Goodbye Bad Hair Day, The Loving Mum tries Atomy Herbal Hair Care

Since I got my hair permed earlier this year I have been trying out different hair care to tame my dry permed hair. I’ve tried salon recommended shampoo, highly rated and expensive O&M series and ended up not using them beyond the first week, coz my hair was just not suitable.

When I was recommended to give Atomy Herbal Hair Care series a try I hesitated worried that the products will be too expensive since they are from Korea and only available online. But after I registered for Atomy’s free membership, I realized their products are not that expensive and rather cost effective too if I purchase in quantity of fours.

I started off with Atomy Herbal Hair Treatment ($18) and after the first few washes I love how my hair become smoother and easier to manage. When my first tube of hair treatment is running out, I purchased Atomy Herbal Shampoo ($22) and Atomy Herbal Conditioner ($22) too. (Price indicated are for members purchase per quantity from Atomy online store. Retail price in store may vary.)

Now gone were the days of dry fizzy hair! Having used Atomy Herbal Hair Care for more than a month now, my hair is in better shape and condition. No more fizzy and unmanageable hair!

Everyday I enjoy a herbal infused hair wash (I love the smell!) followed by a refreshing minty hair conditioning. And once or twice a week I would follow up the conditioning with Atomy Herbal Hair Treatment too, it gives my hair even more conditioning and I love how soft my once messy and dry hair feels now. After my daily wash, I do not even need to blow dry (cos I am one lazy woman), I just combed and twist my curls then let it dry naturally. On days when I need to look better, I’ll apply some hair treatment oil (none Atomy product because they don’t have any styling products).

Can you see the difference? These photos were taken on days after I started using Atomy Hair Care products.  
Can you tell I am one happy shopper of Atomy? 🙂

There is one more hair care product which I have yet try, the Atomy Hair Treatment Liquid, which is supposed to help keep your pores clean and keep your hair healthy. You bet I am going to add into my cart for my next purchase. Yes!

Besides hair care products, Atomy also has got a wide range of skin care, beauty, body, oral, health supplements, snacks and even household items. The range of products will be growing over time and as their CEO shared, they hope to be one of the world’s biggest online retail mall. Big dreams they have!

Atomy’s masstige strategy is to provide absolute quality products at an absolute price.

Atomy is a direct marketing and distribution company. Consumers buy direct from their global online stores and if they want to, they can in return generate some revenue from it too. Started in 2009 in Korea, Atomy distributed beauty and health supplements. fast forward 6 years, they are now distributing in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and just this year they arrived in Singapore! And in the next few months, Atomy will also be available in Malaysia, Indonesia and more neighbouring countries. This can only mean even more opportunities for our local active sales masters and distributors.

If you are keen to start your own business with little capital, I can help link you up so you can sign-up for your own Atomy FREE membership too. No sign-up fee, no minimum purchase nor monthly spend and no commitment period too. If you like it you just buy and use the products yourself and if you really really love Atomy’s products, you can start building a possible sustainable business on your own too. Email if you are keen to find out more or fill up this contact form.

And now a giveaway!

Because I love the Atomy Herbal Hair products so much, I am going to share the benefits with one lucky reader of The Loving Mum. Follow the following steps to take part:

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One lucky winner will be picked at random from all the comments posted in this Facebook post. This giveaway ends at 2359 hr on 21 August 2015. Winner will receive 1 x Atomy Hair Shampoo, 1 x Atomy Hair Conditioner and 1 x Atomy Hair Treatment, total worth $62.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I paid to write about this. I am a consumer of Atomy and is still considering building my small business with them, but because I really love their hair care products I wanted to share it with you. 

“Wow you have lost weight!” This is why – Absolute Slimming

Wow Claudia you look different! What did you do?” from a lady who I last met couple months ago at our club networking lunch.

Eh you slimmed down! Like really really slimmed leh!” from the lady boss of a cafe I last went a month back with my girls. This was the third time she met me and she noticed! Super pleased with myself can?!

Over the past two weeks, friends and family I met has been telling me I look slimmer and different. I’m very happy they noticed it, my time and effort is paying off well. And I am on the speed up journey towards a slimmer and healthier me!

