Family Friendly Food Court at Kallang Wave Mall by Foodfare

I hate food courts! Really! But this food court at Kallang Wave Mall changed my perception totally.

You know the smell that get stuck to your clothes and hair after dining at a poorly ventilated place, especially in most food courts? This is the reason why I hate dining or even walking past one. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I literally dashed across one if I happened to be going out for meetings, make a wrong turn and stepped into a food court. I really really don’t like smelling like a walking kitchen if you know what I mean.

But when I was looking for place to settle lunch at Kallang Wave Mall, Foodfare at level 2 totally changed the way I perceived food courts. This place was bright (ample sunlight from the entire stretch of windows), spacious walkways and there is this halal Korean food which I love.

Foodfare at Kallang Wave Mall is a very family friendly food court. There are huge tables that can sit more than 10 people, and there’s also a play are for children, table football and children friendly dining tables and chairs. There’s also a washing area at the side of the family corner.

Personally, I love going to Kallang Wave Mall for three reasons – the Korean food at the food court, the huge Fairprice Xtra and Smoothie King cos they not just give power juice for your body, they have power juice for your charging use too! And there’s also free Wifi!

Foodfare at Sports Hub, Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, Level 2
Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
Operating Hours: 8.00am – 10.00pm

Lunch Date With Daughter – OctoSchool at Fish & Co

With more flexibility in my work schedules come more opportunities for lunch outings with my love ones. Slowly but surely, we are going to try out more places together with my girls. Going to start one new section in The Loving Mum – Kids Dine Out, where we share our little dining dates with you. Starting off with our recent unplanned lunch date at Fish & Co, Bugis Junction.

A Happy Ayra = A Happy Mummy

Just happened to be at Bugis Junction earlier before we caught Hairy Maclary at NLB. With picky eater Ayra with me, I wasn’t sure where to bring her for lunch. After walking around the restaurants we entered Fish & Co, and were pleasantly surprised at the little goodies given to all kids dining that day. This sure made my lunch date with Ayra a little easier as she was excited by the cute gifts.

Though they did get our orders wrong, seeing how busy the place was and the shortage of staff, I didn’t request for a change. And Ayra would have objected to it since it was fries that was served instead of the rice I ordered for her kids meal.

If you are wondering, no she didn’t eat much from her plate. This super picky eater is super hard to please. Just a few pieces of fries, few scoops of soup and one small tiny bite of the fish fingers. And a few sips of milo!

The cod fish when served and noted to me that they have just changed the type of cod fish used in their menu and now it comes with some fine bones. I wasn’t very pleased as I thought cod usually are served boneless. But it wasn’t that bad as only 2 small pieces of bones were found in my piece of cod that day. Next time must check before ordering!

Overall the experience at Fish & Co was alright. The highlight from that lunch date was the unexpected gifts for kids. Anyone know if this is a new initiative at Fish & Co or just in month of October due to Children’s day?