Eczema, Sensitive skin, Cracks, Itching – The One Balm that Repairs Them All

It has been almost a month now since we were introduced to Cicaplast Baume B5, the multi-repairer for sensitive, irritated skin. We are into the third tube now and just recently stocked up with the bigger 100ml ones from a Guardian sale last weekend. Because it worked for Zara, so we are sticking with it.

If reading about the cases in my household isn’t enough to show it’s effectiveness, we got five others to try out the balm and here are the results. All five, of different age group, whom we sent out the Cicaplast Baume B5 out to were looking at repairing their skin, be it for dryness, cracks or different degree of irritation due to eczema.

Before you read on, I’ve to disclaim that this is no miracle cream. It helps with speeding up skin repair and soothes itching and dry skin. But it doesn’t stop the itch or eczema from coming back. Results may vary from person-to-person.

Case 1: 3-year-old boy with eczema, the balm was used on his very dry skin around his genital area


“The skin healed and started to smoothen out after a day of using the balm. And in 7 days, the dry patch is gone.”


Case 2: 2-year old girl with open wound due to over scratching of itch due to eczema

Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed

“She was scratching behind her knees when sleeping at night, and when we discovered it, the sheets was covered in blood. After we cleaned the wound and have it tried the next day, I used the Cicaplast Baume B5 on her wound. It helps a lot for healing wounds, when she uses other creams she will scream and cry in pain when I apply the cream on the wound. But with this balm, she had no complain. The skin was almost completely healed in 7 days. I just recently bought another tube from Watsons.”

Case 3: 50+ year-old women with cracks on her feet

Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed

“My job required me to stand long hours and exposed to detergent and oil on a daily basis for more than 30 years. My feet are dry and skin is badly cracked up. I tried many cream to heal my cracked feet in the past, but none really healed it till I tried Cicaplast Baume B5. The crack slowly and eventually closes. I’m happy with it.”


Case 4: 30+ year-old women with itches

Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed

“I itch easily and I will start to scratch on my skin causing it to break. The balm is easy to apply and it stopped me from scratching cos it soothes the skin and prevented the itch. The broken skin was also healed within the first 3 days.”

Case 5: 12-year-old boy with itching over his body

Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed

“I like this new balm and my skin is less red these days. I use the balm everyday.”

And lastly, here’s one more from Zara, her itching skin is now taken care of by Cicaplast Baume B5, whenever she starts to itch she will ask for this “cream” to be applied. Though it’s recommended for use twice a day, but because the weather is so bad lately, we carry one tube whenever we go so that she’ll get to use it whenever necessary. Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed

Cicaplast Baume B5 is available at Watsons and Guardian stores retailing at $21.90 for 40ml and $45 for 100ml.

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Redeem a free gift worth up to $15

Receive a free gift worth up to $15 when you purchase your Cicaplast Baume B5 with a secret code generated here at these selected stores: Watsons Ngee Ann City, Watsons Toa Payoh, Watsons Bugis, Guardian Paragon, Guardian Vivocity, Guardian NEX, Dermacenter @ Westgate.

Terms and conditions:
  • Valid till 31 May 2016. While stocks last.
  • Redemption to be done at La Roche-Posay counters at selected stores
  • Timing for redemption from 12 – 8pm
  • Limited to 3 sets of free gifts per customer

You can purchase it online from Lazada and Guardian too.

This was what I received when I purchase the 100ml Cicaplast Baume B5 over the weekend at Guardian Vivocity.

Don’t forget to get the secret code to redeem your free gift!

Cicaplast Baume B5 Tested and Reviewed


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Try, Snap, Post and Win!

La Roche-Posay is having a challenge now for users of Cicaplast Baume B5. Simply purchase a Cicaplast Baume B5 and show them your results by hashtagging #repairmyskin in your post on Instagram to WIN a La Roche-Posay hamper worth $200.

For more information about the promotion and read other users’ experience, check out Cicaplast Baume B5 Repair My Skin website and join them on Facebook too.

Kiddet – One App. Countless Experiences For Your Child.

“Why isn’t there an app that allows parents to find, book and review classes and activities for our kids?”

That’s the question I had wanted to solve more than one year ago. I even had got the concept, user-experience, business model and all drawn out in my journal. But that’s where this idea stopped.

When I was first told about Kiddet through a friend… “That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to start!“. Of course I had got to meet the founders behind this app and find out more. I shall keep their identity a little mystery for now.

