Baby Jogger City Mini Zip – Compact and Usable for Parents

We’ve been traveling and relying on our City Mini Double from Baby Jogger for almost two years now, and we love it a lot! Till today, we are still using it very often especially when we have to be out and about for the entire day with both girls. But on some days, we just want to have one stroller in case the littest one wants to nap or drink her milk. So we have been deciding whether or not to get another stroller that’s compact enough for storage and easy to use like our City Mini Double. It was an excuse to try out the City Mini Zip by Baby Jogger.

Whether you’re a new or experienced parent, travelling with your little one can be a challenge – battling between going light or having everything you think you may need on standby whenever you are out. If compact, easy-close and parent-friendly stroller is what you need, I’ll suggest you check out City Mini Zip.


The Baby Jogger City Mini Zip boast a design that is 50 percent smaller than a traditional umbrella stroller, the City Mini Zip weighs 7.3kg, making it the ideal stroller for travel whether it is down the road, interstate or international. The compact design of the City Mini Zip doesn’t compromise on your little one’s comfort by still incorporating roomy seating and an adjustable leg rest.

Slim and compact, ideal for traveling on the train and not take up too much space.

We took the City Mini Zip out for a test drive on several occasions and I must say it is very easy to maneuver even with one hand. The compact size makes traveling on the train less intimidating especially on a crowded train. We can zip through crowds in the malls and the girls could take turns to rest in the stroller when we’re out for longer period of time.

The huge basket is a plus too! As shared before, I love huge baskets because it means I can ensure enough space for my shopping trips and be able to manage going out alone together with one or both of my girls with the City Mini Zip.

Even the tall (and with long legs) Ayra fits comfortably in the City Mini Zip.

The City Mini Zip by Baby Jogger may not be as lightweight as other umbrella fold stroller, but this also makes this a safer stroller for your little one as it is less prone to toppling over. Find out more about the City Mini Zip on

New Range of Strollers From Baby Jogger

We got a first look at the new range of Baby Joggers strollers and the girls are loving it more than their current ones!

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

City Mini ZIP by Baby Jogger

You know the kid is loving it when she can sit at such ease on the stroller! Zara is sitting in the new City Mini ZIP, a revolutionary umbrella fold stroller by Baby Jogger.

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

The full-featured, full sized City Mini ZIP is the smallest folding stroller. It doesn’t just fold in half from top to bottom, it folds in from the sides,  the Baby Jogger’s signature one-hand 3D fold action will fold the City Mini ZIP down to 1/8th the volume of the open stroller (50% smaller than a standard umbrella fold stroller). So it fits in the smallest of places and makes traveling a breeze.

City Mini GT by Baby Jogger

The City Mini GT fits an above average height 3 year old comfortably! She told me she likes the stroller better than hers!

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

The City Mini GT gives you the ability to pave your own way. All-terrain wheels let you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. And with little touches like an adjustable handlebar to adapt to the parent’s height, and a hand-operated parking brake, the City Mini GT is very accommodating.

City Select by Baby Jogger

For those looking for a double stroller, Baby Jogger’s City Select now comes in black frame with new color to choose from.

7 Sep 2014 - Family Shopping Trip to Westgate Mall

The most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep a family rolling as it grows from one child to two and even three. With more than 16 possible configurations, front facing, parent facing, sibling facing: whatever you need. Add a Second Seat to make it a double or throw in a Glider Board and you’ve got a triple stroller system. We took the City Select with a second seat for a test drive and fell in love with it after our first shopping trip with it, both the girls, mummy and even the daddy adores it! Review coming up soon, for now, here’s the video for City Select.