#mumhack – Getting into the Shower when Alone with Toddler

When you are alone with a baby and needs to shower. You…

  1. Sit baby in bouncer at toilet entrance with door wide open so she can see you while you shower

  2. Give her something to hold

  3. Distract her with Baby Einstein on iPad

  4. When she cries when you are still showering, distract her with “Where’s the bear bear? Where’s the bear bear?”. She’ll turn to watch the puppets and bears on iPad.

That’s what I did one of the morning when Zara woke up before I could get into the shower, with no one else at home to watch over her.

The things you buy and never used

Are you the kind of person who buy things on impulse? Or think that you’ll use something when you are buying and then end up never touching it after you bought it home? Well I am one of those that falls quite easily into the trap set by good salesperson. One of those big ticket items I bought and rarely used is a big bulky vacuum cum dust mite buster, the $3K+ Delphin Water Vacuum Cleaner. This expensive machine is under utilized, the only person using it now is my PT cleaner who uses it to vacuum once a week. Main reason I bought that was to clean the mattresses to remove dust mites once every two months, well it did happen in the first few months, thereafter everyone in the household just got lazy and didn’t do it anymore.

This $3K could have been better used and stretched for at least 5 years if I had known about De Hygienique’s services. At less than $600 a year, I could have professionals do the cleaning of my mattresses at home every six months!

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