Kiddet is now available for FREE download on the Apple and Android Play stores.

Expand your child’s universe with fun learning activities island-wide. Kiddet connects you to the most exciting educational activities in Singapore.

I’ve been eyeing a few classes and activities to bring my girls, and I thought I should share them here with you too. Cos you don’t want to be the last to learn about the next coolest app for parents in town right?

5 Activities To Check Out & Book on Kiddet

Bounce Kids Dance Choreo Class at Kulture Studio

I’ve passed by Kulture Studio many times but never got a chance to step in yet. This Bounce Kids Dance class looks super fun and cool! Even I want to go jump and bounce to the tunes! Just check out the video below, super fun right?

Kulture Studio is the first to offer Bounce fitness programme in Singapore. Their Bouncefit classes are conducted via the accredited Jumping syllabus that combines fast and slow jumps, a variation of traditional aerobic steps and dynamic sprints, as well as “power sports” elements. This complex workout guarantees a full body strengthening after every jump. A great workout for kids 6 to 12 years old.

Trampoline Family Package for 2 Adults and 2 Children

If you prefer to jump and bounce together with your kids (without the music though), you can book for this Trampoline Family Package at Zoom Park Asia on Kiddet. We’ve not been there yet, this is one I’m going to book over this long weekend because Kiddet is giving away free 50 Kredits when you make your first booking from now till May 1st. (50 Kredits is approximately S$10 in value.)

Dramahaus at Trehaus

For families with younger children, you might want to search for “Trehaus” in Kiddet. They have a few interesting classes for babies 6 months to 6 years old. Dramahaus is where your child will let her imagination soar beyond their immediate sensory environment and into something new in their mind’s eye. Through stories, poems and rhymes, plenty of creative drama activities and they’ll get to develop their speech too.

Come in, Discover & Explore

Or if you prefer free play, you can check out Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier at Clarke Quay. For 125 Kredits, your child gets 2 hours of free-play discovery and exploration of the Atelier, including materials. I’ve not been there personally, but from Tjin’s experience this place looks like a great place for kids 3 years and below. And super nice for photo taking too!

Workshop at The Little Things

One other recommended activity is for parents who want to spend some time together with your children. This parent-accompanied toddler workshop by The Little Things might just be the place to bake your first cookie with your toddler (without creating a mess in your own kitchen!).

Bonus 50 Kredits now till May 1st!

I’ve downloaded the app and purchased my Kredits. Now which activity should I book for my girls? Anyone wanna attend some classes together?

Kiddet is now available for FREE download on the Apple and Android Play stores.

The Cases of Sensitive Skin in Our Household In Need of Repair

Whenever I see moisturiser for sensitive skin on sale, I would buy and stock up at home. We have got two pretty bad situations of eczema and sensitive skin that’s easily irritated in our household. Repairing badly scratched and open skin has been a major headache for us. Recently I was introduced to Cicaplast Baume B5 that’s said to repair my skin in 7-days. It has been more than a week since I introduced this balm to my family and now Zara even has a name for it – she calls it “The Cream”.

Zara’s skin is very sensitive since birth, I can’t recall when was the last time her whole body is free from any skin irritation. This poor girl cannot stop scratching itchy parts all over her body and is always rubbing her eyes. People who doesn’t know us may think that this 3 year old girl has got sleeping problem or sort cos she has got very dark circles under her eyes. This is the result of sensitive nose, eyes and skin.

The scratching get worst during hot weather and the recent heat wave has caused us both countless of sleepless nights just because her body will itch when she gets too warm from laying down in bed. And we are sleeping in air-conditioned rooms! Every time she wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll have to apply layer of moisturiser all over her back, shoulder and arms. In the mornings, she will wake up with patches of swelling skin at different parts of her body.

I would try anything that’s safe for children to help improve the skin irritation she is suffering. And so “The Cream” is now her favourite. I asked the eczema prone father in the house how he felt about the cream. And he said it soothes the itch instantly upon application. That’s why Zara is loving it so much. And now before bedtime I would apply a layer of the Cicaplast Baume B5 onto her back and itch prone areas, these nights we both slept in peace.

Does Cicaplast Baume B5 contain steroid?

That’s the first thing people asked when I share about the balm.

No it doesn’t. Cicaplast Baume B5 is paraben-free, fragrance-free, lanolin-free, antibacterial agents, hypoallergenic, tested on sensitive skin and formula suitable for babies. It helps soothes and repairs irritated, altered and heated skins suitable for the entire family. Now I cannot leave home without one in my bag. It has become a go-to-balm for all our skin problems.