My progress so far…

I started my slimming routine on 18 May 2015, weighed myself for the first time in almost 2 years. I put on more than 10 kg during my last pregnancy with Zara, the last weigh in was at my final Gynae appointment, weighing 83 kg! Zara was about 3 kg at birth so technically I was 80+kg after popping her.

As I progress a week into my routine, the number just gets smaller… 

When you believe you can. You can! #TLMgetfit

A photo posted by Claudia The Loving Mum (@claudia10) on

So what happened? What have I done to myself to lose those fats?

Here’s why…

No Time For Exercise And I Did None!

If time and energy allows I would love to workout every week, but I didn’t. The only extra “exercise” I did was to walk and climb more stairs. So instead of taking travellators at MRT stations or malls I walked, while on escalator climb on the right side, when there’s stairs I climb when I’m not with my girls. So I pretty much didn’t try hard enough to enhance my slimming routine with any form of exercise, if I did, the result might have been even better I guess. But really no time!

Controlled Diet

Since two weeks ago, I started cutting down on my diet. Strictly no carbohydrate – rice, noodle, pasta, bread and whatever that contains carb. I also stopped drinking sweetened drinks (my fridge is always well stocked with packet and canned drinks) and hydrate only with water. Instead I introduced lots of vegetables and a portion of white meat for lunch and dinner. Finally I cut down on snacks; I used to consume at least two packets of tidbits or cookies a day because I like to snack while I work, now I snack on cherry tomatoes or a small apple instead. My daily meal in fact looks much better and healthier as compared to what I would usually feed myself with. 

Wait! No carb diet doesn’t mean fats are lost! Some will debate that the weight drop is due to lose of water and may not mean that I am losing fats. But hey! My clothes do feel bigger and I managed to wear a very old pair of pants without much effort. So I’m happy this whole slimming routine is working for me. And it’s more than water I’m losing, I’m shredding off stubborn fats too!

Slimming Sessions with Absolute Slimming

I have read and seen the effect of traditional slimming methods online for a while and had always wanted to give them a try. The only thing stopping me is the commitment, unsure how many sessions I will need in order to start seeing results. When an opportunity came for me to try out traditional slimming treatment at Absolute Slimming, I jumped into it. And OMG! IT REALLY WORKED! When they say “See result after the first treatment“, I really didn’t believe much, but it did happen! And I witnessed it myself! I kid you not ok see the comparison below. Left is the day I started my treatment and the right side is me one week later. ONE Week!

You lazy bum! Slimming sessions are for lazy people.”

There’s a common misconception that weight loss programs are for lazy people who don’t work out, but that’s not true! I have tried exercising with controlled diet too but it just didn’t work as well as cupping and guasha. I blame my metabolism. When I start eating my usual meals after I lose some weight, the mass returns and once it even doubled!

Based on my understanding, the cupping treatment done on the right acupoints helps suppresses our appetites hence we do not feel hungry even when meal size is greatly reduced during the treatment period. Because your body is being tuned to be more in control with the amount of food required daily, even if you go back to good food after the treatment, your weight will be much, much easier to maintain.

Treatments at Absolute Slimming is done in an hour and the trained therapist will carry out cupping and guasha. Their treatments help increase your metabolism by stimulating your acupoints, which are located in various parts of our body, including your back, stomach, thighs, calves and upper arms. And I noticed that these areas that are treated gets more defined and toned as I progress through my sessions.

With cupping, it tones up everything evenly, especially the stubborn areas like my shoulder, thighs and tummy! By the 4th session onwards, my bottom half starts shrinking – this is not something to take for granted, because the progress is accelerated by proper treatment. Toning of these area with dieting alone is usually an extremely slow process. Personally I never felt this much change ever from my previous dieting routines.

I am at half way through their standard 8 sessions treatment with Absolute Slimming. I will share more about my experience and thoughts about my slimming journey in another post. Will I ever hit 60 kg? The last time I was 60 was some 15 years ago! Very hopeful I am.

Follow me on my journey with regular updates on my Instagram. If you are considering slimming and toning yourself too, go try it with Absolute Slimming, quote my blog at registration and get an extra session free!


