Spend a day at EatPlayLove cafe and you will be back for more!

I’ve dreamed of starting my own craft cafe for a very very long time. Multiple versions of the business plans were also created, but after so many years, nothing was solidified. When I chanced upon this kids friendly crafty cafe along Aliwal Street, I just had to go visit and check them out!

Last Saturday, after registering Ayra to her childcare for 2014, we drove to Aliwal Street in search for this new potential weekend hangout place, EatPlayLove Cafe. The cafe was easy to spot and we got a parking lot just right in front of the cafe entrance.

The cafe is just how I had dreamed about – cute, colorful and welcoming! I love every bits and corner of this place, it was love at first sight!

Food, Craft and Fun at EatPlayLove Cafe

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Anniversary Dinner at Vansh

Vansh is one of our favorite, once-a-bluemoon-visit kind of restaurant during our dating years. We been there at least 4 times before we got married and we revisited it again for our 2nd ROM anniversary on 19 March 2013.

That night was also the one-night-only concert by Journey and the dining places at Kallang Stadium Waterfront were packed till late 7pm. Silly us should have made a reservation before that, instead we waited (with very hungry tummy) for an hour to get ourselves seated inside Vansh.

And all this wait was for this…

Dinner at Vansh
FOC Starter: Flavorful Papadums and Dips

The best papadum in my opinion. And these are free flow! And we only knew about it now so we had two servings of this crunchy and flavorful papadums this time.
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