We Like To Do The Twist – Review of Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System

Come on, baby, let’s do the twist
Come on, baby, let’s do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this

These bluetooth-liked round boxes (which many assumed these adaptors to be probably due to the blue illuminated light) are adaptors for Eubiq power tracks. This power outlet system is designed with safety and elegance in mind, providing living, public and office space an alternative solution for power extension.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Since the day I setup our first Eubiq power track at home, I am sold. I love how it helps declutter my work space, the safety features, the elegant design and it is child-proof! If only we had budgeted for this when renovating our house two years ago.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Sitting on our dining table (also my home work desk) is the Eubiq E-track. Engaged on the track are two power adaptors (RRP $60 each), a USB charger adaptor (RRP $85) and the Aladine Tasklight (RRP $228). With all these adaptors plugged into one single track helps make more space for other things on my table.

The E-track is a compact power solution designed with Eubiq’s groundbreaking power track technology, providing easy access to power for any living and office space. The E-track can hold and engages up to 8 adaptors, enough for all our charging needs on a daily basis. A plug it in and ready to use solution with great versatility as it comes with dual purpose plastic base for free standing or wall mount. Most importantly, it is safe & certified with Eubiq’s award-winning patented GSS (Ground Sentry Spring) system; globally recognised as safe and shockproof.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Safety Feature of Eubiq GSS System

Eubiq’s power adaptors and tracks are designed to engage when they are in full contact. Without either of them, no power source will be generated, making it safe to leave the main switch turned on even when the track is not in use. Below are images of this elegant system and how it works.

The power adaptor closed up

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Cross-section of the track with adaptor pushed in (Not engaged)

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Cross-section of the track with adaptor pushed in and engaged

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Noted how the points meet? Power is only transmitted when all the points touched and engaged, making the track safe even to poke your finger into when main switch is turned on. This is very important when we have little ones around the house. Before we had the E-track on our dining table, I had to move my long and ugly looking extension chord up and down the table when we have the girls at the table with us, so that they don’t go play with the switch and cables. Now with E-track, we do not need to do that anymore.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Out of the many types of adaptors Eubiq carries, the USB charger is my favorite and probably the most expensive too in their range. If I remember correctly, this one adaptor costs $85. Ideal for the modern family with too many gadgets to charge.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

The fun part of these adaptors is to turn them on and off. This is where you do the twist!

If only we have the Eubiq system installed around the house, we would never have to pay for another power extension chord. Just plug in an adaptor along the track and we will have as many outlets as we require. See how neat and elegant the Eubiq power track can create around the house.

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Eubiq Flexible Power Outlet System Reviewed by The Loving Mum

Above three photos taken from Eubiq Singapore.

For those renovating the house soon, you might want to check out their packages for power track installation around your new home. Though they may cost much higher than getting the usual power points installed, but these tracks will help you save more in years to come since you will not need to get extension or multi-way adaptors which are unsightly and dangerous for families with little ones around.

Find out more about Eubiq and their latest promotion on Facebook.

About Eubiq
Eubiq has been working towards the vision of becoming the world’s leader in power outlet systems for the past 14 years. Founded and manufactured locally, their products and inventions can be found not only in Singapore, but also 40 other countries in the world. The impact and influence Eubiq has made to date is considerable but its greatest potential has yet to still be realized.

This innovative track-based, ultra-flexible and safe power outlet system has been awarded worldwide patents since 2003 and has won significant awards over the years.

The original target audiences were the global corporate industries like hospitals and established businesses. This initiative successfully established Eubiq as the premium electronic platform of choice, delivering all essential services to the end users in National University Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital as well as Emirates airport lounges around the world.

This year, they are broadening their focus to attract and engage an even wider range of consumers – homeowners. “We found that consumer sales were increasing and consumers made decisions faster than big corporations,” said Mr Yong, the inventor, engineer and founder of Eubiq.

Homeowners will gravitate towards Eubiq because of the convenience, design and endless possibilities the product brings. By installing power tracks along the walls of their homes, there will be no need to rewire any existing electrical outlets to power all electronic products. All they have to do is simply insert an adaptor that connects to the track with a twist-tolock mechanism, anywhere along the track and insert a power cord into the adaptor. With this, power source is available anywhere around the house without any need for extension cords.

Receiver of a set of Eubiq E-Track and Adaptors for #TLMGiftaway

Congrats to Yeong Beng Tan! You’ve been picked to win this set of Eubiq E-Track and Adaptors! We will be in touch with you via email soon for your gift collection.

