“Best Pool Ever at SAFRA Yishun!” said The Little Ones

We spent our weekend at the newly revamped pool at SAFRA Yishun and we had a terribly hard time getting the girls out of the water! The pool at SAFRA Yishun Country Club has new and lots of fun upgrade and I think we will be using more of our SAFRA membership soon. Why the pool not at SAFRA Punggol leh? Splash@KidsAmaze is fun, but the Mummy me don’t get to swim nor even dip into the pool. As SAFRA members we get to enter the new pool at Yishun for free some more wor!

New Pirate Theme Wet Play Wading Pool

SAFRA Yishun Country Club offers family-friendly amenities in a resort-like setting. The newly renovated swimming pool opened its doors to members and guest in March 2017 and features enhanced waterfall and slides, an expanded patio, new changing rooms and a brand new pirate-theme wet playground.

When the girls saw the pool on Saturday, they couldn’t wait to jump right into it! And once they’re in, no one can pull them out of the water…

The pirate theme wet playground that’s suitable for all ages
Adventurous and never say never, Zara had too much time that day at SAFRA Yishun!
The duo can just lazed like that forever…
The waterfall and rainbow slides that got everyone excited! One slide is not enough please, good thing they’ve got two!

First Swim Class with FINS Swim School

Children and adults of all ages are guided by dedicated coaches who strive to bring out the best in their students. Swim lessons are well-structured and designed to be comprehensive and safe, helping students gain proficiency as independent swimmers.

Ayra had her first swim class experience with one of the coaches at FINS Swim School, and the shy girl exclaimed it was fun! The 45 minutes passed too quickly and she wants to go back for more. Maybe I should register both the girls for their July intake.

Shy girl hiding behind at start of lesson, but eventually eased and got comfortable with the coach.

SAFRA Facebook Page Contest

To celebrate the opening of the new pirate adventure wet play wading pool, SAFRA Yishun Country Club is giving away 10 sets of FINS Arena Kids Swimmers Starter Kits to 10 lucky winners. Find the missing puzzle on SAFRA Facebook page here and share a treasured #SAFRApools moment to participate in the contest.

Check out the video of this new swimming pool on our Facebook page.

Photos in this post taken with the Canon Powershot EOS M5 camera.

Universal Studios Singapore, Now Our Family’s Regular Hangout

Our first visit together to Universal Studios Singapore was during the Christmas season in 2014, and we spent only a few hours in the evening (because silly Mummy didn’t know about a promotion then and only saw the $50/entry after 5pm deal). Anyway, we still had fun running around for rides and shows, trying to make full use of our limited hours at Universal Studios.

Our first ride that day was on the Merry-Go-Round with Madagascar. Everyone was able to get on and enjoyed the short ride. Even my Dad rode on a character! It was too funny to see him riding up and down.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

At one point, it started to drizzle a little, the unprepared us fumbled trying to get the girls sheltered from the rain. And this was what Zara had to be put through as she refused to sit in the stroller for shelter.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

The highlight and main reason for the visit was for the Christmas show with Sesame Street! The girls loved and enjoyed the show. They were excited to be able to see Elmo and his friends on stage. Sadly we didn’t manage to grab any photos with them that evening.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Rode through Sesame Street on Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase with Ayra and she was rather afraid of the darkness. The next couple of times when we were back, she refused to ride this again. Sadly Zara is not tall enough for this ride yet, though I’m sure she will go “Wah! Wah! Wah! You see!” throughout the ride.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

After the first family night out at Universal Studios Singapore, I secretly planned for a day of adventure with the hub on his birthday. And we got our day tickets and express passes upgraded to season passes with express for both of us! That means more fun time with our family! And the following week after his birthday, we brought the girls for a day of fun at USS. See how cool and ready these two little ladies are that morning!

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Bringing the girls along means no thrill ride for any of us, but we had as much fun that day because we are with our family! So happy that both Ayra and Zara enjoyed themselves at Universal Studios. We took the boat ride through Madagascar: A Crate Adventure and the girls survived the ride with no cry nor sign of fear.

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

The ride that both girls enjoyed most was on the desert jeep at Treasure Hunters ride inside Ancient Egypt. Ayra drove us through the abandoned Egyptian excavation site while Zara and I went “You see! You see!” together.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Then while Zara was napping, I brought Ayra for a ride on a Pteranodon at Dino-Soarin’ at the Lost World. “Ayra not scared! Ayra big girl already!” she exclaimed when we completed the ride.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

And like our first family visit to Universal Studios Singapore, the highlight that both Ayra and Zara love is to meet their favorite characters from Sesame Street. Both the girls were out of the seats moving and grooving to the tunes of When I Grow Up, the stage performance at New York.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

There after, we watched up-close in the New York street shows where we get to sing along to familiar tunes with Elmo, Grover, Ernie and Bert. And the kiasu mummy dashed into queue after the show to get photos with the characters. I am serious about dashing into queue, cos the crowd was kinda crazy that day.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Since the day we got our season pass, we went back two other times already with the girls, and because it was so fun, I got my parents the passes too! Got to make full use of these passes and make our money worth 10x the value. That’s just the typical kiasu Singapore mummy speaking. LOL! Can’t wait for their new ride at Far Far Away Land to be opened, and roller coaster to start! Hopefully before our passes expires in July!

