The Suspense

Baby has been keeping us in suspense. Both scan we try to see whether you’re a boy or girl, but you weren’t in the right position for the doctor to scan. Mummy was anticipating and counting down to the day of the second scan at KKH to see you. The doctor doing the scan for me that day was rather inpatient and she was called out to help at another room. Instead of taking time for you to go to the right position, she simply told us that its not possible to see that day.

Mummy was disappointed.

Two more weeks to the next visit to Prof Tee for the regular checkup. Hope you’ll be facing up instead of down this time. Don’t keep Mummy and Daddy in suspense for too long k?

Love you baby!

You’re growing well

Though mummy just hit 30, daddy wants to be sure that all is well for you and me. So I took the first trimester screening package to make sure that I do not fall under the high risk pregnancy category.

Blood test was done at week 9 and an ultrasound scan of nuchal translucency (NT) was carried out around week 13 day 6. The blood test was not as painful as I’d thought, though three tubes of blood was drawn out from my left arm.

The scan took quite a long time, mostly due to the long long wait for the doctor to come and the other because you were not in the right position for the doctor to see your nose. Mummy had to drink plenty of water and attempt to cough a couple of times so that you’ll move to the right position for the doctor to scan.

All results from the above tests were good and the risk of Down Syndrome is very very very very low. Daddy and Mummy are both very pleased to hear that.

Grow well baby. We’ll meet soon!


Present #2 from Pris

When mummy got home from our big day, this cute set of clothes was sitting on my bed waiting for me. So cute right? Mummy’s going to wear them on you when you arrive.

Thanks Pris for this lovely present.

Preventing stretch marks

A friend shared about this moisturising oil she used during pregnancy that helped keep the stretch marks away. Having been recommended by her friend and seeing it work on her, I decided to give it a try.

Everyday (well almost, some day I may be too lazy to apply) I’ll spray a generous amount on my tummy and butt after shower and massage the oil into my skin. It feels nice and not at all greasy! Hate having greasy feel after applying cream or oil. This is surprisingly light and smells good too. Though my friend recommended using it twice a day, but lazy me is doing it once only. Will be more hardworking when the tummy grows bigger.

At the rate the oil is going, I think I’ll just need one bottle for the rest of the journey.

Bought the AVENT Moisturising Light Oil from BHG, Bishan at $29.90 (I think).

You’re coming earlier!

It’s the second time we see you today and you’ve grown so much over a month! Now measuring at 6.3cm! Big baby you are!

[image type=”frame-css3″ align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”At week 12 day 6″][/image]

The last time A/Prof John Tee said you’ll be arriving on 17 Sep, and today he said you’ll be coming sooner on 13th Sep! Can’t wait to see you BB!

Grow and be well. Love you!

BB’s first present!

Look what Uncle bought for you from Bangkok! You lucky baby! Only at Week 10+ and already you’ve got a present! I’m jealous! 😛

[image type=”frame-css3″ align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”Quack!”][/image]

Babyrooms Ideas by Paidi

These rooms are simple, practical and so lovely! I’m going to draw inspirations from here when I decorate my baby’s room in the new home. Love how the furnitures can be used even when the baby has grown up. All you need to do is change the baby’s bed to a single bed.

[image type=”frame” align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”COMO Babyroom by Paidi”][/image]

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