Keeping Baby Clean – Simple Steps & Tips for New Parents

Bathing a baby may be one of those many things that new parents worry about before their baby arrives. Throwback to 6 years ago, when I was carrying my first born, Ayra, I googled for guides on bathing a newborn, searched for baby bathing videos on YouTube and also attended pre-natal classes. And guess what?

When it was time to bath my baby (the real one not the doll from pre-natal class) for the first time, my mind went blank! Before that day, I was able to instruct and guide my grandma and mum who were helping bath Ayra the first week. I was able to clearly remember what to do and the 101 things needed to be setup etc. But once you actually get down to it, you forget all books and videos and just focus on the amazing bonding experience with you and your newborn.

If you’ve never bathed a baby before, here are the list of things you need to prepare. (I’ve previously shared a comprehensive shopping list for new parents.)

Diaper napkins/ Cloth diapers/ Disposable diapers – depending on your preference.
Changing mat – so you don’t get your bed sheets wet each time you change your baby.
Cotton balls – to clean baby’s eyes, baby cord before it drops off, and baby bottom.
Baby wipes for the poo/pee clean-up before shower.
• Soap free/ Gentle baby shampoo – we’ve used and trusted Cetaphil for many years up till today.
Baby moisturizer – baby’s skin needs to be moisturized so pick one that’s gentle to baby’s skin.


Baby bath tub – recommend getting one with stand so you don’t have to squat down to bathe the baby.
Baby bath towels – we invested in nano fiber towels for our girls since birth because they are soft and fluffy, and its lint free. We are still using the same batch of towels from 5 years ago.
Baby wash towels  – which are also the same nano fiber towels, they come in many sizes.
A basket to hold all the bottles and wipes etc so it’s easier to carry and store them. Most of the time you’ll be operating with one hand since the other will be cradling your baby.

Now that you have the necessary stuff ready, we move on to the what and how to clean your baby. And thanks to the Cetaphil Baby Experience, a recent workshop on childcare, I am able to share the following how-to guides with you.



  1. Ensure the windows are closed and the fan turned off before removing any clothes from the baby. I even had my door closed too so the baby won’t get any chill drafts during shower.
  2. I also prefer to use a room with a connecting toilet to bath the baby, so everything is nearby and to minimise moving around with a naked baby.
  3. Before bringing the baby to the bath room, clean the baby’s eyes, ears and face with cooled boiled water and cotton balls. Do the same for baby’s belly button.
  4. Clean the baby’s bottom with the remaining water ensuring all residues of pee and poo are cleared, this is to ensure the bath tub water does not get contaminated.
  5. Fill the bath tub to about 1/4 with lukewarm water, which is not hot to touch with the inside of your wrist.
  6. I use 2-in-1 shampoo and shower wash because it is easier to manage when bathing a baby. I will drop some of it into the water and use a wash cloth to clean the baby’s hair and body.
  7. I will talk and sing to my baby in the shower to distract her and keep as much eye contact as possible. This also gives assurance to the baby, letting her know that you are there and she’s in good hands.
  8. When the baby is washed and cleaned, wrap the baby with a soft big towel immediately
  9. Place the baby on the changing mat (on the bed) and towel dry quickly but gently.
  10. The first thing I do is to ensure the bottom is cleaned, moisturized and put on the diaper immediately. You never know when the baby decides to pee or poo! Accidents do happen, so be prepared.
  11. Apply moisturizer over the face, neck, arms, body and legs.
  12. Put on clean clothes and you’re done!

Since, the first few times a baby is bathed by different pair of hands, the baby and the bathing process may not be as comfortable or familiar. But don’t give up if your little one isn’t enjoying bath time yet, it takes time for both of you to truly enjoy the bathing experience.

For those of you who missed the Cetaphil Baby event, there was a live baby bathing demo. Lead by Ms Kang Phaik Gaik, senior lactation consultant at Alvernia Parentcraft Centre, Mount Alvernia Hospital, the demo shared helpful tips on how to bathe newborns. You can learn more about the correct and safe way of bathing newborn babies and massaging them with the video.

Hope this sharing is useful for new parents and parents to be!

Hope this sharing is useful for new parents and parents to be!

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Cetaphil.