What skin problems is this balm suitable for? 

Well to me its for all skin problems. But as stated by La Roche-Posay, Cicaplast Baume B5 is suitable for eczema, sensitive skin, dry patches, cutaneous dryness, chapped lips, itching, infant redness, grazes, heating sensations, rough patches, cracks and sunburn. It’s suitable for everyday minor injuries on the skin.

How’s the texture like?

Smooth. It is non-greasy and doesn’t stain clothes. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin too.

What does it contain?

  • Panthenol 5% to soothe irritation and redness.
  • Madecassoside to accelerate epidermal repair.
  • Enriched with La Rouche-Posay thermal spring water and shea butter.
  • Combined action of Madecassoside + [Cu/Zn/Mn] complex to keep in check bacterial proliferation.

Where can I buy it?

Cicaplast Baume B5 is available at Watsons and Guardian stores retailing at $21.90 for 40ml and $45 for 100ml.

Redeem a free gift worth up to $15

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Receive a free gift worth up to $15 when you purchase your Cicaplast Baume B5 with a secret code generated here at these selected stores: Watsons Ngee Ann City, Watsons Toa Payoh, Watsons Bugis, Guardian Paragon, Guardian Vivocity, Guardian NEX, Dermacenter @ Westgate.

Terms and conditions:
  • Valid till 31 May 2016. While stocks last.
  • Redemption to be done at La Roche-Posay counters at selected stores
  • Timing for redemption from 12 – 8pm
  • Limited to 3 sets of free gifts per customer

You can purchase it online from Lazada and Guardian too.


Try, Snap, Post and Win!

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La Roche-Posay is having a challenge now for users of Cicaplast Baume B5. Simply purchase a Cicaplast Baume B5 and show them your results by hashtagging #repairmyskin in your post on Instagram to WIN a La Roche-Posay hamper worth $200.

For more information about the promotion and read other users’ experience, check out Cicaplast Baume B5 Repair My Skin website and join them on Facebook too.


Zara and “The Cream” she likes

We Wanna Challenge You!

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To give our readers and friends a chance to try this useful cream, we are going to give away 5 Cicaplast Baume B5 (40ml) to you. To be one of the 5 to receive this, please post the skin irritation/ condition you or anyone in your family is facing now on this Facebook post or you can email us at . Together with the photo, please state the (1) age and (2) the condition he/she is suffering from.

5 challengers will be picked to try the balm for free!

Other terms and conditions for this challenge:

  • 5 who are picked to receive the challenge will need to document and share with me your experience with the balm.
  • 3 photos of the same skin part will need to be taken at Day 1 (before use of balm), Day 3 and Day 7.
  • You will agree for me to reproduce and share your experience and photos on this blog and all platforms necessary for this challenge campaign.


Review: OSIM uDiva Classic, Our First Massage Chair and We’re Loving It!

When was the last time you find time to visit a masseuse to get that stubborn neck and back ache soothen? It would be so nice if I can have it done anytime I want at my own home and that’s what got us started shopping for a massage chair since early last year.

After months of debating with my hub (and consulting our bank accounts) we still didn’t give in to the lure of having a massage chair in our house until now. With the new OSIM uDiva Classic, it is now even more tempting, and easier on our wallet, to finally own our very first massage chair. Thanks to OSIM we got to give this new uDiva Classic a trial run before we make our decision to sign-off that credit card slip. And here’s 8 (because its Chinese New Year) reasons why we need this OSIM uDiva Classic in our home. (It’s more like 8 reasons to persuade myself and my hub to buy it lah!)

#1 – The uDiva Classic massage chair fits just nice in our home

In fact it fits almost any home, even in my parent’s cosy one-bedroom HDB in Punggol! The OSIM uDiva Classic is compact and light, you can fit it anywhere in your house and move it about too; from the living room to the bedroom or in your baby’s room! It measures merely 90(L) x 70(W) x 85(H)cm in sofa mode with backrest inclined and footrest retracted, saving more than 30% of living space.

