Probably The Littlest Barbie Fan

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When Ayra was 1+ young, she was already exposed to Barbie – the one and only Barbie of mine from the 1980s. The one that survived almost 30 years but now lives the rest of her life with a broken and shortened neck, with head pushed into it, no thanks to the strong pull by […]

March 8, 2014

Visit to the Singapore River Safari

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On Christmas Eve, we brought our girls to check out the River Safari. Thanks to corporate pass from Ayah’s work place we get to go for free! Trips like this should be made compulsory at least twice a year just because it is so fun and educational for the girls. Though they may not remember […]

January 22, 2014

Building in The City

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So we finally went to check out The City at Liang Court! It was for a long overdue playdate with my BFFs and their kids. One activity which we spent most of our time doing at The City is building with these giant soft building blocks. If only we have space for these at home! […]

January 8, 2014

Ayra’s 1st Baby Day’s Out with Ufamily

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This year is Ayra’s second National Day celebration. Last year, we didn’t get to bring her to any of the mass celebration and the nearest we got was a family dinner at Marina Square on one of the preview shows, she heard the loud noises from the fly-by, gun salute and saw fireworks. Then she […]

August 7, 2013

Ayra’s experience at Giggles (Marine Parade)

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Read about Giggles from Mummymoo’s blog and we finally found time to bring Ayra for a visit. First impression of the entire playground is “Huh? Like that only ah?” But after playing there for more than an hour, Ayra’s reaction when asked if she wanted to leave… “No wan!”

July 7, 2013

First full movie at the Cinema!

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Today Ayra watched and enjoyed her 1st movie in the cinema! Before that I was trying hard to get her to have a nap before we head out but this girl is too stubborn. Ended up with no nap and we were in GV to catch Despicable Me 2 (otherwise known as “Nana” by the […]

July 5, 2013