple rules I stick to when picking out clothes for my girls – Go for easy to match, colorful and bright clothes with cute motifs or illustration. Ensure a good mix of tops, shorts, leggings, dresses, and onesies for Zara. Always have a cap for sunny days and stock up on causal t-shirts cos you’ll never know when a spare is required for those sweaty, dirty or messy days!

Thanks FOX Kids and Baby for your comfort and casual style, which we adore.