Come Play In Our Refreshed Playroom, Brighten Up with Dulux Wash & Wear

Welcome into our refreshed playroom! It is amazing how choosing the right colours can make such a big difference in a room. We are loving how cheerful, vibrant and awesome our new playroom is. Come on in and play with us in our happy playroom!

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Before showing you the full (aka messy) room, let’s do the close-up-makes-everything-look-better kinda shots…

Little reading corner

Our cosy reading corner with matching cute retro chairs from Chair-ish the Moments. Love the colour combination here with our pink wall in Strawberry Crush, 74RR 28/432 from Dulux.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

You see how the pink wall looks very different in the above and below photos? Lighting plays a huge part in how the colours on your wall will appear in real-life and on photos. Hence it is very important to pick the colours at home and not in stores or at your Interior Designer’s studio. Bring home the colour book or paint chips and visualise from your own home and rooms. Check them in the day, at night and with room lightings, making sure the colours are what you want. If you have existing furniture in the room, it’ll be ideal to match them too. Or even plan ahead, like how we are planning to convert this playroom to the girls’ bedroom in a few months time. The bedsheets for their beds will preferably be of lighter shades of pink, darker shades of yellow, orange or blue.

Mini chair for Zara, medium chair for Ayra and a Muji legless chair for Mummy.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Our photo and art wall

Loving how every thing just pops against the yellow wall in Celestial Sun, 54YY 85/291 from Dulux.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Add some painting and pretty photo canvas to a plain wall will make the whole room feel more homely and closer to the heart. My girls love looking at their own photos and get excited jumping and pointing at them. (Super vain right?! Girls will always be girls.)

Kitchen play corner

Cooking is probably one of our girls’ favourite play activity in the room. Now their kitchen + mini cafe is brightened up whenever sun shines through our window in the morning.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

The play tables

These orange tables were already in the room before our makeover. With the new yellow wall, these orange tables from Ikea look more fun and pretty as compared to when it was against our old grey walls.

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Tips for storing tiny toys: Buy a candy grabber aka mini UFO catcher and store them all in there. Makes nice decor piece and have some fun catching them too!

Now you have seen the close-ups, here are some shots of the wider views of our playroom – the before and after our repainting transformation with Dulux.

Before we had boring and dull looking grey walls

Now we have cheerful, fun and girly playroom

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

The chaotic mess before

Much organised, cleaner and safer space for the girls now

Playroom Transformation with Dulux Singapore #DuluxSG

Wider shots of rooms are not as nice a view nor fit for show house quality shots right? That’s why it is almost impossible to snap photos of your beautiful home once you stayed in there for more than a year; make that a month when you have little kids in the house! Getting our room repainted gave me a valid reason to clear out all the unused and unwanted stuff around our playroom room. I must find time to do the same to my work room which is now more like our second storeroom in the house! And I don’t even want to think about the craziness in our storeroom!

Much better space for play and explore

A quick flashback to the day when Ayra returned from school and saw her new room, yes she’s calling it her new playroom ever since the repaint was done. First she was stunned and just stood there looking at the new colours, then she asked to take photos of her room.

And when she’s done posing, she did the photo taking on her own with the PowerShot D30 camera, which I gladly handed her as it was shockproof! No need to be afraid it falling off her hands.

The new layout and toys placement is also easier for her to pick and choose what she wants to play without needing assistance from us. Just move the toys around and she can start playing. Glad the school has trained her well in putting back her toys after play.

Ayra loves reading and listening to stories with me on the new chairs I bought. Guess she prefers to be hugged by it as she always picked the tiny green one instead of the spacious blue one.

We cannot stop sharing with families and friends how our room is so much better after a repaint with the right choice of colours. Even our part-time helper who come by once a week said she was shocked to see the room brighten up after the painting. She even thought we forgot to turn off the light in the room when she first saw it; I couldn’t stop laughing when she told me that the week after.

Refresh you house with Dulux Professional Painting Services

I know! You must think I am crazy to make repainting the house sound like an easy-peasy task. Just the thought of packing and moving the things around the house alone is enough to make most of us exhausted already. But after going through our playroom revamp with Dulux Professional painting service, I would do an entire house repaint if I can! Check out the short one-minute video below and you will know why.

All I did to prepare the room for the painting job was to remove whatever pictures I had on our walls. And all the other stuff were moved and protected by the Dulux professional painting crew. Before starting work, they make sure all your furniture are protected, floor covered and any corners or build-in furniture taped up so it would not get stained with paint. And they even help you clean up and move your furniture back to where they were once they are done with the paint work! Awesome isn’t it? With such professional service, why wouldn’t I hire them to paint the house?

