No washing of hair during confinement

“Strictly no washing of hair during confinement!” my mum would tell me every time I mentioned it during pregnancy.

I washes my hair daily and twice on humid days. The longest I can tolerate is three days without wash and that’s after a good scrap and treatment at the hair salon when I rebound my hair.

First week of confinement was bad, real bad! I was perspiring round the clock and no matter how cool the aircon was running on, the sweat just doesn’t stop. By day 4 my hair was super oily and the pungent smell was driving me nuts! After I comb and tie my hair up I got to disinfect it and wash for a good 5 minutes before I’m satisfied my hands are smell and germ free.

Can’t take it anymore I resort to dry shampoo. Mum bought it for me from the pharmacy, it’s no longer in powder form but it comes in a spray can – Batiste original dry shampoo. Its used to refresh hair between washes.


Used it twice over two days and I had to stop and resort to washing it with hot water. Flakes were spotted in my hair and it didn’t make my hair condition any more comfortable. Perhaps I used too little or combed my hair too hard when trying to brush off the shampoo.

If you are looking for a solution, this might be suitable for you. For me, I’m washing my hair every few days since after day 12 of my confinement. Ensuring I dry it thoroughly with hair dryer after wash.

Guess the traditions like these passed down from long long ago (when there’s no hot tap water for shower nor hair dryer to blow dry after wash) are still around and will be around for a long time. Saw all mothers with their newborn at the clinics with either unkept or oily hair. Some even wore long sleeves in such humid weather! Salute them.

Recording every moment with Baby

Time with baby is precious. Every moment, expression and action recorded for keepsake. When baby grow up she can read about her personal stories through mummy’s scrapbook and albums. (And this blog too!)

I’ve been using Canon for as long as I first got my first camera and printer; had tried other brands but still return back to the red C.

Now that our new bundle of joy is here, these toys of mine are made to good used! Camera is always within reach and the Selphy printer is setup at the coffee table for anytime printing.


Wonder if any other mummy or daddy out there is as obsessed as me!

Need to get myself more SD cards and Selphy refills! 😛

Bathing during confinement month after labour

Following traditions from my grandmother’s days, I’m told not to shower for a month. Upon hearing this I screamed! After clarifying I learned that I’m allowed to shower but only once a day with a blend of herbs in boiled water.

Woman after labour is at our weakest and there is much “wind” in our body, showering is hence prohibited as it exposes our body and pores to more wind.


The above is the pack of herbal bath I used. On top of this, lemongrass and ginger are added into the water and brought to boil. Each mixture is used to boil two big pot of herbal bath and additional hot water added into it so that I’ll get enough water for my bath.

On the first day I tried applying the usual Dove shower and found it difficult to use without water lathering the shower foam. It took me long time to soap myself and even longer time to wash off all the soap. Next day I switched to Cetaphil Cleanser and it applies and washes off with ease. One cleanser for both face and body. Using it daily for two weeks now and I’m loving it! Probably going to stick to Cetaphil for both face and body after confinement too. Skin feels softer and smoother now.

Herbal bath should be available at most Chinese Medicine Hall; each pack comes with 15 sachets and priced between $18-20. Cetaphil available at Watsons, Pharmacy and supermarket too if I’m not wrong. Their roadshows are still on-going if you want to get yourself some Cetaphil Cleanser. Hope I’ll be able to make it to one after my one month confinement. I want to win the iPad2! 😛

Confinement after labour

Two weeks into my confinement and it’s been quite a journey. Hear say quite a bit during pregnancy and I thought I was ready for what it may be like. But when I’m doing it on my own, things just aren’t the same. Guess every mother will experience a different kind of journey.

I’ve got lots to record down for memory and sharing purposes. Will try my best to keep the posts coming before memory fades away. Blogging on the iPhone just aren’t as fast and easy so posts will be short and broken down into parts.

Things to expect over the next few posts:

  • bathing during confinement – what to prepare
  • keeping the hair clean during confinement
  • post natal massage
  • confinement diet – this I’m getting rather sick of already! Can’t wait to stuff myself with my favorite food and drinks!

Gentle yet effective skincare by Cetaphil + Giveaway!

Just the thought of having to skip my luxurious daily shower under the cooling water during confinement month makes me feel sticky and uncomfortable all over. Having one bath a day with hot herbal water isn’t going to make my comfort level in such humid weather. Cetaphil came at the right time.

I’ve seen Cetaphil at Watsons but never quite picked up the bottle to read. It looks like a medicated or clinical cleanser to me. What hit me when I got samples from Cetaphil is that it can be used without water! No water! Means I can use during confinement month to clean my face and body. Perfect!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Cetaphil Defense SPF50
My thoughts after trying the Gentle Skin Cleanser, Moisturising Cream and UVA/UVB Defense:

  • Its gentle and leaves skin soft and none sticky after use.
  • For ladies with extremely sensitive nose, the product may appear to have a little “clinical” smell. After I used the whole sample bottle, the smell kinda disappeared when using it. Guess I’m used to it.

Cetaphil moisturizing cream

  • The moisturizing cream leaves my hands oil free and smooth. Love it.
  • My husband and mum tried the moisturizing cream too and they love it too. Mum even bought a full sized pack from the store the next day.
  • Later found out my cousin, who’s having pretty nasty rashes on her body, using Cetaphil products too. She said she loves it cos it helps reduces rashes and itch after application.

If you’ve not tried Cetaphil’s range of skincare products before, I’ve got 4 sets of travel size samples for the above three products to giveaway! Here’s what you’ve got to do to get it!

Tweet this using your Twitter account. Please do it once only.

4 Cetaphil Travel Packs up for grabs! Tweet this & win! More abt Cetaphil by @alovingmum at #cetaphilsg

Don’t have a Twitter account yet? Go sign-up one! And follow @alovingmum for more updates!

Cetaphil is having roadshows island-wide where their bundle packs can be purchased for a discounted price and customers can try their luck at the cash-grab machine! A total of 4 iPad 2s can be won, along with cash prizes! Don’t miss out this great offer!

The very first roadshow is happening this weekend at 313@Somerset!
Cetaphil Roadshow

Timing for the roadshows as follow:
Cetaphil Roadshow Schedule

I’ll be popping by one of the roadshows to get myself those cleanser! Keeping fingers crossed that I’ll win one of the iPad2s or the $688 CASH! Good luck to you too if you’re heading down to the roadshows!

Start of hibernation

Decided to take an early break from work and hibernate till baby’s arrival. And there after hopefully a continuous 4 months long maternity at home. Life’s going to be very different when baby’s here. Juggling between family, home and work is going to be a new milestone of challenges for me. I hope I’ll be able to handle all well.

Counting down… 3 weeks to your arrival.

Young Parents Fiesta 2011

I’ve long stopped purchasing magazines from newsstand but recently, an old friend working at SPH passed me a copy of Young Parents Magazine and from there I found out that there will be very attractive free gifts when I subscribe to the magazine at the roadshow!

The kiasu woman in me already booked my hubby, my best friend and her hubby to head down to Young Parents Fiesta on either 25 or 26 June at Marina Square atrium. But when I did a little research and seeing the long queue at the subscription counter, I’m reconsidering whether we should go on the first day instead! So KS right?

Long queue at YP Fiesta 2010

If the gift I’m eyeing on gets redeemed fully before I can get my hands on it how? Continue reading “Young Parents Fiesta 2011”