Punggol Pizza Lovers Rejoice! Domino’s Finally Coming!

If you, like me, had been trying to order Domino’s pizza for delivery to Punggol, you would have been disappointed for a long time cos Punggol has no love from them. But come September 2015, we will be able to order, pick-up or dine-in at Domino’s Pizza Punggol!

Everyone in the family is thrilled and we can’t wait! Ayra and Zara are both super hardcore fans of pizzas and come September, we no longer need to store frozen pizzas in our freezer. We can walk to Domino’s and enjoy our favorite Cheesy Crust and their new and yumilicious Cheese Burst Crust pizzas with our favourite toppings of course.

Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino's Pizza
Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino’s Pizza

Cheese Burst Crusts Pizza by Domino’s

A unique twist from the most popular thin crust pizzas, Domino’s launched their new Cheese Burst Crusts flavors. Comes in Chilli, BBQ and the Original Cheese Burst Crusts, now serving SEVEN different crusts which you can pick to match with your favourite pizza toppings.

What’s so special about these new crusts? Well, think two crispy thin crusts with creamy cheddar cheese sauce sandwiched between! Mmmmm…. And add either crushed red chillies sprinkled over (Chilli Cheese Burst Crust) or the savoury BBQ sauce drizzled over (BBQ Cheese Burst Crust) the creamy cheese sauce.

Since I’m the spicy hot “mama” (as recognised by the host during the tasting), my favourite is of course the Chilli Cheese Crust topped with Chilli Chicken! Ohhhh-sooooo-gooooood! Warning though this is not for the faint-hearted. Standby a glass of water!

Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino's
Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino’s

If you prefer the sweet and savoury kind, then try their BBQ or Original Cheese Burst Crust. Can’t decide which toppings go with which crust? Here are some recommendations for your consideration!

BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

  • Classic Pepperoni
  • The Big BBQ
  • Classy Chic
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

Chilli Cheese Burst Crust

  • Hawaiian Paradise
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Very Veggie
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken

Original Cheese Burst Crust

This goes well with almost everything in their menu! I tried it with their Alfredo Prawn and it was oh-so-creamy.

Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust
Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust

As part of the launch of these new crusts, Domino’s Pizza is offering a special promotion and you get to enjoy even better value and savings with purchase of 2 pizzas. Check out their website for promotion details and place your order! I can’t wait for Domino’s Pizza to open in Punggol!

Freshest & Best Pizza Delivery

I’m not paid nor forced to say this, but my husband and I both agree that Domino’s Pizzas are the best and freshest pizza delivery available in Singapore. With two pizza crazy daughters, we have our fair share of eating pizzas from all the big names here in Singapore, and the ones served at Domino’s are hands-down the tastier and freshest! Even their meatballs and chicken drumlets tasted different. My hub commented that the tomato sauce in their Napolitana Baked Meatball was fresh and nice, he ate the entire serving on his own! I personally love their Golden Roasted Drummets.

And there’s also this new dessert for kaya lovers! This my husband loves it to the max, but I personally find it a little to sweet (I’m a savoury woman)! 😛

Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino's Pizza
Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Fun Facts

  • FREE Delivery with their Great Pizza Service Tracer (GPS Tracker) for online ordering and on their mobile app
  • NETT Pricing
  • 30 minute delivery guarantee
  • 15 minute takeout guarantee
  • Product satisfaction guarantee

That’s a whole lot of guarantee for a pizza delivery! And now I know why though there’s a branch at Kovan but Domino’s not delivering to Punggol. Because due to traffic they wouldn’t be able to meet their 30 minute delivery guarantee! Now you know. So with their new outlet opening in Punggol soon, we the people of Punggol can finally enjoy freshly baked pizzas from Domino’s Pizza Singapore!

Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino's today!
Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino’s today!

Check out this trailer I compiled for #FoodieMigup at #DominosSG!

Hungry? 😛

Dominos CheesyCrustPizza


Because we received some pizza vouchers from the media event, we want to share them with you! Two readers will each receive a Regular Domino’s Pizza Voucher valid till October 2015. Complete the following steps in the contest widget below to win. Giveaway ends 13 September 2015 and winners will be contacted via email.

Lunch at Swensen’s

One of the common and frequent visited Halal restaurant in Singapore must be Swensen’s. Conveniently located at almost every major malls in Singapore, it is the family restaurant we go to when there isn’t other Halal food joints nearby.

Here are our usual orders from their menu…

Prawn and Fruit Salad

Zesty and healthy! We love the mango dressing that comes with this salad.

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Malaysian Delights at PappaRich (Star Vista)

I was delighted to finally get to try the food at PappaRich! She passed by the Parkway Parade outlet so many times, but never got time to step in to try. So when the family decided to celebrate the Grandma’s birthday at PappaRich, Miss Makan was excited!

There were 18 of us that evening at PappaRich Star Vista, the small cafe is filled with our voices and laughter! Too much food was ordered that night and here are the few that I managed to snap some photos of before someone started eating.

Soya Milk Pudding

This I love love love! Combination of my two favorite sweets – Soya Milk and Pudding. How can it go wrong? Sweet, tasty and yummy! Recommended!

Satay Chicken

Fragrance and nicely BBQ. And the satay meat was big. The peanut gravy was alright.

Super Rich Combo

This is the dish for the super hungry! Or you cannot decide which rice item to order.

Pappa Chendol

A must try when visiting PappaRich! Sinfully good. Slurps!

I am so going back to try their other dishes! Can’t wait for my next makan session at PappaRich!

[box style=”2″]

PappaRich at The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-43, The Star Vista,
Buona Vista,
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6684 3373[/box]

Tang Tea House (Jalan Kayu)

Was super excited when I first learned about the opening of Tang Tea House at Jalan Kayu from my Facebook feed! Thanks Kassidy for the post! 😛 Now we can finally satisfy my weird once-in-a-blue-moon dim sum craving near our house and in comfort of air con cafe!

We used to have to drive to Bedok area to get decent Halal Dim Sum, now its just a 5 mins drive from our place. Run by the same people from the Bedok branch, Tang Tea House has got pretty decent Dim Sum to satisfy those cravings. And the best part is they have my favorite Golden Sand Pau!
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