The Loving Mum Readers Special
Get 1 extra free session worth $200 with every purchase of 1 standard package, which costs $1,600 at Absolute Slimming. Find out more at Absolute Slimming.[themify_button link=”” style=”yellow rounded” target=”_blank”]Get Slim and Toned Now[/themify_button]


Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Photo Organisation 101 – Backup with My Passport Wireless

As I grow older (and wiser) my memories of the past, even if it was just a few weeks back, is blurred and almost forgotten. That is why I capture almost all of these memories in frames. Photos and videos on my iPhone and my Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II both combines to too many gigabytes of precious memories I would NEVER want to lose. So I backup, backup and BACKUP! Yes in multiple devices, online and offline. Because I have lost almost all the photos and videos of 2010 and earlier due to a broken external hard disk drive, I never dare to just have one copy of these.

I have a systematic flow for backing up, storing and use of my photos and videos. I thought this would be something useful for parents like myself, I’ve decided to start this new topic which I will cover photo organisation tips and tricks, from how to go about protecting your digital assets, to how you can create a better flow to organise the photos etc. Today I shall start with one of the new toy which is on my to-buy list of gadgets – Western Digital My Passport Wireless portable hard drive.

Thanks to the good people at Western Digital, I got to learn about this probably a must-have for geeky mum or mom like myself. WD My Passport Wireless built-in SD card slot is the key feature that attracted my attention. It allows you to transfer photos and videos from your SD card any where any time so that you can keep on shooting say when traveling.

One of my backup process now is to plug in my SD card into my macbook then drag the folders of photos and videos into an external hard drive for backup. With WD My Passport Wireless, the process can probably be speed up a little. (Won’t know exactly how fast till I try it out myself.)

Other features of the WD My Passport Wireless includes:

  • Wireless save, access and share files (an even internet connection) with multiple devices at the same time.
  • Rechargeable battery that gives up to 6 hours of continuous video streaming and up to 20 hours of standby time.
  • Share and access files securely from your tablet and smartphone with WD’s My Cloud mobile app.
  • Wi-Fi password protection for all important files on the drive.
  • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 for faster file transfer of data.
  • Stream media to connected devices.
  • Use it as a Wi-Fi hub to share out internet connection with multiple devices.

You can find out more about WD My Passport Wireless at

While Mummy learns about the features of WD My Passport Wireless, Ayra got her hands into baking her own cookies at little House of dreams.

My Passport Wireless drive is available at selected Singapore retailers and online at the 1TB drive will cost you S$299 and the 2TB at S$399. Anyone wants to buy one for me? Mummy’s birthday is in July ok. Thanks! smirks

My reaction after watching NIVEA #Fairerandfirmer Underarm Video

TLM in 2005

Saw this post on my newsfeed shared by Smith and I just had to watch it.

There is a reason why I NEVER EVER show off my underarm (aka armpit) in public, at home and anywhere else other than in the shower. (Ok, except for the pools, cos no one will see when underwater what!) Because since puberty my skin has been discoloured badly in those area. Yes, I’m not shy to say this out loud. There’s nothing to be shy about this right? WRONG!

If I’m not shy nor upset about my darkened underarm situation, I would be wearing sleeveless clothes everywhere I go to disgust the hell out of everyone who caught sight of my ugly armpits just because I can. I can count the number of sleeveless tops I owned all my life with both my hands. And when I wore them in the past, I am always conscious of my movements – not to raise my hands high, and don’t tie up the hair in public etc.

A rare shot of me in sleeveless top back in 2005, just because I was at my slimmest best shape then and wanted to wear something that made me feel good for cutting down those fats. I could only find photos of myself in sleeveless (without a jacket covering my armpits) between 2004 and 2005. Because I do care a little (just the ugly armpit part) how the public perceive me.

During pregnancy, the discolouration was even worst! It did get a little better after a while, but still I would never ever wear anything that reveals my underarms ever again. At least not without a cover-up.

I tried many deodorant in the past and eventually got lazy and gave up. Just stick to my comfort sleeved clothes and I’m fine. Since NIVEA made their latest ads like that and showing the unsightly armpits right “in-your-face“, I am going to go get one and try it. Let’s see if it works FOR REAL!

