Capture What Goes on Behind Those Photos and Videos

Thanks to the new Canon PowerShot N100, you can now capture what truly happened behind the photos and videos you take. This is especially useful for parents like myself who are always missed in family photos and vidoes, now we can too be captured in action together with everyone else.

Often we (the photographer) is the one that makes our kids smile for the camera. Sometime we resort to making funny faces or dangling their favorite toy just to get a smile from them. With the new Canon PowerShot N100, we can now capture and remember what was it that triggered that moment captured.

With Dual Capture, images/ movie captured by story camera are inserted into a still image (dual photo) or movie (dual movie and Digest Movie via Hybrid Auto) shot by the main camera.

Here’s a video I captured with the PowerShot N100 where both my girls were interacting sitting opposite one another.

The Canon PowerShot N100 is equipped with a sub camera (Story camera) on the back (above the LCD monitor) allowing the camera to shoot images and movie of the photographer. The window size of the story camera is versatile and can be changed from 3 sizes and can be placed at either of the 4 positions (4 corners of the photo/video), this feature can be set to on/off.

Another feature I love about this camera (and most of Canon’s new releases) is the NFC (Near Field Communication) capability on the camera. With NFC, you can press the Mobile Device Connect Button and tap your NFC-enabled Android device to the camera to send images from the camera to the smartphone with ease. Photographers can also control the camera remotely via the free Canon Camera Window app from virtually anywhere with their iOS or Android device.

Remote shooting is useful for capturing kids doing their own things. Without having to be physically standing in front of them, we cause less distraction so they can focus on what they are doing. Like the below photo, Zara was paying attention to the show rather than me trying to capture photos of her.

Of course, remote shooting also allows for the photographer to be included in the photo. Great for group shots! The example below is not the most ideal to show how this works, but well, I need more practice with this thing.

You can also view all the photos in your camera via the same app.

The PowerShot N100 is a pretty cool camera to own, personally, if I were to get this camera, it’ll probably be a secondary camera for me to use for capturing fun shots and videos with my girls. I prefer a more solid camera that gives me more manual shooting options like the G1 X Mark II or the PowerShot S120.

[box]Canon PowerShot N100 is retailing at $449, available at all Canon Authorised Dealers. Find out more about the camera on Canon Website.[/box]

Online Shopping for the Busy Mums


I am obsessed! I am an on-line shopaholic!

Since I was pregnant with my first child, going out to shop for things became kinda like a chore. Then was due to the heavy tummy and sore legs, now being a working mum of two, going out is even more of a challenge. My family and I have since became obsessive on-line shoppers. Sharing some of our frequently used online stores in this post, and I hope this will help fellow busy mums like myself bring back a little sanity into our busy and packed life.

For Books and Reading Pleasure

I stock up on story books, activity books and fun books at home, hoping to encourage Ayra to pick up the love for books instead of focusing too much on YouTube videos. NoQStore is just one of the many online book store we purchased from. One plus point is they provide free delivery for orders above $25 in Singapore. But delivery takes up to 14 days after placing the order. If you know the titles you want to purchase, this is one of the place to go.

[box]Make use of our special promo code TheLovingMum to get 15% off your purchase at from now till 31st July 2014.[/box]

For Groceries and Necessities

For the monthly necessities for the household, we get them from RedMart. Love the entire shopping experience on desktop and on our mobile. If you have never heard about them yet, please go check them out now! Price of items are comparable with those from major supermarkets, but you save yourself time and effort from having to go pick up the items, make payment and then lug those heavy bags of detergent, laundry softeners and toilet rolls home!

For Fashion and Accessories

On days when I feel like I need to refresh my wardrobe and shoe cabinet a little, I go to the list of websites below. Always have your measurement ready for easy purchase. I record mine in my phone, so whenever I feel like buying a new top or dress, I can just click click click and checkout! This is (to me) worst than going window shopping, cos I tend to buy on impulse!

For Movies and Entertainment

I cannot remember when was the last time I went for a movie date with my husband. The last time I caught one was Frozen on my iPad with my girl. I’ve started buying HD movies from iTunes store for those titles which I know I will watch a few times. As for those feel good movies, well, we all know there’s always *cough* ways to get them. Though I strongly discourage that. We should pay for quality movies!

For Arts and Luxury Wants
Recently I was introduced to a new online Art gallery/ store and I fell in love with it! Browsing through the site can be rather therapeutic on a stressful day. I’m eyeing a few pieces from Art Loft but I can’t decide where I can display them at home yet. If you have an empty wall in your house, why not check out the pieces at Art Loft?

Do you have a favorite online store which I should check out too? Share with me on our Facebook Page.

The iPad Mini Adventure with Otter (And a Giveaway!)

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Ayra plays on the iPad mini a lot”][/image]

Because this Otter box thinggy is so useful, its self-explanatory why you should get one for your gadget. Let the photos tell the experience…

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”A child-friendly protective case for the iPads”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Otter box defender series iPad mini case”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Comes with a stand for vertical and horizontal viewing”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”The durable and steady stand”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Stand in action”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Stand can be attached to the case for portability”][/image]

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Case comes with inbuilt protective screen that prevents scratches”][/image]

[box type=”1″]

Otter box defender series

[list type=”checked”]

  • Robust, 3-layer protection withstands drops, bumps and shocks
  • Built-in screen protector prevents scratches
  • Port covers keep out dust and debris
  • Holster-style swiveling belt clip included


The Otter box defender series helps keep out dust, shock-proof and protects against scratch.