Love how this uDiva Classic is so much easier to match as compared to their previous uDiva model. It’s classic yet elegant design complements our home and I love how the caramel chair stands out from the rest of our furniture. Really fits just nice as our first massage chair right? This uDiva Classic is small in size but generous in the features. Read on to find out…

#2 – It feels just right, at every pain (and not pain) points

Every morning I wake up with numb arms and hands and a very stiff shoulder. Every night I find it hard to fall asleep even though I am super tired. All these are signs of overworked, little rest and long hours of staring into digital screens. Are you having the same problems too? Since I started using the uDiva Classic every evening, sometimees in the morning before I start my long hours of staring into my macbook, I fall asleep more easily at night and when I needed that knot loosen in the neck and shoulder, I used the manual settings in the massage chair to hit the right spot easily. And never once did I not get the “Ahhhh…” out of me; just damn shiok. And now I do not want this daily routine to stop! So I must buy it, right?

#3 – It’s like having a personal spa at home
When was the last time I visited a spa? Hmmm… probably more than 6 years ago when we took a break in Bintan. Now I can have a good spa rub and massage every day.

#4 – Not just another chair, but a 3-in-one!
An armchair these days cost easily a few hundred bucks and if you want a nice looking designer one, you’ll pay couple of thousand even. But well its just a nice-to-look-at and alright to sit in armchair. How about a cosy lounger? That’s not something every house can fit easily since it takes up more space. And then there’s the dream “I wish I have one at home” massage chair, to some may feel its too bulky or too costly to own. Now put all the above three into one, you can get a body message anytime you want, a chair to relax and reflect, a cosy armchair to sit and a lounger for you to laze or work in. With the OSIM uDiva Classic, we can have all the above at home without taking much space and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to pay off. A good deal indeed!

#5 – 5 professional massage programs
Being our first massage chair, it should be easy to use and fuss-free. And sure enough, we could get our first massage experience right out of the box without any manuals or instructions. Just pressed a couple of buttons on the remote and we went “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhh” instantly. The five pre-set massage programs include:

  1. Neck & Shoulders – my favourite routine that eases stiff and aching necks and shoulders
  2. Lumbar – on days when I needed a good relief on my lower back
  3. Energize – for the mornings when I needed a quick boost before work to charge up the body and mind.
  4. Spa – a gentle massage that relieve stress and tension all round the body
  5. Sleep – for relaxation before a good night sleep.

You can also use the manual massage settings to target a specific spot of your shoulder or back to suit your individual preference.

#6 – Everybody can use it!
Most places sell massage and spa packages that you can share with your love ones these days, but the problem with these packages is finding time to head back to use the package. But this one package is right there waiting for you at home. My parents come by weekly to visit and now they get to enjoy soothing massage too while spending time with us.

#7 – A work-at-home mum dream chair to work in.
Because I work from home most of the time, and sitting at my desk long hours makes work a little dull. Now I have a better option to sit and work at home. When I am too tired, I set the uDiva Classic into massage chair postition and have my back massage while I type away on my macbook. Or when I needed to focus just on work, I set it to become a lounger where I can have my coffee and snacks within reach while I work. Isn’t it a dream chair to work in for me? Yes right? Must buy lah! Shiok lah!

#8 – It doesn’t burn a big hole in our wallet! And accepts trade-in too.
Because we have got a massager at home now, we can trade-in* that and get this awesome new OSIM uDiva Classic at a special trade-in price! I just need to use it at least once a week to get my investment worth comparing this with my usual visit to the masseuse; which I seriously cannot find any time to go. Perhaps its time to trade our leg massage for this full body one. Hmmm…

Now that I have got my 8 reasons to own the uDiva Classic massage chair listed out here (while seated in it as I typed them out), time to share it with my husband and get the deal firmed so I can enjoy all the above 8 benefits permanently.

uDiva Classic retails at S$2,499, available in two colours – caramel and mocha. Please check in-store for more details. Click here for more information on OSIM uDiva Classic.

Want to try out the chair too? Come visit us this Chinese New Year! I’ll serve you coffee and snacks too. Don’t forget the ang baos ok. 😛

Let’s Bloom & Grow in 2016 Plus Giveaway

I’d promised a big giveaway if I hit 1,000 fans on The Loving Mum Facebook page, though we are still 89 short to the 1K mark, but I think its still time to reward our supporters and friends! So let’s kick off with our very first #TLMGiveaway for 2016. Read on to find out what we have for you and instructions to take part is somewhere at end of post.

From pregnancy to birth of your baby, and seeing the baby grow up to become an active toddler than to a pre-schooler, there are 1001 things we as parents need to prepare and do to meet the child’s need and wants. One of the many baby product distributors in Asia hopes to be there with you right from the start. Their aim is to bring the best for you and your baby.