Want to see how bad my armpit looks like? Scroll down! But be WARNED! cos you might puke!


What happened at #BlogMeetSG and a giveaway!

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG took place for the first time on 11 February 2015 at Edit Lifestyle along Tanglin Road. A unique networking event in Singapore for bloggers and brands to connect. Each brand has contributed samples of their artisan products to the gift bag for all those who attended #BlogmeetSG. And like all blogger events, everyone was encouraged to blog, tweet, share and like the brands on social media. Most of those who attended played our part and posted actively on Instagram.

So what took place at the first #BlogmeetSG hosted by Lucy from Lulabelle Lifestyle. After a brief meet-and-greet, and collection of name tags, bloggers were left to network and meet the brands on our own. So you either make the first move to introduce yourself to the other bloggers and brand owners or you hang around till someone approaches you. The first half an hour was quite awkward as everyone was just getting warmed up at the event. Soon after, most of us were going around introducing ourselves and checking out what the brand owners had to share about their products.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

With such a pretty backdrop for the evening, it was almost like a networking held by the beach (minus the sand, sea and the moon) but filled with pretty products, fashion and style, and yummy treats (Macaroons) from Hediard.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Bill from Hat-Of-Cain was super nice and friendly, helping everyone measure our head circumference to fit their lovely Panama Hats. Photo below shows Bill wearing the simple yet stylish Panama hat that suits both male and female. They even have sizes for kids! These Genuine Panama Hats are made in Ecuador from Toquilla straw. The Ecuadorian weaving process is extremely laborious and each Panama Hat is hand-made with great care.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

These hats all come with adjustable bands for the in-between sized heads. And do you know the proper way of handling your hat is by its brim and NOT the crown? And when resting the hat on a table, you should rest it on its crown rather than on its brim! Didn’t you just get that “Ah-ha!” moment?

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Besides the delicious macaroons from Hediard, there were these lovely sweet treats from Leelas Chocolates. These chocolates are not just pretty to look at, but oh-so-rich too!

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Leela’s Fine Chocolates creates luxury handmade chocolates in Singapore, made from the finest European couverture chocolate and natural ingredients. There are many classic favourites and fusions flavours, and bespoke items can be made for all occasions and tastes too.

Leela is a graduate of Ecole Chocolat and has been sharing her love of chocolate and her passion for chocolate-making since the start of 2013. In addition to making chocolates, Leela’s Fine Chocolates runs chocolate making workshops and tasting events. I now know who to call when I need some decadent chocolates for my guests at my events.

In the take-home gift bag for bloggers, there were these two lovely pink bracelets from Jasper Living. Founded by Louise Werling Jasper in 2012, Jasper Living is a boutique company that designs and creates handmade jewellery. Primarily of Asian inspiration – and particularly the multi-national lifestyle in Singapore – the products pay homage to the different city areas of the city.

#BlogMeetSG went pretty well I guess, judging from the happy faces I saw that evening. Having planned and hosted similar events myself, I know lots of hard work, coordination and time was invested into such an event. Of course some things could have been better and I’m sure Lucy will be able to improve on it and host an even better #BlogmeetSG the next round. And as stated in the post title, I’m going to share some goodies with you!

The Loving Mum (#BlogmeetSG) Giftaway!

Sharing the goodies received from #BlogmeetSG, I’ve got the following lovely gifts for one lucky reader/IG follower. All you need to do is to (1) follow @claudia10 on Instagram and (2) post a comment + tag a friend on THIS post on Instagram. I will pick one winner at random to send these lovely gifts.

  1. A nice leather keychain from Naaakka Enterprises.
  2. Six pieces of 100% cotton muslin for children from Appletree.
  3. Three lovely bracelets + $25 discount voucher from Simone Irani.
  4. A petty necklace from Shiva Bespoke Designs.
  5. Two gift cards from Just my Type.

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

#BlogmeetSG by The Loving Mum

Winner will be announced on 23 February 2015 on this post. Start tagging and commenting now on Instagram!