Find out more here.[/box]

With so much features packed inside this defender case, do be prepared to forgot the slim and light feature of the original iPad mini.

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”With the Otter box, any violent with the iPad is protected”][/image]

[box type=”2″]

Win one now!

[image type=”bottom” width=”500″ align=”center” caption=”Win a Otter box!”][/image]

To win the Otter box for your iPad mini, complete at least one of the following…
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to anyone with a Singapore address. Giveaway ends midnight of 16 Feb 2014.

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum received the Otter box for review purposes and another one for this giveaway. All opinions are personal.

Polaroid Style Photo Printing from Your Mobile

PRINTIC is the easiest and fastest way to order prints from your smartphone; for yourself or share them with family and friends! Printic allows you to choose pictures from your smartphone, Instagram, Facebook and even from your Dropbox! Great for those of you whom backups your camera photos in the cloud.

With Printic App, you can choose your pictures, crop them, select your recipient(s), and you and your loved ones will receive vintage-themed pictures in their mailboxes. Who doesn’t love receiving surprises in their mailbox right?

Once you’re happy with your creations, just place your order by selecting the number of copies to print and where you want to send the prints to (either to yourself or your family and friends) and you’ll be ready to check-out in no time.

You can add personalized text on the photos too!

The prints come in about a week’s time from Hong Kong if I recall it correctly. The printout is of good quality and is on glossy Fujicolor photo paper.

All the prints are US$0.49 with the first print for each order at US$2.19. Shipping is free worldwide.

My personal take on this? Well, if you do not own a decent photo printer at home, Printic is a useful application to have in your mobile. For me, I’ve got 3 Canon Photo Printers including 2 Selphy at home, this service is a little costly for me. I print one 4R on my Selphy at just $0.35, that’s excluding the price of the printer lah! But those who know me will know I am hardcore at photo printing. So the “capital” for my printers is stretched out well.

Give PRINTIC a try and you may love it more than I do!

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum received free credits from Printic for trial of their app and service. All opinions are of our own.

The Most Expensive Ride Home in Singapore

How much would you pay for a ride home on a heavy downpour night with your kids in tow? Well I paid over hundred bucks for it! 🙁

It was pouring super heavily last night and I was out alone with Ayra at Orchard for a media Xmas gathering. Silly me must be too idealistic thinking we could easily get a cab at night.

I was sooo wrong!

After 6 failed attempts to get a cab, and with Ayra getting exhausted from all the fun she had earlier, my only option then was to call for an uber. My first two rides with uber cost between $40 to $70 and so I thought this ride home from Orchard will be at the same range.

Uber Ride 17 Dec 2013

I fell off the chair when I saw the final amount charged to my card at the end of the ride! A whooping $154!!!! And I recall the rate as 2.5 times and not what I had assumed as 2.5%!


I should have just drove to town instead. Or I should have left the car at home so I could activate hub to pick us up. I could have called my brother to drive us home. I could have… …

Oh well. Lesson learned. Never proceed with an uber booking if the surcharge is more than 1.5 times.

I first learned about Uber about a year ago and used their service when I was in a hurry and no cab was available. I enjoy all my rides with them and in desprate times, a $60 cab fare seems alright. But a $154 ride is just so unexpected.

I hope i will never have any more of such desperation again.

Life would be happier without the smart phones and tablets

We are slaves to technology.

Our eyes are exposed to more bad readings when we check our phones (reading, checking emails, playing games, watching videos etc) before we sleep and before we get out of bed. Our necks get strained from looking down our phones or tablets while commuting in the train and bus. Our fingers get cramps from too much (and too fast) touch typing on the tiny keyboard on these gadgets. And our child is getting exposed to all these at an even younger age than us!

Is this good or bad? Continue reading “Life would be happier without the smart phones and tablets”

Print Photos anywhere from Home with Canon Selphy CP900

I take a lot of photos. And I don’t usually print any out in the past, till Ayra came into our life. Many photos were gone when my 1TB HDD died on me some years back, those memories now still unrecoverable with only few pieces left from blog and my flickr account. Now, I triple backup all my photos, kept the original in the original medium I took and stored them in and print out my favorites.

I have FOUR printers sitting in my work/craft/messy room and I try to set aside time at least once a month to go through all the photos taken the previous months to select, group, print and sort them out. Recently I got to try the new wireless Selphy from Canon. I own a ES40 Selphy and use it a lot. But with this wireless one, printing is even more convenient.

If there’s no wifi connection available, you can also link up directly with the printer wirelessly. Very easy to setup and super easy to use.

After testing it for a week, I still feel it lacks the many features the ES40 gives. And because most of my printable photos are store in SD cards, I prefer to plug the card in and print from it. One thing that I like about the CP900 that doesn’t come with the ES40 is the option to print these cute square stickers!

These are PERFECT for instagram photos! You can print all your favorite instapics anytime you want directly from your phone. Love it!

If you’re looking for a photo printer that’s portable and of good quality, give the Selphy printers a try.