Bloom and Grow provides a one-stop direct access to their products online from Maternity, Baby Bed time, Meal time, Bath time, Gifts, toys and essentials for you to go out and about with your little ones. I only knew about them way past the need to shop for such stuff. If I was a first time mum, I would have double the excitement when I was at the latest launch in Singapore where they showcased all of their latest products.

There were so many colourful and interesting products on display at the launch, even Zara was curious to find out more about them.

One of our favourite brand had a whole range of new and brightly coloured products that will surely attracts both parents and little ones. Here’s what we saw and liked from SKIP HOP.

New toys for babies from SKIP HOP
More SKIP HOP bags and this time round these are suitable for pre-schoolers too! Love the matching lunch boxes and carriers. And YES we’ve got one set to giveaway too!
Baby essentials from Nuby.



Aren’t all the products so cute and bright? Thanks to the good people from Bloom and Grow, we’ve got a big goodie bag filled with more than S$150 worth of products, including the pretty SKIP HOP bag and lunch box set. Here’s how you can win this big bag of goodies.

  1. Comment on this post on Facebook and tell us which are your favourite brands sold by Bloom and Grow, tag 3 mummy/daddy friends too to share the love.
  2. Share the Facebook post with your friends.
  3. This giveaway is only open to fans of The Loving Mum on Facebook and/or followers of @Claudia10 on Instagram. You must be residing in Singapore and be a parent.
  4. Giveaway ends 15 January 2016 at 2359 hour.

May the lucky parent win this big goodie bag from Bloom and Grow![/box]

And now, here’s one of the highlight that day for our little ones… the many new designs from Trunkie! We’ve got one old and plain one at home, so when the girls saw the many new and cute designs on display, they couldn’t wait to get themselves onto them. The girls were wheeling and going crazy on their trunkies that day. And we can’t wait to use ours at our upcoming family vacation this week!

Some of the latest trunki designs on display at the launch.

Check out Bloom and Grow on Facebook at their website

#26hourswithJen – An Extended Weekend Staycation in Heart of Orchard Road

Forget about fixed check-in and check-out time, we all know we hated this when we book our hotels room in Singapore for staycation. Why confine to only checking-in after 2pm and checking-out before 11am? We don’t even get to enjoy a full 24-hour stay in the hotel we are paying for. When Jen shares about their latest stay package at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, I was delighted! You can do so much more with 26-hours extended staycation with Jen. Read about our experience and review of their Panorama Club Room here.

Here’s a recap of how we spent our #26hourswithJen

Sat, 5.00pm

We checked-in to Hotel Jen OrchardGateway at 5.oopm on Level 19, at their Club Lounge. This time it was a chance to get some couple time over our dating anniversary weekend. So we took our time to relax and enjoy our quiet time together. While waiting for our room keys to be ready, we chilled at the Club Lounge and helped ourselves to some snacks and refreshing drinks.

Sat, 5.50pm

We laze around in the room, channel surfing and just hanging by our window to watch the cars drive by while enjoying the sweet treats prepared by Jen.

Club Room at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway

Sat, 6.30pm

We had a dinner reservation at Makan@Jen that evening and was welcomed by this yummicilious sight at the entrance! It was a get-drunk-with-seafood-kinda-night. At the end of dinner, I was super high from the dozens of crawls swimming in my tummy.

Bottomless Oysters! Yumz!

Sat, 8.30pm

What better way to digest away the sumptuous dinner than a walk down Orchard Road on a Saturday night? Boy we were both shocked to see the crowd hanging around even late into the night. It has been so so long since we were in the heart of Orchard at this hour. We did some shopping of course and bought some new outfits for ourselves and the girls.

Sat, 11.00pm

The night was spent snuggling in the comfortably bed and watching late night movies just because we can! When at home, we don’t get to watch any movies, in fact we don’t get to watch anything much at all, because time is spent accompanying our girls every night after work. And by time they fall asleep, we’ll be too tired to walk back out to the living room for any form of entertainment.

Sun, 8.00am

We got up bright and early to continue feeding ourselves again with breakfast at Makan@Jen. Being able to slowly enjoy a undisturbed breakfast at a slow and relax pace is so precious. We took our time to enjoy we-time together.

Sun, 11.00am

Back chilling in our room while we waited for the girls and our family to join us for lunch.