Thanks for following our transformation and hope you like what we did with our playroom. Do vote for us when the voting begins from 8 to 14 December 2014 at Dulux Singapore Facebook Page.

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7 Essential Gifts For Newborn Babies in 2015

As we marched into Singapore’s 50th birthday, all newborns in 2015 will receive a special Golden Jubilee Baby gift set from Singapore. There were much noises generated on these gifts but when I got to see the gifts in person at their reveal last Sunday, I must say, these gifts are more essentials and special than what I’d expected. In fact, these gifts will help save new parents quite a sum of money too.

Ayra and Zara were both there with me and the littlest one attracted quite a few attention with her super friendly character, going around doing High-5s with other guests and showing her cute dance moves.

The 7 Essential Gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies

Gift 1 – Practical Diaper Bag

This diaper bag (if I remember correctly) is by Skip Hop and if you were to buy this in store, it’ll cost about $90+. The bag resembles the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag.

Gift 2 – Red Baby Sling

This resembles the one I have and if its the same model, then its one cool baby sling! I used it on both Ayra and Zara and found the baby sling very practical and easy to use. I paid $199 for a similar baby sling and now all 2015 babies get to have one for free!

Gift 3 – Six Piece Baby Clothes Set

This set comprising of 2 rompers, 1 shirt and 1 shorts, a pair of mittens and socks. These I have to say are super cute and I can already imagine all the newborns wearing these cute rompers appearing on my Facebook and Instagram Timeline come 2015. Definitely something worth keeping inside Baby’s memory box.

Gift 4 – A baby shawl

Not sure if all the shawls will be the same design, but the one I saw has got cute lion print on it.

Gift 5 – A set of 5 Children’s Books

These books inspired by local iconic and fun places is good for Level 1 and 2 readers. Great for bedtime stories with your newborn; never too early to start them on reading you know.

Gift 6 – A scrapbook album

Being a scrapbooker myself, I think this is a great baby welcome gift for all new parents. I spent quite a lot of money and time putting my own scrapbooks together for my girls, if you want some design inspirations, you can take a look at some of mine here.

Gift 7 – A nice photo frame

Great for showing off your baby’s best photos at their first month or first year celebration or display the happy memories in the baby’s room.

There’s also a 8th gift in the set of gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies in 2015 – a commemorative medallion. Another great keepsake in baby’s memory box. This will be revealed come 2015, probably to the first newborn come 1 Jan 2015. Wonder who will be this lucky Golden Jubilee Baby No. 1?

Personally I feel that these are great and practical gifts for newborns, and would save all parents more than $300 from buying of diaper bag, baby sling and the other essentials. I would be looking forward to receiving this gift set if I am popping a baby next year. (For the record, no we are not trying for the 3rd one please!)

All these 8 essential and keepsake-worthy gifts will come in a very pretty gift box which I love love love! This box can be used as the baby’s memory keepsake box to store all the precious things which can be gifted back to the baby when he/she grows up. You know, you can keep things like the tag worn at the hospital, the health booklet, first photo, deflated balloons from relatives/friends etc. And yes I keep these things inside my girls’ memory box! If only I had such a big box then I would have kept more things in there!

If any parents having more than 1 baby in 2015, and would like to give away one of the boxes, please please get in touch with me ok!

With free flow of candy floss, popcorns, airbrush tattoo service, crafting corner and fun photo spots, guests and their children had fun at the reveal. Kudos to the SG50 Golden Jubilee Baby Gift team for putting a nice HeyBaby families get together for this reveal.

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division, supported by REACH, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Families for Life, NTUC U Family, and I Love Children. In conjunction with the SG50 celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the Gift consists of a small set of meaningful items from all Singaporeans to welcome every Singaporean baby born in 2015. Find out more at SG50baby page on

Family Friendly Food Court at Kallang Wave Mall by Foodfare

I hate food courts! Really! But this food court at Kallang Wave Mall changed my perception totally.

You know the smell that get stuck to your clothes and hair after dining at a poorly ventilated place, especially in most food courts? This is the reason why I hate dining or even walking past one. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I literally dashed across one if I happened to be going out for meetings, make a wrong turn and stepped into a food court. I really really don’t like smelling like a walking kitchen if you know what I mean.

But when I was looking for place to settle lunch at Kallang Wave Mall, Foodfare at level 2 totally changed the way I perceived food courts. This place was bright (ample sunlight from the entire stretch of windows), spacious walkways and there is this halal Korean food which I love.

Foodfare at Kallang Wave Mall is a very family friendly food court. There are huge tables that can sit more than 10 people, and there’s also a play are for children, table football and children friendly dining tables and chairs. There’s also a washing area at the side of the family corner.

