We Checked Out the Refreshed eXplorerkid E!hub Downtown East

Sand Play at eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East by The Loving Mum

It’s been almost 2 years since our first and only visit to eXplorerkid E!hub at Downtown East. We were unimpressed and disappointed at the condition it was in then. Fast forward to today, NTUC Club finally opened their revamped eXplorerkid E!hub and we just had to go check out what they had done.

Brand New and Refreshed Toddler Play Area

The last time we visited, Zara (13+ month) didn’t have anything much to do at eXplorerkid E!hub, but now they have got a whole new area setup just for toddlers below 4 years old. The play area was spacious and filled with variety of activities. There are pretend-play houses, a ball pool, tree slide and some big foam building blocks too.

There’s a smaller play structure at the corner beside the toddler play area. Do be careful when playing in this structure especially the tube slide. Ayra got a bad abrasion when sliding down and she was too afraid to step into it again. Also overhead a mum saying her son knocked his head while sliding down. Hope eXplorerkid will look into correcting this problem area to make it safer for children to play.

Brand New Addition of Sand Play

This has got to be the most favourite play area for the girls. They didn’t want to leave once they started touching those kinetic sand. Yes you hear me right! It’s lots and lots of kinetic sand play, even I couldn’t resists playing with it.

Addition of Lower Level Adventure Highlands

Previously there was only Adventure Highlands and for kids above 110cm in height only but now even those below 110cm can test their confidence at the lower level of Adventure Highlands. Both Ayra and Zara completed the challenge and I’m super proud of them. Ayra who is still very timid and shy took a little more push and encouragement with lots of support from the helpful staff, while the gurang Zara conquered the entire course with ease (well most part of it).

See them in action in the video above. Do note that additional charges is payable for play of Adventure Highlands.

Smaller Lit Ball Pool

eXplorerkid downsized their Lit Ball Pool to make more space for the toddler area, but still the ball pool is big enough for all the kids to enter for some fun. Though I wished they had thrown in more balls too make it fuller and more fun to dive into.

The Same But Cleaner Mega Play

The Mega Play structure is the same one but now cleaner. The wear and tear is still pretty bad but the structure is still standing strong and well despite the years of continuous play by so many kids (and even adults).

eXplorerkid also added a baby changing room with wash basin inside the playground, though still a little bare, I hope they’ll add a nice sofa and some picture frames to make the place more conducive for parents to use it.

eXplorerkid E!hub is located at Downtown East
1 Pasir Ris Close, 3rd floor
Singapore 519599
Opening hours from 12pm to 9pm daily
Admission and Play Rates available here

eXplorer kid at Downtown East needs a refresh

On an uneventful Sunday, we decided to bring the kiddos to play. One of the nearest for us was eXplorer kid at Downtown East. Never been near any of the eXplorer kid playground so we decided to give it a try.

Excited as always when visiting a new playground, we checked in ourselves at the ticketing counter and even registered Ayra for a membership since it was equivalent to the entrance fee for an hour of play. The girls quickly wore their socks and were ready to cheong into the playground!

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

Mummy wasn’t pleased at first sight of the entire place from inside eXplorer kid. The place looks dull and rundown, though place was packed (there was a birthday party happening that day) there were more adults sitting around the padded play area than kids. Guess Zara felt the same too when she didn’t have much things to do.

The giant play structure (Mega Play) inside was covered with dust (from where I was looking, at the corners and from the outside of the nets). There was a small rock wall for climbing (The Cliff), but Ayra wasn’t old enough to try it out.

The only place which we had some fun was inside the Lit Ball Pool, but were quickly chased out of it because adults were not allowed in the pool and Zara was too young to be in there alone.

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

The Toddler Play Area was too just a smaller ball pool and badly lighted, we spent less than 5 minutes there. The other areas were either too loud for the kids (Ball’O’City) or had to pay extra to play (Adventure Highland).

There were some craft activities too for kids, should be free cause all the sets were gone when Ayra wanted to do the sand art.

So did we do during the 30+ minutes of play inside eXplorer kid?

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

17 Aug 2014 - Play at DTE Explorer Kids

Hope NTUC refreshes their eXplorer kid soon. Its quite a wasted space and seeing the numerous number of playgrounds opening up, business should be great for them after a good renovation.