Sun, 1.00pm

And AGAIN we are back at Makan@Jen, this time with everyone in our family for their Weekend Brunch Buffet. We paid $360 nett for the buffet voucher booklet which comes with 10 vouchers for weekend brunch buffet till 13 December. With 6 used, we’ll be back again real soon to finish the remaining 4. Anyone wants to join us? 🙂

Sun, 3.30pm

It was time for some pool time fun after lunch. So we chilled by the pool and had a dip in the water.

Sun, 4.30pm

Back into the room, but now with a crowd of 6 adults and 3 kids! The room was just nice to fit us all quite comfortably with some chilling by the window seats, kids snoozing in bed and some of us resting by the bed side too.

Sun, 6.00pm

Still an hour before we are due to check-out, so we headed up to the Club Room to have a quick drink and snack, while the rest continue snoozing with the kids in the bedroom.

Sun, 7.00pm

And this marked the end of our 26-hour with Jen experience. It was definitely an extended weekend well spent with my love ones.

Thank you Jen once again for such a great experience! Read about our experience and review of their Panorama Club Room here.

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Latest Promotions and Deals at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway

From now till December 31, 2015 (date inclusive), guests may indulge in a totally value-added worthwhile staycation at Hotel Jen every Saturday and Sunday. Gone are the rules of checking in at 2 pm and checking out at 12 pm. These Weekends with 26 Hours A Day room package, guests can check out 26 hours after whatever time they check in.

From $200* per room, per night, guests may stay in one of the 499 well-appointed rooms featuring an abundance of sunlight and which are well decorated in soft earth-tone colours. All guests who love this idea are welcome to stay at the hotel and post a picture of their stay that is relevant to the property onto their Facebook wall and tagging @Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore with the hashtag #26hourswithJen during their stay.
[themify_button link=”” color=”#333″ text=”#fff”]Book Now[/themify_button]

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Website | Email

Disclaimer: The hotel stay and dinner experience was provided by Hotel Jen OrchardGateway for the purpose of this review and post. We paid for the Weekend Brunch Buffet vouchers on our own. All opinions and photos are our own.

The Other Two Ladies’ Absolute Slimming Experience

Remember my treatment with Absolute Slimming some months back? Well, because some of you have asked if I know of anyone else who had undergone the treatment and how it has worked for others, I’ve gotten two other ladies who had gone through treatments with Absolute Slimming to share their experience.

Zarah was 74.1kg in April 2015. Now after her 24 sessions treatment, she is at 59.9kg. And here are her answers to my questions about her experience with Absolute Slimming.

How did you get to know about Absolute Slimming?

I got to know about absolute slimming via my sister whose friend had been thru this treatment and thus my sis saw a huge change in her so wanted me to give it a go. She had been bugging me for over 2 years after the birth of my 1st child to shed off the weight but i was never into slimming as I’ve heard many negative encounters of slimming centres being pushy n having no effect thus I’ve given up the idea of slimming down nor foresee myself being able to fit into any of my smaller size clothing.

Many ladies I know always ask if the treatment is painful. After going through it yourself, how would you describe the feeling of gua sha and cupping?

Afterall, no pain no gain yah. Nah.. just joking. Infact, I’ve always been asking the ladies at the centre is it the harder they do the gua sha, the better it is. If so, juz max up their energy. But was told that it doesn’t work that way. They will just do the usual gua sha and if its unbearable for me, i just need to inform them. So far, everything is ok. Pretty bearable for me except for some parts which i deem alittle ticklish. Cupping on the other hand is not an issue. Just some tightening feel.

Following the strict diet is hard! How did you ensure that you do it religiously throughout your 24 sessions? Describe a typical day’s meals.

I’ve got to give credit to my husband whom is very supportive of my diet and in fact, he too switch to my diet as he feel that if we eat the same food, there will be less temptation for me. 🙂 breakfast ill take 2 slice of wholemeal bread with soft boil egg. Lunch ill take fruits or even chicken as I’m usually on the go so need to eat stuff that is easy and mess free. Dinner I’ll take airfried salmon or various permutation of salad such as roast chicken salad with slight wafu dressing etc. Sometimes if I’m not hungry, I’ll just take small bites of fruits. In between meal, if I’m jus feeling greedy, I’ll just eat chia seed biscuit.

How many months did you take to complete 24 sessions? Did you try their heat treatments too?