Baby Zara from 1 to 5 months

Our second precious girl has grown so much over 5 months, from a tiny baby who grew almost double in size from birth in 3 months. She can hardly fit into her elder sister’s clothes from the 6 to 12 months range! She needs lose pants and t-shirts as Zara has got chunky arms and thighs. Not sure if its due to the breast milk (still drinking now) or the formulae milk (Nan Pro 1 which we started rotating with BM since birth). Her elder sister was on S26 and then Mamil Gold during the first 6 months, with only slightly more than a month supply of breast milk.

Here’s Baby Zara from 1 month to 5 months…

So so so so love this baby girl. I wish I had more time to spend with her. Due to work, I only get to see her few times a week and on some weekends we get to share the same bed. As compared to her elder sister, I’m spending so so much lesser time with her at this stage of her life. Saddens me I have to miss her milestones and not see how much she learn and grow everyday. Grow well and strong Zara! Mummy loves you very much!

Hello Baby No. 2

Drafting of this post started on 15 February 2013 and published only now cause I needed to be sure no. 2 is ready to be revealed.

Sometime last year, we decided it is time to give Ayra a younger sibling. It is either now or never. My plan is to get the child bearing part of my life settled and spend as much time as I can with my babies till they are ready for school. I don’t wish to see one child to school then plan for a second one, this will not enable me to return back to work and help bring in some dough for the family. So we did it.

Being the kan cheong me, I used the first kit too early. It was three weeks before my expected cycle and the test was negative. A week later, I decided to test it again, this time the second line was showing a little but never quite revealed in full after several minutes, so I take it that the kit was faulty. Still feeling that something is happening inside me, I tested it again few days before my cycle. And this time the lines were clear.

On January 6, 2013: It’s positive!
Hello Baby No. 2!

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Baby’s favorite comforter is Xiao Bai

It’s a kitten puppet from Ikea which I saw while shopping for baby’s furniture in preparation for her arrival. There were at least 6 different soothers/ comforters which I bought for Baby; only one managed to capture her attention, heart and mouth!


Baby’s grandma named the kitty puppet ?? (Xiao Bai) and Baby grew to recognize it as that. Xiao Bai does many things with Baby and go everywhere she goes. Xiao Bai gets a shower whenever possible, especially on sunny days so that Baby will not have to miss her friend for too long.

Baby likes to rub Xiao Bai’s face on her face and nose, bite it’s four paws and tiny tail. Recently she started introducing her way of greeting and loving Xiao Bai to her Ayah and me. She will offer Xiao Bai to us by bringing it to our nose and wait for us to rub our nose against Xiao Bai’s. And now I am doing that everyday with Baby and her friend. The three of us will wake up in bed all rolled up together doing the sniffy and nose rubbing, it’s our daily morning routine now. I love our moments together like this.

Baby is learning to walk

At 10 months, Ayra was able to walk and move around the house on her own with help from wall, furniture and “leg support” from us. As she started to crawl not long ago, I didn’t expect her to start walking so quickly. Everyone were excited and thrilled to see her progress so steadily.

Photo taken on 18 July 2012
Photo taken on 6 August 2012

Now at 11 months, she is slowly letting herself go of the support. She is able to stand and even sway and dance to music on a bouncy bed without support! Just yesterday, she held my right hand and took two brave steps! Soon, very soon, we will be able to take a stroll together hand in hand! I’m super excited!

Our Life in Pages

Its been almost 4 months since I started recording our life in pages. Our Project Life begins from 1 January 2012, and I’m trying my best to keep it going with a weekly update in the album. Up till today, I’m still only at week 9, that’s 27 Feb to 4 Mar! Plenty more to catchup before I’ll be in line with the calendar. Time and space are my two constrain now. Hopefully by Oct we’ll be able to move into our own home where I’ll have proper workspace for my crafting needs. *excites*

Sharing some of the pages from our Project Life album 2012…

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You amazed me

Dear Ayra,

You amazed me all the time and tonight you held yourself up for more than 3 seconds on my bed without holding on to me for support. TWICE!!! Your hands were held high and your posture was straight and upright. You gave me a “look-ma-i-did-it” expression and it was priceless!

You are learning so fast and picking up new habits everyday. You’ll pretend to be upset to get my attention when I’m busy with work. You will play hide-and-seek with me and laugh together with me when we are having fun. You also prefer to sleep next to me in my bed every night, and will occupy 3/4 of the single bed leaving me with little space for any proper sleep. Though I wake up every morning with strained neck, arms and back, the great big smile you give me upon waking up makes all these pain go away. Its magic!

Baby, grow well and grow strong.