Why Should One Consider a Double Stroller – Review of City Select 2014 by Baby Jogger

Before No. 2 arrived, I was looking out and considering to purchase a double stroller. I eventually did get the Contours Tandem Stroller when Zara was about 3 months but sold it off after using it twice. It was just too bulky to go out with.

We ended up using a single capella stroller to fit both of them when Zara was able to sit up on her own.

Ayra and Zara on Capella Stroller

Which was super dangerous! I seriously do not encourage anyone to try this at all.

Or on days we know we needed both of them in stroller, we bring two with us!
Garfield Run 2014 - Our First Family 3KM Fun Run

When we had a chance to test drive the new City Select stroller by Baby Jogger, I jumped into the opportunity. And now Ayra has been asking for it after our two weeks trial! Had to try lots of tricks to get her to accept the ones we have at home instead. Super headache!

Still too big…

Let’s start with the not so favourable points of the City Select with extra seat attached.

  • It is still heavy. Sometimes heavy stroller is good, cause it means it won’t fall if weight is not evenly spread across the stroller. In this case, we are glad it is heavy and steady, as it gives us better confidence that the stroller can take the weight of both our girls.
  • Storing can be quite a headache. There wasn’t space in the store room at home for this so we had it left opened and stored next to our dining table during our 2 weeks experience with it. The girls use it as seats while watching movies on TV!
  • Getting in and out of lifts can be rather challenging, especially in a packed one. We try to take the cargo or fireman lifts in shopping malls when we were out in the City Select. Lesser crowd and bigger lifts.

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

But it works…

The girls loved it and could stay comfortable in the stroller through an entire day of shopping, with no cries nor protect. I was rather shocked when we took them out in the City Select over a long weekend when we had to bring them out.

Napping in the City Select is not a problem for one or both of them, it just shows how comfortable it is for the child when they snooze off whenever they feel like it, without any effort.
5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

Shopping in malls with City Select is more manageable compared to my previous experience with the other double stroller. This pushes with ease, turns well and is able to fit between shelves in stores. Just to avoid stores like Watsons where things are stacked openly and can get quite cramp between rows of stuff.

7 Sep 2014 - Family Shopping Trip to Westgate Mall

I even managed a trip to the mall alone with both of them!
5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

Why you should get a double stroller?

Cause mums shouldn’t stop going out just because we have more than one kid! Owning a double stroller means more outing opportunities with the kiddos even when alone. Do get one with big storage space and easy to use locking system.

Such a stroller is great for those who do not drive and go everywhere with just the train. Unlike most of the other Baby Jogger strollers, you got to remove the seats before you can close this one. Not that ideal for those who need to ride in cabs and 100% a no go for those who need to catch a bus! Even if you drive, unless you have a super huge boot space, else the stroller is just going to take up the entire boot with little or no room for anything else.

The City Select with two seats packed behind the Toyota Rush…

With plans to do away with our family car due to the little use for it these days, and the convenience of the LRT and MRT right from our doorstep, we may just get one double stroller next year! Now that we’ve tried the City Select, hope to try out other options before we decide which to invest in. How I wish there was a stroller rental service in Singapore that rents out all of Baby Jogger strollers!

Points to consider when buying a diaper bag featuring review of LĂ„SSIG Green Label Neckline Bag in Denim Blue

The search for a baby bags, nappy bags, diaper bags or just a big kick ass bag that holds everything in place in finally over! Since Ayra came into my life, I have been constantly buying new bags, almost one new bag every other months for the past 3 years! Some either were too big, too soft, too bulky or too small to be THE bag for me.

Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag Review

Thanks to Lässig, this crazy bag search is finally over! I have finally found THE ONE bag that brings me to work, brings me to play with my kids and to almost anywhere I need to go. This awesome bag has got numerous awards bagged too, including the most renowned Red Dot Award 2014 for Best of the Best in the Product Design category. It is great that this bag is made of 100% Recycled Polyester!

Lassig Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag Review

Read more to see the full list of cool features in photos and find out why this bag falls into most of the points to consider when buying a diaper bag. Continue reading “Points to consider when buying a diaper bag featuring review of LĂ„SSIG Green Label Neckline Bag in Denim Blue”