Thank you Eubiq for sponsoring this useful and practical gift for The Loving Mum 12 Days of Giftaway.

Reasons why Parents Should Get A Waterproof Camera

Kids love to swim and play in water and we parents love to enjoy these splashing good time with them too. And if you are a parent who need to capture all happy memories with your family whenever, wherever, however you want to, then a waterproof camera is probably part of your essential gadget list. We tried going for a fun day in the pool with one and now I need to get myself one waterproof camera just so I can be in the action together with my girls.

Instead of standing at edge of the pool and trying to zoom in to where the girls are playing, I can now be in the water and shoot as much as I like! Thanks to the waterproof Canon PowerShot D30 camera!

And be part of the fun while Ayra splashes water at me while I shoot, and get a totally splashed shot like the one below! LOL!

Love seeing the photos after we got home as I was just shooting anyhow anywhere every time in the water. I ended with many shots with water blotches covering faces and all, but with happy faces captured like these below, I am a happy.

The Canon PowerShot D30 is a decent underwater camera if you are looking for one that fits the $300 range budget. It is not the best I’m sure but its an affordable option. I am too used to the superb quality from my Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II, the quality of photo taken by the PowerShot D30 lacks the vibrancy, quality and sharpness I hope for in a camera. But comparing between getting an underwater case for the G1X Mark II vs paying for a durable underwater camera safe for kids to use too, I think I would go with the extra set of camera for its portability and easy to use feature.

A mini trailer I did with the video snippets I took with the Canon PowerShot D30 camera.

Ending this post with couple more shots I took with the Canon PowerShot D30, shot indoor while having our early dinner after the swim…

Review of Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air And A Giveaway!

Sooo if you are following me on Instagram, you would know how much my dear Ayra loves using our iPads at home. We’ve got the iPad Mini (Ayah’s), iPad Air (Mine) and the first generation iPad for Ayra. Though she has her own, she prefers using ours sometimes.

Kids + iPad = Risk of Drops and Shocks!

The case I used previously has no form of protection whatsoever except to prevent scratches on the iPad. When the opportunity came to try out the new Big Bang cases from Logitech, I just couldn’t say no!

Logitech Big Bang iPad Air Case Review

Continue reading “Review of Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air And A Giveaway!”

Snap Happy with Canon G1X Mark II at Fidgets World, The Grandstand

Phew! What a lengthy title! But that’s exactly what happened over one of the weekends in May, I was snapping the entire time we were at Fidgets World. Too many photos and action shots were taken, no thanks to the super fast shutter (able to take 12 shots per second) and flippable LCD screen for selfies and wefies on the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II camera!

First let’s take a quick look around Fidgets World!

The main play area, which we didn’t spend much time at since Ayra is still afraid of climbing and Zara is well, too small for this. Bigger kids that day went wild climbing and crawling in this huge maze! I wished I was smaller so that I can maneuver through it with ease to get some thrill out of it. #nochildhood

There’s a crafting corner where you can walk-in, pick what you would like to create and swipe your Fidgets World “credit card” for it. Payment for all purchases inside Fidgets World will be done when you check-out from the place.

Love the colorful drawers in the crafting corner!

There’s even a room with studio lighting for your kids’ makeover! First of its kind for an indoor playground I believe.

For those who would like to try modeling down the runway, you can do so in front of real audiences at the Fidgets Cafe.

Cafe area is next to the toddler play area, perfect for those playdates! Kids play with daddies and mummies can catch up over tea! *heehee*

We spent most of our time hanging out at the toddlers area that day. Riding cars, bikes, sitting on rocking chairs, and well, just hanging around to pass time.

The touchscreen on the G1X Mark II is great for touch focusing, especially great for kids moving shots!

Wefies time with Zara while Ayra was napping. With the flippable LCD screen, taking selfies with kids is so much more interactive. They just love seeing themselves in the screen, and the faces they make is so much fun! As you can see, the Mummy joined in the fun too. LOL!

After snapping away with Zara, this girl just wanted to get out of her chair and get moving! She couldn’t wait to go again to the play area so that she can conquer that giant maze in the above 3 years old area! I have a strong feeling this girl is going to be more adventurous than her elder sister.

The one essential feature I like about the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is the super high ISO, up to 12800! This is great for low light shots, especially at such indoor playgrounds, with kids moving constantly. Not all the shots were sharp due to the fast motion, but at least I can still see the kids clearly in these shots. The following shots are taken at ISO6400 at f/2.0.

