That Day When Ayra Met Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Photo from PM Lee's Facebook Page (MCI Photo by Terence Tan)
Photo from PM Lee’s Facebook Page (MCI Photo by Terence Tan)

Because it was kind of a big deal so I just got to record this memory on the blog. The news of this once in a lifetime opportunity came on my birthday just when we were about to leave home for dinner. The lady from Capitaland called and asked if Ayra would be able to join them at the launch and present a token of appreciation to PM Lee at the Straits Time exhibition, Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow, where Capitaland is the main sponsor for. The first thing that came to mind was “Oh no! Ayra? Our super shy Ayra presenting to PM Lee? Surely cannot loh! It’ll be a photo disaster!“. But of course I did not say that and politely accepted the invite. The moment the phone call ended, I started prepping Ayra immediately! Yes I am THAT kiasu although we were two weeks to the launch.

Days preceding to the day when Ayra meets our Prime Minister at the launch, I explained to her what she was going to be doing, who PM Lee is, how he is related to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (because Ayra knows about him during the period of national mourning), what she can expect at the launch and how she should behave and smile all the time. Ayra was even told to imagine that she will be invisible that evening and only Mummy can see her, so she does not need to worry about strangers looking at her. It was quite a stressful experience for me because this is confirmed going to be published in the papers loh!

See she was all smiley and happy before dinner. Ayra you would have been such a doll if you gave that big smile when you met PM Lee that night.

Everything went well and Ayra was all set and ready for the big event that evening. We arrived at Marina Bay Sands slightly earlier to slowly set her mood and have our dinner. All was smooth and great until when we were ready to walk over to Art Science Museum (ASM) where the launch and exhibition was taking place!!!

I was almost lost for words and ran out of ideas to coax this little shy princess of mine. She refused to walk towards ASM and insisted her feet were too tired to move. There is no way we are backing out of this so I used all mighty power of imagination to help ease her anxiety and we managed to go through the whole event without any need to tame any crying girl. All these wouldn’t be possible without the great help, hospitality and patience from the ladies from Capitaland.

The all adults crowd probably intimidated the tiniest little girl there.
Keeping Ayra occupied and warmed up while waiting for PM Lee to reach our exhibit hall, which is the last in the entire exhibit.

As I had expected, Ayra was too nervous and stunned like vegetable when the huge entourage of media and photographer engulfed PM Lee, CEO of Capitaland and her during the presentation. Her feet were stuck to the ground, lips tightly sealed into a straight line and refusing to smile for the cameras. I am very very grateful and thankful for the initiative taken by PM Lee during the presentation, he taking the extra effort to ensure photos were taken for the news piece and even giving us a second chance to have some more photos taken.

Ayra in the feature in The Straits Time
PM Lee making small chats with Ayra, trying to get her to warm up. Photo taken by not-sure-who-cos-camera-passed around.

And the one most unforgettable thing he did was to reply to my posting on his Facebook page, acknowledging Ayra’s presence that night.

Besides the Past and Present, the Future and what it can be was a big part of the exhibition. Capitaland organised the…

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong onĀ Wednesday, July 15, 2015

If you are wondering why Ayra was invited to do this, well because she is the youngest participant of #BuildSG2065, a campaign by Capitaland.

Ayra’s art piece duplicated and now on display inside Art Science Museum together with many other creative submissions for #BuildSG2065.

Thank you again Capitaland for this memorable experience for me. As for Ayra, I think she would probably laugh at how silly she had been that evening when she sees this post and view the photos taken that night with PM Lee.

Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow, at ArtScience Museum from now till 4 Oct 2015. Go check it out!

5 Things We Did at Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction Exhibition

Sometime I feel that I’m such a lousy parent. Had promised to bring Ayra to see Dinosaurs since June, but we only did it cause it was the final 3 days before it ended. It was a nice family outing with just the elder girl. She loves to receive our 100% attention with alone time. Remembering this day with 5 things we did together at Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction Exhibition.

Augmented Reality

We played with our phones! Throughout the exhibiting venue, there were markers for us to scan with their mobile app. At one of the point, we got to see dinosaurs around us through the phone. Ayra was searching high and low for them in reality after we showed her what was on the phone.

See Dinosaurs

Of course, there are many many dinosaurs, mostly replicas. Still it was quite an eye opener for Ayra. Her first experience with a dinosaur was at the previous exhibition we went at ArtScience Museum too.

The feeling inside when I saw her looking at the exhibits is so hard to describe. I wonder what she’s thinking about and will you still remember these fun moments we shared when she grows up.

We peeped into holes, opened and closed flaps and took silly selfies…

Dinosaur Puzzles

This we spent the most time at during our visit. Ayra managed to complete two of the three puzzles on her own. Seeing her putting them in place piece by piece makes me a proud mama.

Touched Dinosaur Skin

Ya, I got her to touch the “skin” on display. Reluctant at first, but eventually overcame her fear to explore new things.

Make Our Own Dinosaur Shadow Puppet

At the end of the exhibit, we sat and did our own shadow puppet dinosaur! Ayra and Ayah did the work, I only stood to snap photos and helped cut out the pieces.

And so you can see, Ayra still need lots of practice holding pens (still discovering which is her master hand) and a lot of practice coloring!

Wonder what will be our next adventure at the ArtScience Museum. Hopefully Zara will be able to walk together and have fun with us then.

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Over the staycation weekend we visited The Art of the Brick exhibition at Art Science Museum. It was our first visit to the museum and personally I was very excited about it. We took a stroll to the museum after we checked out of the hotel (to save on parking since its complimentary from the hotel). The weather wasn’t hot nor windy, but by the time we reached the museum, we were all drenched in sweat. The air condition at the museum was super welcoming.

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Ayra chose to walk across the Helix Bridge on her own, and she sure know how to take her time. She swung from side to side and did her dance moves (no there wasn’t any music) while enjoying her walk. She would stop for a minute on every lighting spot she passed just to rest her feet on them. With her comical walk and loud giggles, she attracted much attention from the others. In return, she will wave and say hi at them. Super friendly girl!

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

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