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

For those keen, Season Passes (6 months unlimited entry) sell at $98 and Express pass for Season Pass holder is at an additional $100 each. Normal ticket is at $74 per adult, and express pass is from $50 for unlimited rides that day. So in order to get your money worth, you’ll just need to visit Universal Studio thrice and you would have saved on ticket price! Find out more yourself on their website.

Probably Our Worst Experience Ever at Legoland Malaysia

So we thought our girls would totally enjoy a trip to Legoland Malaysia with the grandparents and us, we planned and booked our first trip out of Singapore with our two little ones. It was supposed to be the “Everything is Awesome” family trip and Zara’s first passport chop. But we were so wrong.

Knowing that both the girls would not be able to survive an entire day of play at Legoland, we decided to spend just 4 to 5 hours at both the theme parks before we head back to Singapore on our second day stay. After our first day of relaxing and some shopping, we tried to let the girls sleep as early as they can and wake up as late as they can so they get enough rest before our fun time at Legoland Malaysia.

I was all pumped and ready for some fun time with the whole family. We arrived at Legoland Malaysia around 12.45pm, the weather was cool and sky was covered with clouds. A great weather to soak up some fun. Expecting Ayra to scream and shout when she saw the theme park, but instead all she wanted to do was to stay covered inside her stroller. Zara was slightly more enthusiastic and were looking everywhere curiously.

The very first ride we saw was the Legoland junior driving school, Ayra saw it and said she is able to drive the car on her own. So off we went to join the queue which was relatively short in my opinion. Before we were half way through the wait, Ayra got tired of waiting and we exited. First ride attempt failed.

Then we walked towards the Legoland Express which all of us got to get in together. Again Ayra was asking to get out of the queue almost immediately. This girl just hated the wait I think. But we insisted to ride it together and so we did. And well, the ride was… just a ride. I think the girls had more fun when we were onboard the train at City Square Mall few weeks earlier.

Legoland Malaysia for TLMtravel

Upon exiting the train station, we saw an actor asking everyone to enter the theatre for a Christmas show, and since Ayra and Zara had all enjoyed live stage performances we thought this could be something they would like. And the place was kept cool with air-conditioning, big welcoming feature after sweating outdoor. The show was entertaining with Christmas characters singing and dancing. But the sound system was a little bad and I couldn’t quite hear the words they were talking and singing.

Next we took flight at the LEGO City Airport, the last ride both our girls took before they got tired and before the sky started to drizzle. This ride is so not for adults, even photo taking is not possible since the height of the plane is designed for kids. My face gets strategically chopped off.

Legoland Malaysia for TLMtravel

While Ayra snoozed in her stroller and Zara drinking her milk, husband and I had a go at Project X. Due to the drizzle there wasn’t any queue for this thrill ride. I had a good scream on this one. I am so not a thrill ride person.

With the on-going drizzle and Ayra still sleeping, we headed to the water theme park. Yes, you read it right! The above were just the few pathetic activities we did at the much hyped about Legoland Malaysia! There are so many more things we could have done there, but we did not even get close enough for a photo of it. Lesson learned, never attempt another trip to theme parks with both girls until they are old or tall enough to truly enjoy all the activities!

And off we went to Legoland water theme park…

It wasn’t any better at the water theme park which was much more packed than the main theme park. We had some fun in the wave pool and in the build-a-raft pool. Before we could dip our feet into the DUPLO Splash Safari, I had to carry Ayra as close as I can against my chest to keep her warm. This poor girl was shivering from the chill. With that we wrapped up our super short time at the water theme park.

And again my face is strategically blocked by dear Ayra and her brick…

Very sad day right? This is and would probably be our worst ever experience at Legoland Malaysia. But we are not giving up the hope that one day we will head back there again and enjoy our time there 101%; and it better be a 3D2N fun instead cos 2D1N is just not enough to enjoy everything Legoland has to offer. Perhaps a stay at the Legoland hotel might help since its nearer than Traders Hotel which we stayed at during this visit.

The Loving Mum Family is Going for Garfield Run in Singapore!

Happening on 19 July 2014, Saturday at The Promotory, Marina Bay, participate in various categories together with the characters from Jim Davis’ comic strip Garfield, and enjoy a post-race party after the event!

And I just got a tip that the slots are selling fast! So let’s cut to the chase.

If you want to sign-up but haven’t, here’s a $2 off promo code you can use before they close registration! I heard it’s today or tomorrow! So go to www.garfieldrun.com now! $2 off promo code – TDTLMPAMX

If you’ll be there, spot us at the 3KM Fun Run/Walk ok! Our first fun run as a family! Just because…

  1. It’s at 4pm and there’ll be a carnival!
  2. Who can say no to that cute Garfield T-shirt!
  3. And did I mention everyone gets a finisher medal? And they’re all super cute!

[box]Garfield Run in Singapore, happening 19 July 2014, 4.00pm at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.
Details and registration at www.garfieldrun.com.
$2 off promo code – TDTLMPAMX[/box]