Not bad ah? Considering the lighting condition with us inside the play area, covered by nets, pools and partitions. After a week with the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II, I am putting it into my to-consider-upgrading list. Waiting till July to see if anything better and more compact is coming up, so that I can get a new camera (again!) for my own birthday!

We Are Family Crafting Fun Time with OMY and Canon Pixma

For the second time, Ayra attended her mass crafting session with OMY and Canon Pixma. This time round, it was held at the InterContinental Singapore at Bugis. We almost couldn’t make it as Ayra was unwell and temperature shot up to 39.5 the night before. I was prepared to stay at home, but this girl of mine was up and being her chirpy self in the morning. So we went ahead, and am glad we did.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Instead of being surrounded by Mummy’s adult friends like the previous session, this time she had other elder kids at the same table. Though she is still too young to interact and play, she was less shy and enjoyed the event more comfortably than the previous one. She’s probably one of the youngest crafter present at the event, and she didn’t partake in any of the mass activities hosted by the emcees.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

She sat and tried to catch the happenings around the stage area. And one lesson learned from previous session, get lunch before heading to the event venue! So we sat and enjoy the session while we munch on our FiletOFish and Cheeseburger.

Kids at the event were all above 5 years old and they were running around looking for answers to a crossword puzzle activity hosted by the emcees. They were also tasked to retrieve materials for the day’s craft activity from the various stations setup around the venue. Good idea by the organiser this time round, kids need to move around more often, don’t expect them to sit through a 4 hour session obediently!

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Participants of We Are Family crafting event also got to try out first-hand printing on the Canon Pixma printers. This time round, all the models on display were their latest offerings from the Pixma family. And that means wireless printing for all! Adults and even some kids, printed photos directly from their mobile phones, tablets and iPads. This is done through the Canon Pixma Printing Solutions application, available on the Android Play store and Apple App store. I’ve previously shared how easy it is to print from my mobile phone wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer, you can read more about it here.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Besides crafting, printing and lots of running about for the kids, the organiser also prepared cut-outs and frames for photo opportunities. This I felt could have been better carried out if they had set up a nicer backdrop, I totally missed this as I entered the ballroom. Nevertheless, kids and families had fun taking photos and some attempted selfies and wefies with these props. As usual, Ayra was too shy to even take a photo with me. So no photo booth love for us again.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

This time round, I brought along embellishments and tools from my home for the event. Knowing the challenges I would face attending this alone with a anytime-can-get-grouchy-girl, everything must standby and be well prepared. Ayra was engaged throughout the first craft activity, a door-hanging-photo-frame, with popping out the sticker chipboards, pasting and decorating it with washi tapes.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

The end product, with lots of help from Mummy, was a very bright and cheerful frame which is now hanging on her crafting table. We had one boo-boo in the completed masterpiece which I only spotted when we were home! Can you spot it?

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Thank you OMY and Canon Pixma for attending an invitation for us to be part of the Craft Guru team for We Are Family crafting event. Though we didn’t get a new Pixma printer *coughs*, we still had a funtastic session together throughout this season. Without this campaign, I probably wouldn’t have the push to do these fun activities with Ayra, nor have time to touch-up our long overdue photo wall.

Till the next event, keep on crafting and love your family!

Created Our Own Playhouse

I wanted to get a playhouse for Ayra as she loves watching kids role-playing with their Barbies and dolls on YouTube, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on a solid one that will stand through serious rough playing by toddlers (aka Playmobil). Not sure whether or not Ayra will want to continue playing with a playhouse and the things she will do with one, I thought why not make one myself and “test the market” first? Here’s what we did… materials I used for the simple DIY Playhouse as follow:

  1. Chipboards – 2 pieces of 6in x 12in and 1 piece of 12in x 12in
  2. Pattern paper printouts from Canon Creative Park
  3. Pattern paper of 12in x 12in for the base
  4. Some washi tapes
  5. Cutting board and pen knife
  6. Scissors and sticky tapes

First I cut two slim openings in the 2 pieces of chipboards to make a groove for them to slide into one another. Then just make sure all your chipboards are covered with the pattern papers. I used washi tapes to go around all the sides to cover up the chipboards. Final product as shown below… Right after I’m done with the DIY Playhouse, Ayra is 100% focused on imaginary play on her own! Helped her set up some of her toys and tried playing with her. But she rather I just sit and watch. So I just sat there and watch her story unfolds. Story telling is the most difficult thing to excel in my opinion. If the kid is able to start mumbling and do her own imaginary play, I will fully support and encourage it. From the video below, looks like soon I may just need to get a proper playhouse for her to start creating more adventures of her own. Find more fun and easy activities to do with your kids over at OMY Crafty Ideas by fellow bloggers, or read more of what we had done with our girls.