Personally, I love going to Kallang Wave Mall for three reasons – the Korean food at the food court, the huge Fairprice Xtra and Smoothie King cos they not just give power juice for your body, they have power juice for your charging use too! And there’s also free Wifi!

Foodfare at Sports Hub, Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, Level 2
Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
Operating Hours: 8.00am – 10.00pm

Going Out More with Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Since the day we returned the City Select Double Stroller after our review we had since stopped going out with both Ayra and Zara. Those few weekends without a double stroller were spent at home. Probably because the two girls would rather be carried more than they would like to walk on their own, unless we are in a toys store, the library or at a playground. So going out with both of them can be quite a muscle training session for us.

Thanks to Baby Jogger, we can now go out anytime to anywhere we want because we have got the City Mini Double! Call us lazy you may, but with this double stroller, we are going out every weekend! The girls love their new stroller and would stay in it for almost the entire time we are zooming around from places to places.

Shopping made easy with the City Mini Double

As both girls are happy and comfortable in the stroller, we had no problem spending an entire day out shopping with them. And the big basket below the stroller means no need for hanging bags nor accessory to hold the bottles and diaper bags, just dump everything into the spacious basket, easily accessible from the sides of the stroller.

We went to Changi Beach one evening for a stroll and sand play…

Either or both of them can recline down to rest or sleep without having to disturb the other child’s comfort. This is one plus for us as compared to our experience with the City Select, as we had to bring the kid out from the seat to turn it to face the right direction in order for one or both of them to lie down comfortably.

We attended Zara’s first blogger event at Food For Thought with the City Mini Double

Our first time at Botanic Garden with the girls, and I think we will be heading there more often now. The friendly carpark is stroller accessible and we can get in and out of the carpark, Food For Thought restaurant and the garden very easily. Will plan a family picnic one of these none rainy days!

Single hand pushing possible too!

Those who did not try it before may think pushing a wider stroller is going to be more tedious and difficult to manoeuvre. After using the Citi Mini Double for a month now, we are all loving it! Pushing the stroller around is effortless, and 8″ lightweight front wheels makes going in and out of the train easily; no more wheels trapped in gap! The front-wheel suspension also makes pushing through patchy grass area or sandy places at the beach so much easier and more enjoyable for the girls.

City Mini Double Folds!

The one main feature we prefers more in the City Mini Double is the easy fold. Just lift the two straps on the seats and the City Mini Double folds itself! The stroller can be stored compactly in an upright position.

Image source via here

Zara’s loving it!

Just look at how comfortable she made herself in the stroller, with her snacks and water bottle within reach.

Thanks to this very versatile and steady stroller, Ayra and Zara are getting to go out more together. And the mummy me need not have to strain those muscles carrying the girls for prolong hours while going out together. This is a win-win for the girls and me! Thank you Baby Jogger!

Toys Craze: Ayra the DOHVINCI Designer, Making Creativity Pops!

Getting Ayra to smile for the camera is one of the toughest thing to do. But she did it willingly and so sweetly when receiving her first certificate from a teacher. She has completed (with lots of help from Mummy) the DOHVINCI Designer workshop held by Hasbro Singapore.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop
Before she went upfront to collect the certificate, I reminded her how she has been watching the elder K2 kids do it in school during their practice for their graduation day. And I am so proud this super shy girl did it, receiving the certificate like a pro!

Ayra and Zara participated actively at the DOHVINCI Designer workshop that day. Ayra behaved extremely well and were trying her best to follow the instructions given by the teacher that day.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Prior to the workshop, we did some preparation work together. We watched Ayra’s favorite toy review videos on YouTube that features DOHVINCI.

These videos got her super hype up for the event. And when she finally got to touch the stylus, she just focuses on that. At the workshop, she learned to creates dots and lines with the DOHVINCI stylus. Probably the two easiest design for Ayra to do right now. Squeezing the stylus to get the doh out takes a little more strength than what this little 3yo is capable of. But still she tried her best. Probably explains why she gobbled down the entire plate of pasta served at the end of the workshop.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

But Mummy gets to do more creative stuff with DOHVINCI and I just can’t wait to squeeze some time out to squeeze this thing! Just look at the many colours we have to play with! I am so going to buy more DOHVINCI DECO POP 4-Pack Assortment (RRP S$6.90) to decorate our playroom!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

LOOK at these pretty toys and home decor accessories! With some DOHVINCI magic, all these just pops up looking so much more fun and pretty! Great gift DIY ideas for Christmas too!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

At the workshop, we were decorating our own DIY mini Christmas trees. The materials were simple – A christmas tree cut-out, some plain shapes, sequins and DOHVINCI of course!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Ayra showing you the DOHVINCI stylus up-close. “You put the bottles of doh into here, then push this in… and squeeze…
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Zara the littlest designer at the workshop. Looking super cute in that artists cap!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

At only 14 months, all she could do was to open and close the stylus and pretend it to be a cute blue gun.

