Rainy Day Activity – Construct, Paint and Play with Your DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhause

Because it has been a rainy December, this inexpensive and fun activity is great for indoor fun time with the whole family! May we introduce our new found hobby for our family… Painting and decorating our very own Rocket!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Few weeks ago, Santa came knocking at our door with this amazing craft project which Ayra couldn’t wait to start working on. When she saw the flattened box, she demanded us to setup her “Spaceship” immediately.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

And so we did, in less than 30 minutes, we have our very own cardboard Rocket playhouse! It looked kinda plain and not so fun, but Ayah never fail to bring smile to our faces with his wacky ideas. Please meet our very own Rocket Man! “Peace yio!”

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

With our Do-a-dot paints, we starting painting our rocket. It was fun and we got to do something together as a family.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Ayra was enjoying the painting and dotting all over her own rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

The first weekend when Zara came back, she was super excited to see the rocket too. Without any introduction nor help, she managed to get in and out of the rocket on her own and was totally enjoying herself with it. Peek-a-boo! she said.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

We continued painting the rocket together and Zara helped too. I must say, painting this rocket with Do-A-Dot paint is no joke at all! Our hands and fingers get numbed from all the squeezing and dotting after 20 minutes. It took us quite a while to completely paint the rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

The girls were more interested to play in the rocket than to paint on it. They even doodled inside, this is probably a better way for kids to let loose their creativity and just doodle and draw on these cardboard; without having to worry they destroy any furniture or walls with paints and colours.

The rocket is big enough for both our girls to fit in. Or put in a chair for one child to pretend to be an astronaut blasting into space in her own rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Zara is super loving opening and closing the door of the rocket!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

After a week or so of on-and-off painting with our Do-A-Dot paints, we finally completed our rocket! Isn’t it pretty? Let Mummy Rocket show you how to pose in it.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

This cardboard Rocket and other playhouse designs are available for purchase online at http://www.myplayhaus.com. And they are having a promotional 35% off regular price this christmas for all their playhouses! The Loving Mum highly recommend this as a Christmas gift for families with kids age 3 and above. Great activity for all ages.

Congrats to Cynthia!

For our #TLMGiftaway, we have picked a receiver of this awesome fun cardboard Rocket! Congrats to Cynthia Lau! We will be in touch with you soon via email.

Altered Canvas – Fun way to display photos

One super easy and fun way to bond with your kids is to create fun art together! With recent washi craze I see popping up on my Instagram and Facebook feed, this art project is going to be easy peasy!

Things you’ll need…

  1. Blank Canvas Board
  2. Few matching design/colors of Washi Tapes
  3. Tape Glue
  4. Mod Podge and a sponge brush to apply with
  5. Some decorative embellishments e.g. Stickers, cut-outs, alphabets
  6. Photos (I print mine with Canon Selphy Photo Printer)

Here’s another one of the altered canvases I did, each taking less than an hour. So if you are on a roll, you could probably do a few in a day!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to creating your own altered canvas…

Step 1
Arrange your photos on the canvas board, making sure there’s enough space for at least a title or some text.

Step 2
Plan how you want to decorate the piece. If there’s plenty of white space left after positioning the photos, you might want to stick the photos down first with tape glue then use washi tapes to decorate the space. Or if only little space is left, then you might want to use the washi tapes to create a background design on the blank canvas first. Try doing a repetitive pattern design or a zigzag across with matching tapes. Sometimes, straight line pattern works very well too.

Step 3
Once your main design and photos are pasted down, it’s time to add in some personal touches with the embellishments and alphabets. I like to use text or title on my project. Don’t over decorate the canvas, your photos should still remain as the main highlight of the piece.

Step 4
After you are sure the piece is complete, brush a layer of mod podge over the entire piece, including photos, tapes, embellishments etc. This layer helps give a protective layer over your canvas piece and also makes cleaning easy; with a damp cloth or just dry tissue to dust off any dirt.

I was privileged to be able to share this creation process with few other parent bloggers at an event with Canon. With many of the parents who are “virgin” to scrapbooking, the completed pieces were pretty amazing! Check our what these families did that evening over at their blog…

Looking forward to more fun sessions at #myfamilywcanon!

DIY a mini album with Canon Pixma Printer

It’s time for some DIY crafting fun! As an avid scrapper, when asked to share a holiday craft activity, a mini scrapbook is a must-have on my list! It takes a little more time than usual as I printed the papers and most of the embellishments on my own with my Canon Pixma printer, but it’s more cost effective and I can scrap anytime I want without having to dig through my messy stash of scrapbook materials to find the right designs/ embellishments.


Here are the things you’ll need to create this simple DIY mini (scrapbook) album.

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Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use

If you are looking for simple and fuss free craft projects for your kids this June Holiday, why not try out the projects from Canon Pixma Town? There are so many pretty things to make and they are relatively simple for kids who can handle scissors and glue. Or you can create them for your kids instead. Some of the basic tools you will need for these projects include:
[list type=”check”]

  • a printer (like the Canon Pixma I’m using)
  • sturdy paper like the art card or the Canon Matte Photo Paper
  • scissors and/or craft knife
  • glue or double-sided sticky tapes
  • [/list]

    My first project was a Stationery Holder designed by Simone Legno, the brain behind Tokidoki.

    Below shows how the completed stationery holder looks like! Continue reading “Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use”

    Get Crafty with Canon Pixma!

    I am SUPER pumped to be part of this campaign with OMY! Yes, I did get a complimentary Canon Pixma MG3170 printer and attended the Holiday Creativity workshop at Sheraton Towers some time back. But what gets me super excited is that I am part of a group of “Craft Gurus” who will be sharing crafting tips with readers at OMY and also on this humble blog.

    I loveeeeeeeee crafts and I loveeeeeee printing stuff. To me, this is a perfect campaign for me! I have a valid reason to get crafting for the next one month and this is going to help motivate me to catch up on the long overdue scrapbooking projects that have been sitting in the corner of my room for longest time.

    Having owned Canon Pixma printers for so many years, and knowing the existence of Canon Pixma Town, I’ve never got down to trying out any of the projects on Pixma Town, just because I always have no time! Again because of this, I have a purpose to fulfill and so I got down to trying out those crafts that I’d been eyeing since.

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    Dotting Fun

    I bought this set of Do-A-Dot set when Ayra was still very young, then she didn’t know what it was when I tried to hold her hand to do some dots. After our visit to EatPlayLove Cafe, I took out this set of fun coloring tools and a set of crayons, then this girl got addicted to doodling in her first scrapbook.

    Activity for Kids - Dotting Fun

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