Ditch those USB Cables! Wireless Printing made simple with Canon Pixma

For the third time in a row, I’m back with OMY x Canon Pixma as one of the 10 craft gurus! And this time the theme is “We Are Family”! Super excited to catch up with fellow Mummies – Angeline, Ting, Irene, Winnie, Waiwai and meet up with new Mummy friends at the coming workshop on 31 May 2014 at Hotel InterContinental! As we countdown to a fun day of crafting with our family and friends, we are sharing our experiences and ideas with Canon Pixma printers. Well, I have been using mine for more than a year, and it has been a very useful and convenient gadget for all household, especially family like mine, whom snap too many photos every day! It is my personal practice and routine to have the best shots printed out every few months so that if ever *touch-wood* my external hard disk breaks down, I’ll still have these precious memories stored in physical copies. With wireless printing feature it is really super easy to print print print!

If you have never tried the PIXMA print app yet, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get acquainted with it. I will also be sharing my personal tips and tricks to getting organised with your photos!

The PIXMA Print application is available for download on iTunes and Android Play stores for FREE of course! With the app, you can print and scan wirelessly with your compatible Canon Pixma printers. For the new models of Pixma printers, you can also use the Pixma Cloud Link print feature to print from anywhere around the world as long as your printer is on and connected to the internet, and you’ll also be able to print documents and files from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and Evernote.  The model I have at home does not support this new feature though, perhaps its time to upgrade! To a A3 printer perhaps!

From the Photo Print selection, the app will load all your photos in your phone default storage. And from here, you can tap to select multiple photos you want to print.

After selection, you will then be able to set the printer to print from (in case you have more than one printer in your network), you will also set your print paper size and number of copies per image. Easy peasy!

And from the paper setting, you can also select the type of paper and whether or not you want a border around your print out. My personal preference for all my photo print with the Canon Pixma, is to go with Canon Original Photo paper in either Glossy Plus or Premium Semi-Glossy. If you need reference for their packaging, refer to my previous post here.

Once all your setting is done, just go ahead and tap on print! Then watch as your beautiful digital photos get printed out. When photo printing is made so easy, walls around your house will never be dull and empty anymore! Create a unique Family Photo WallSetting up your own photo gallery is quick and easy. With the right tricks, you’ll be able to swap the photos out easily too over time. Here are some useful tips from me to you for decorating your walls with nice family photos.

Tips #1 – Print photos in variety of sizes to spice up a photo wall.

Tips #2 – Use frames of matching colors and attach them to the wall with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. You can remove the frame without damaging the strips and will be able to reuse it after replacing your photos.

Tips #3 – When in need of fresh inspiration for display of photos around your home, try Pinterest.

Tips #4 – Keep adding to the wall! Though I can easily swap the photos out from the frame, but I prefer to just keep growing my photo wall! My kids’ playroom and our study room each have a photo wall that I hope to fill up over the years.

Hope these tips will be useful! Ending this post with few more tips on how I organise my photos and ensuring that they will never be lost.

  1. I snap photos primarily on my mobile phone and either of my 3 digital cameras. All my photos from my phone is backed up automatically daily to a cloud-link external hard disk drive at home. Or you can do so with Dropbox or Flickr, set it so that whenever you have your phone connected to a wireless connection, the phone automatically backs up your latest photos.
  2. For photos taken with my digital cameras, they are never deleted from the SD cards. This is my first and original copy backup. Yes, I do have a lot of SD cards stored in a dry box with month and year labelled on it.
  3. Besides the SD card backup, I also copy all my photos (from phone and cameras) into a external HDD connected to my computer at home. This is my second copy of backup. These are categoried in monthly folders.
  4. Lastly, my final backup is up into my flickr account. I used to do monthly uploads of all my photos into flickr as private (so only I can view them), but lately I only upload the better ones few times a month.
  5. FINALLY, I print out those photos I love on my Canon Pixma or Canon Selphy printers. These are stored in a Muji box according to the month and date they are taken. On days when I see good Groupon deals for photo books, I will buy them and compile yearly photo books for my girls. This they can flip through when they grow up.

That’s how I keep my photos and memories safe and forever. Kinda kiasu, but this is what happened when one has lost too many precious photos from years ago due to a bad HDD! So now you know my tedious but necessary steps, if you have got better ideas do share them with me!

This post was also published on OMY x Canon Pixma blog.