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

But she still managed to add her touch of magic on our christmas tree that day. No hands too tiny for some creative fun time!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Ayra decorating her tree at her best effort. It’s challenging keeping a 3yo focus on something for this long, but DOHVINCI did it. I’m amazed!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

And our two lovely trees from that day. These lovely tress are now sitting in our living room, adding some christmas feel to our monotonous living room.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Back at home…

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the DOHVINCI Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kt (available in stores at S$29.90), so while Ayra is in school, I took my time with it all by myself.

This kit includes 2-piece board with ribbon, the Styler, one design tip, 4 Deco Pop tubes, add-on pieces and inspiration guide.

Before I start on a project like this, I like to place the pieces out to have a feel of how I want the end product to be. Just like scrapbooking. Of course, the final product usually varies slightly.

This kit comes with a piece of the design tip which creates a wide ribbon-like stroke with it. I can imagine the more fun designs you can do with more design tips!

Here’s my completed DOHVINCI Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kit, with some of my favourite Instax mini prints.

Thank you Hasbro for having us at the fun DOHVINCI Designer workshop! Looking forward to more fun time with Hasbro Singapore!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI art and design kits available at all Toys’R’Us and major departmental stores in Singapore.

Toys Craze: Takara Tomy Tomica Cars and Playsets

What started out as a small fun toy has now grown to take up 1/6 of our playroom. It began with two cute little Tomica character cars which Ayra got to zoom around with on the dining table. Just because these cars were too cute to resists when she first chanced upon it at SPC, toy cars sold at petrol station. How appropriate!

Then it was the beginning of “cute car collecting spree” for Ayra. She got a third car from Let’s Play at Sunshine Plaza


And then for her 3rd Birthday, Mummy me decided to upgrade her table “road” to a playable Tomica playset of a garage. This one moves your car but the spinning track is a little loud and noisy, which of cos I didn’t know until after I bought it. meh

Tomica Playset

But this the two girls enjoyed playing with it very much. Creating their very own human traffic jams with Duplo characters and the Tomica cars.


And the loving Grandparents had to upgrade the girls’ playing set a day after (for her birthday too) with two giant playsets which outshine the much noisy one I got for her. Initially I thought we could combine the three play sets together, but these two does not go together with the one I bought. The girls just liked to see the cars running around the track and up the carpark elevator.


And slowly but surely, the collection of Tomica cars are overtaking her Duplo characters! To date, we have almost 20 cars of mixed colours, make and model. We kinda slowed down this and try to avoid the showcase in stores so Ayra wouldn’t want to “Just look at it for awhile” (so she says).


With all these cars and zooming around, I hope she doesn’t grow up to be a daredevil race car driver!

Lunch Date With Daughter – OctoSchool at Fish & Co

With more flexibility in my work schedules come more opportunities for lunch outings with my love ones. Slowly but surely, we are going to try out more places together with my girls. Going to start one new section in The Loving Mum – Kids Dine Out, where we share our little dining dates with you. Starting off with our recent unplanned lunch date at Fish & Co, Bugis Junction.

A Happy Ayra = A Happy Mummy

Just happened to be at Bugis Junction earlier before we caught Hairy Maclary at NLB. With picky eater Ayra with me, I wasn’t sure where to bring her for lunch. After walking around the restaurants we entered Fish & Co, and were pleasantly surprised at the little goodies given to all kids dining that day. This sure made my lunch date with Ayra a little easier as she was excited by the cute gifts.

Though they did get our orders wrong, seeing how busy the place was and the shortage of staff, I didn’t request for a change. And Ayra would have objected to it since it was fries that was served instead of the rice I ordered for her kids meal.

If you are wondering, no she didn’t eat much from her plate. This super picky eater is super hard to please. Just a few pieces of fries, few scoops of soup and one small tiny bite of the fish fingers. And a few sips of milo!

The cod fish when served and noted to me that they have just changed the type of cod fish used in their menu and now it comes with some fine bones. I wasn’t very pleased as I thought cod usually are served boneless. But it wasn’t that bad as only 2 small pieces of bones were found in my piece of cod that day. Next time must check before ordering!

Overall the experience at Fish & Co was alright. The highlight from that lunch date was the unexpected gifts for kids. Anyone know if this is a new initiative at Fish & Co or just in month of October due to Children’s day?