It took about 4 months to complete the 24 treatments. In between I did skip a couple of treatments as some days my schedule was just filled to the brim and I can’t make a trip down. I’m glad that there isn’t any rebound in weight as I’ve heard al ot of people saying now slim down and once you stop treatment, you will double up in size. I’ve tried heat treatment twice as it was complimentary with package that I paid for.

How has the change in appearance and health affect you?

With the change in appearance, it makes me a more confident person n definitely improve my health. I used to have issues wearing heels as it will add further stains to my ankle thus resulting in me limping (ankle n toes will ache) whenever there is an occasion that I need to wear heels. Nw, i wore heels to work daily and that is pretty important for sales person to be presentable. And most importantly, with the down size, my daughter won’t say that there is a baby in my tummy. 🙂

Here’s a comparison of her before and after self. Looking great Zarah!

Zarah Before and After at Absolute Slimming

Next, we have Val who tried excising and dance classes prior to her treatments with Absolute Slimming. And here’s what she has got to share about her experience with Absolute Slimming.

How did you get to know about Absolute Slimming?

Since young, I have always been a big girl for my height [63kg – 1.59m]. I have come to terms with that and wasn’t so bothered about it. However, once I have hit pass 30 years old, my weight had climb to an all time high of 70kg over the span of 2 years! I was quite worried to be honest as my diet is still the same and have been eating quite healthy over the years [More vegetables, less fried and junk food]. I started going for exercises and dance classes but instead of losing weight, I started to bulk up and my frame looked even bigger. That’s when I started to look for alternatives to aid my slimming process.

I started to do my research on all the available slimming centres. Yes I am very desperate to lose weight but at the same time, do not wish to throw in thousands of my hard-earned money for some slimming treatments that have no effect on me. Slimming pills and replacement meals are out as I do not trust such gimmicks. I read alot of blog posts and reviews about the different slimming centres out there and I was very impressed with absolute slimming. I found that the clients at absolute slimming have nothing but good praises about the professionalism of their staffs and the positive results of their slimming treatments. Furthermore, it was based on TCM methods and the venue was ideally situated at Holland Village which was convenient for me. So I felt that I should just give it a try.

Many ladies I know always ask if the treatment is painful. After going through it yourself, how would you describe the feeling of gua sha and cupping?

I’m gonna be honest and say that gua sha for me is quite painful especially when applied around my inner arms and thighs area. Although I said that, the pain actually wasn’t THAT unbearable and the ladies that do the gua sha for me will adjust their force accordingly if I requested. As for cupping, I will feel a slight sting when first applied but eventually I will feel so relaxed that I always end up dozing off. The ‘circle’ marks left after the cupping session will usually fades within 1-2 days.

What do you like most about the experience with Absolute Slimming?

I like the fact that every visit is stress free. They do not do any hard selling. Prices are fixed and there’s no hidden costs whatsoever. In fact a few times I overheard some clients even requested for additional heat treatments themselves.The ladies that help with the treatments are very friendly, even the founder, Irene is always around to check up on her clients (and me) every time that I went for my treatment and always ready to answer any question that I have about health issues in general.

What is the most obvious change after your treatments?

My weight currently stands at 65kg. I lost a total of 5kg within a month over 8 gua sha & cupping treatments with one heat treatment. I was very pleased with my slimming result even though I did not follow 100% of the recommended diet. I can once again fit into my old clothes and it fitted even better back when I was weighing 63kg. I no longer looked ‘bulky’ and my slim-fit t-shirts looks flattering on my frame now. This really gives me the confidence to continue with the treatments and I’m hoping that I can reached my ideal weight of 58kg.

How has the changes affect you?
My appetite have drastically reduced and for once I actually have difficulty in finishing my food. There’s once I’m craving for my favorite Miam Miam French Toast and I gave in and go for it. I was surprised that I couldn’t finish it and I have to force myself to finish it so as not to waste food. I felt extremely uncomfortable after that and had to drink ginger tea to relieve the bloatedness. I did not feel hungry or cranky due to the reduced food intake. In fact I felt more energized and I do not crave for sugar that much compared to last time.

There you go! Two more success experiences with Absolute Slimming. If you’re wondering how I’ve been progressing since I completed my treatments with Absolute Slimming? Follow me on Instagram and see for yourself! Now that I’m getting more and more “hot date” sessions with my clients and friends for work, I think I may want to consider heading back for more treatments and in the same time sneak in an hour of nap while getting slimmed and toned. Tempting!!

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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own.