The mini bluetooth speaker that got Ayra excited

One day I brought home a little red cylinder and showed it to Ayra. I turned it on, linked it to my mobile phone and started streaming music out from this little red cylinder. Ayra was shocked at first and ran away from it when music came blasting out of it. When I adjusted the volume down and played her favorite music, she got excited again and held up the red cylinder to see what it was.

Makes me happy every time she get curious with new objects. I like seeing how she examine them, how she try to press any available buttons and poke every hole she sees just to find out more about it.

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Get Crafty with Canon Pixma!

I am SUPER pumped to be part of this campaign with OMY! Yes, I did get a complimentary Canon Pixma MG3170 printer and attended the Holiday Creativity workshop at Sheraton Towers some time back. But what gets me super excited is that I am part of a group of “Craft Gurus” who will be sharing crafting tips with readers at OMY and also on this humble blog.

I loveeeeeeeee crafts and I loveeeeeee printing stuff. To me, this is a perfect campaign for me! I have a valid reason to get crafting for the next one month and this is going to help motivate me to catch up on the long overdue scrapbooking projects that have been sitting in the corner of my room for longest time.

Having owned Canon Pixma printers for so many years, and knowing the existence of Canon Pixma Town, I’ve never got down to trying out any of the projects on Pixma Town, just because I always have no time! Again because of this, I have a purpose to fulfill and so I got down to trying out those crafts that I’d been eyeing since.

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